I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 539

Chapter 539

I saw a slender wound on the back of Eric Norman’s hand, and this wound was now a purple-red color, and the blood leaking from the wound turned black.

This scene really stunned everyone present.

Those people looked at Maggie nervously. Someone couldn’t help but be curious and asked nervously, “Miss Maggie, what…what’s going on? What’s going on here?”

“Yeah, yeah, this… how could this wound be like this?”

At this moment, everyone looked at the steel nail that was blocked by Eric Norman and plunged deeply into the wall.

The steel nail was completely black. Although it looked like a steel nail, there were still two sharp blades that looked like wings on the arrow at the front of it.

Unsurprisingly, the wound on Eric Norman’s hand must have been scratched by Ethan’s blade.

But this is just scratching a small wound, how can it show up like that?

And what puzzled everyone the most was why Eric Norman suddenly fell to the ground, as if he was emptied of energy in an instant, with weakness and collapse all over his body.

In the end, everyone’s eyes fell on Maggie. Among them, she seemed the only one who was knowledgeable and able to give everyone an explanation.

The fact seems to be true. After seeing Eric Norman’s face and the purple-brown wound with black blood, Maggie immediately guessed what was going on!

“That thing is poisonous!” Maggie pointed to the dark steel nail with a gloomy expression, “and I see MR. Norman ‘s symptoms, it seems to be very poisonous…”

“Huh? Very poisonous?”

Upon hearing Maggie’s words, everyone present immediately exploded into a pan of porridge!

“Miss Maggie, what should I do?”

“No…no? It’s just a scratch, and MR. Norman is a powerhouse in the mid-transition stage, so he won’t be so…”

“Oh, don’t say it, come on, send MR. Norman and Ethan Norman to the hospital! Let’s talk when you get to the hospital!”

The crowd suddenly roared, and then someone picked up Ethan and Eric Norman and rushed out.

At this moment, Zaid, who was already breathless, finally brought up the last trace of his life. He looked at the chaotic crowd, and the corners of his mouth worked hard to make a proud look…

On the other side, Ethan, after hearing Maggie said that her father was very toxic, the whole body also lost too much blood due to the large and small wounds on her body, and gradually fainted…

I don’t know how long it took before Ethan finally recovered from his coma.

The first thing that caught his eyes was a snow-white room with a branch of lilac sticking out of the window.

Ethan rubbed his head, still feeling a little heavy, and then he tried very hard to get up from the bed.

And when he moved, he suddenly awakened the young man who was sitting on a chair not far away and resting.

He hurriedly shouted: “Ethan Norman is awake, Ethan Norman is awake!”

While shouting, the young man ran towards Ethan, ready to help him.

But Ethan waved his hand and said softly, “I’m fine, don’t help me!”

Ethan looked out the window, suddenly thought of something, and quickly asked, “Where is my father? He… is he okay?”

Although he did not know how long he was in a coma, Ethan still clearly remembered that the last sentence he heard before he fell into a coma was that his father was very poisoned.

How is he? Whether it is innocent or not, this is what Ethan wants to know most at this moment.

When the young man heard the words, there was a sense of loss on his face, but he still went to hold Ethan’s arm, and said lightly: “MR. Norman …MR. Norman …”

Seeing the other party hesitating, Ethan’s heart trembled, he immediately thought that something might have happened, otherwise why this guy was so vague in his words.

“What’s wrong with my dad?” Ethan grabbed the opponent’s collar, tears already rolling in his eyes.

And in Ethan’s heart, he had actually prepared for the worst.

He couldn’t believe it, did his father really have an accident?

I have just experienced the fatherly love for so many days, is it about to lose it again?

God, are you too unfair to me?

And the thing that made Ethan unacceptable the most was that his father’s accident was all because of himself.

If it wasn’t for saving myself, if it wasn’t for blocking the nail that came for myself, maybe my father would be fine.

The dead person should be himself!

In addition to self-blame, Ethan still blames himself. Although it was Zaid who directly killed his father in the end, Ethan knew that his father died because of himself.

He has a responsibility that he can’t let go of anyway. Such guilt and self-blame may make him feel guilty and regretful for a lifetime!

Ethan grabbed the opponent’s hand with great strength, and the opponent felt a little painful.

The man originally wanted to explain, but just as he was about to open his mouth, he suddenly heard the sound of the door of the ward being pushed open, and then, a figure hurried in!


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