I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 540

Chapter 540

Seeing the person coming, Ethan was startled first, and then he was surprised.

“Dad, you…”

That’s right, the person here is Eric Norman, and from the look of Eric Norman’s face, it seems that his body has not been greatly affected, he is alive and well.

“Dad, are you okay?” Ethan hurriedly greeted him, and Eric Norman hurriedly supported Ethan, who was staggering.

He smiled and said, “What can you do, dad, don’t you think I’m fine?”

“But didn’t you…were you poisoned before?” Ethan exclaimed, “I thought you were already…”

When Eric Norman heard this, he laughed loudly: “Do you think Dad is dead? Hahaha, you look down on Dad too much. I am Eric Norman, and I am not that easy to die. Moreover, we haven’t reported a grievance, how could Dad die? Don’t worry, I’m fine with that little injury.”

Eric Norman then looked at Ethan all over again, and said with some relief: “Dad saw that you were all right, so he felt more at ease. You don’t know. When you were sent to the hospital, the doctor said that your blood was almost drained. , But it scared my dad, but your kid just followed me at the first glance. This body has a very strong recovery ability. Look at it in just a few days, you are almost healed!

The two chatted for a while, and they were all right when they saw each other. Whether it was Ethan or Eric Norman, they were extremely pleased.

Eric Norman looked at the time, and finally said, “Okay, you can clean up first. Dad will take you to a place later, and I have something to deal with. Let’s go ahead!”

After speaking, Eric Norman got up and walked outside the ward.

Ethan looked at his father’s back and sighed sincerely.

Seeing that his father was fine, he was really relieved. If his father really had an accident because he was saving himself, Ethan would probably blame himself for a lifetime!

But at this time Ethan was still a little curious. His father said he would take him to a place? Where is he taking himself?

It seems that he must be very anxious, otherwise he has recovered from a serious illness, and his father is unlikely to take him away in such an emergency.

As Ethan thought, he looked out the window…

On the other side, when Eric Norman left the ward, he appeared very anxious, and in the end he even ran out.

And as soon as he closed the door of the ward and turned his head, his face suddenly turned blue, followed by a mouthful of reddish-brown blood sprayed out of his mouth.

At this moment, Maggie was outside. She saw Eric Norman coming out of the ward, and she wanted to step forward. Seeing this situation, she immediately rushed up nervously.

“Are you okay?” Maggie asked nervously.

Eric Norman held on to the wall with one hand, waved his hand again and again, signaled Maggie not to speak, and then staggered towards the distance.

After walking through a corridor, Eric Norman let out a long sigh of relief, leaning back against the wall of the corridor, and slowly sat down.

His complexion was extremely ugly, and his sweat soaked the shirt inside.

“You need to rest now. Didn’t I tell you everything, Ethan is fine.” Maggie said distressedly.

Eric Norman smiled very hard: “No, I still want to see him with my own eyes. Just now I forced to use real pressure to hold the poison in my body, so it almost helped… Maggie, don’t let Ethan know about me. !”

Maggie’s eye circles were red, and she nodded helplessly: “MR. Norman , or… or you should go abroad for treatment first. Professor Chen just said that if you go abroad now, you still have a percentage. Twenty of the chances, cure the poison in your body, and if you blindly rely on the natural pressure in your body to suppress the spread of toxins, not only will you fail in the end, but you are drinking poison to quench your thirst, you…”

Eric Norman waved his hand, seeming to feel more comfortable, and sighed: “My body, I know better than anyone else, ho ho, don’t listen to their rhetoric, even if you go abroad, it can’t be cured, and I It’s impossible to wait any longer. For this day, I have endured the humiliation for more than ten years. This is my only chance for revenge. Even if I fight for my life in the end, I have to fight for it. Moreover, even if I go abroad, I can Save my life, but that will completely lose my chance of revenge.”

Eric Norman gritted his teeth: “If I’m just living, I would rather die vigorously! And this matter must be kept secret, and no one should be allowed to know about my poisoning.”

Maggie nodded when she heard the words, and then Eric Norman continued: “Go and prepare the car. We will go to Misty Mountain in a moment!”

“Go to Misty Mountain?” Maggie was startled, “Do you want to take Ethan to see…”

Before Maggie finished speaking, Eric Norman raised his hand to interrupt her: “After I die, Shang Dian will be inherited and guarded by Ethan sooner or later, so letting him contact early is definitely not a bad thing. Go and prepare.”

“Oh right!” Eric Norman asked suddenly, “I asked you to send someone to pick up Ethan’s mother, have you gone?”

Maggie nodded and looked at her watch: “I have already gone. I guess I will be in Buckeye at noon today. I have asked Pablo to arrange a place to live.”

Eric Norman gave a hum, he suddenly frowned, and muttered, “No accidents, right?”


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