I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 541

Chapter 541

South of the Buckeye, 70 kilometers.

At this time, on the winding road, a black Benz drove to the nearest provincial road at a positive speed.

There were three people in the car at this time, a young driver, and the co-pilot was a woman in her twenties with light makeup.

She turned her head from time to time and talked with a woman in her forties who was sitting in the back seat, who looked a little older than her actual age.

“Hao Ting… he… is he really back?”

This sentence, the woman almost asked all the way, and every time she asked, the corner of her eyes moistened.

She sighed and murmured to herself: “It’s been seventeen years, do you finally have to wait until this day?”

This woman is no one else, but Ethan’s mother and Eric Norman’s wife Jiang Wan.

Seventeen years ago, in order to protect her son, and to hold the only bone and blood of the Norman Family, she resolutely held Ethan, who was still in her infancy, and hid hundreds of miles away from Buckeye. It is a small village that has been passed down, and this hiding is seventeen years.

During the period, she knew that Eric Norman had become the richest overseas Chinese, but she still told Ethan from a young age that his father had already died.

Because Jiang Wan had witnessed with her own eyes how bloody the decisive battle that took place seventeen years ago was, and how cruel the world was.

Jiang Wan once felt that if this is the case, let Ethan be an ordinary person in this life, keep him away from all disputes, and let him live in peace.

Jiang Wan’s thought was not broken until the two members of the Lei Group approached her.

The two told Jiang Wan that Eric Norman had already returned, and it won’t take long before Shen’s feud will finally be avenged. It won’t take long before she can regroup with her husband and son as she did 17 years ago. Home now.

At first, Jiang Wan seemed to have some doubts about the words of these two people, until the other party used the mobile phone to directly put Eric Norman’s video in front of her.

At that moment, Jiang Wan couldn’t make a sound. She even thought that she might never have the chance to meet Eric Norman again in her life. Therefore, she had long been dead for the past and the future, and even forced herself to forget the man she once loved so deeply. She even thought that she was successful.

Gradually, there was no shadow of Eric Norman in her life, and her memory of Eric Norman was gradually locked in a certain place in her mind.

In order to forget the past, she even changed Ethan’s name!

But when she saw Eric Norman on the screen of her mobile phone, Jiang Wan found out that she was wrong, a big mistake.

For some reason, the moment she saw Eric Norman on the screen, she couldn’t contain her tears.

In the past, those deeply buried memories instantly shook off the dust from her body and resurfaced before her eyes.

And after Eric Norman told her that the plan she had planned for more than ten years was about to be completed, and the family would soon be able to live together again, Jiang Wan’s defense line collapsed completely.

So that she suppressed the vigilance and worry in her heart and convinced herself to get into the car with these two people without hesitation.

Jiang Wan seemed to have a hunch in her heart. She seemed to be able to feel that all these things were definitely not as simple as Eric Norman said.

But at this moment, she can no longer control so much, she just wants to see Eric Norman with her own eyes!

The speed of the car was very fast, but Jiang Wan still felt that it was a bit long.

The distance of 70 kilometers can be reached in about forty minutes at the speed at this time.

But for Jiang Wan, forty minutes seems to have become as long as a century…

“Hao Ting… is he okay?” Jiang Wan clasped her hands tightly together, and asked the young girl in the co-pilot somewhat cautiously.

The girl smiled sweetly at Jiang Wan, turned her head and was about to speak, but her face suddenly became frightened.

And almost at the same time, at the top of the slope on this side of the road, a flame flashed, and then a flame dragging a long black smoke quickly flew towards the Mercedes.

The young girl yelled badly, and hurriedly jumped from the co-pilot position to Jiang Wan’s side like a fish. In an instant, she protected Jiang Wan with her slender body, and then yelled: ” There was a sneak attack…”

The girl hadn’t completely said her last word, and the driver hadn’t even reacted to it. Everyone heard a dull sound in their ears, and then the whole car seemed to be picked up and thrown by some wild monster. In general, he was lifted off in an instant, and after a few more circles in the air, he fell heavily on the ground.

At this time, the bullet-proof Mercedes-Benz sedan had already blossomed on one side, the car was buckled upside down on the side of the road, and the engine had started a little flame.

And Jiang Wan, who was guarded to death by the girl, was not life-threatening although she suffered some injuries.

It took a long time for her to relax, and hurriedly looked at the girl next to her, only to see that the girl was dying, and the whole person’s back had been blurred by the flesh of broken glass and iron.

Even so, the girl exhausted her last effort and shouted to the driver in front: “Hurry up…protect madam…”


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