I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 543

Chapter 543

The fruit knife was kept by Jiang Wan all the time. She had expected what she should do if there was such a day.

She thought for a while and felt that she must not be a burden to Eric Norman.

He endured so much humiliation and hatred back then, in order to one day get all the hatred back…

It’s just that Jiang Wan didn’t expect it. At that time, all of this was just a precautionary action, but I didn’t want to say it all. It happened.

So at the moment when she saw Shen Tianyang, Jiang Wan had secretly made up her mind to end her life.

Shen Tianyang finally took a corpse, and it was impossible for Eric Norman to get a penny.

And this seems to be the last thing he can do for Eric Norman.

Jiang Wan looked at Shen Tianyang and sneered, “I’m sorry, I may disappoint you!”

Before she finished her words, Jiang Wan suddenly thrust her dagger into her artery…

Only at that moment, Jiang Wan found that Shen Tianyang’s eyes didn’t even have a trace of tension or helplessness.

Doesn’t he care about his life or death at all?

Jiang Wan was thinking, suddenly she felt a chill rushing behind her, and she could clearly feel that it was the air that a person suddenly rushed behind her.

Almost at the same time, Jiang Wan felt a soreness in her wrist holding the dagger, and then that arm seemed to be not listening to her own orders, moving further and further towards her neck.

Jiang Wan exhausted all her strength, trying to stab her with a dagger, but no matter how hard she tried, it was impossible to shake the person behind her.

At this time, the man grabbed Jiang Wan’s hand with one hand, and tightly grabbed Jiang Wan’s neck with the other.

The man was huge, and his strength was as strong as a beast. No matter how Jiang Wan struggled, it seemed that he couldn’t break away with one hand.

At this moment, Jiang Wan suddenly heard a mocking laugh from Shen Tianyang on the opposite side: “Ho ho, clan aunt, I think it’s you who should be disappointed?”

Shen Tianyang walked in front of Jiang Wan with a cane, looked carefully at Jiang Wan, and couldn’t help but sighed: “Hey, it’s really time for me. Seventeen years have passed. I think the clan aunt was also a famous beauty in Buckeye. Feizi, but now I have not escaped the ravages of the years… Hey, it has been more than ten years, why are you so anxious to die when you meet again? Don’t worry, because it won’t be long before you will meet with my uncle, oh yes , And your son. Wouldn’t it be better for your family of three to go to Huangquan together?”

After speaking, Shen Tianyang screamed to the sky, then turned and walked towards a Lincoln sedan not far away.

As he walked, Shen Tianyang said to his men next to him: “Take her away, absolutely can’t let her die!”

Shen Tianyang’s men behind him nodded quickly: “I understand MR. Norman …”

Not long afterwards, Jiang Wan was squeezed into a fast-moving off-road vehicle. She wanted to struggle to die, but she directly angered the person who controlled her. The person slapped her and slapped her. Jiang Wan fainted…

On the other side, on a road leading to Misty Mountain in Buckeye City, three black Mercedes SUVs rushed swiftly.

In the three cars, it was Eric Norman, Ethan, and Maggie.

Not long after, three cars stopped at a roadside at the foot of the mountain.

A group of more than ten people got out of the car, and several guards around Eric Norman quickly dispersed.

“Dad, what is this place?” Ethan looked around and found that it was extremely desolate. On the way there, there was no one inhabited for two to three kilometers.

Although Eric Norman said before, he should take himself to see the Shangdian that has been passed down by the Norman Family for thousands of years.

But Ethan always thought that such valuable and dangerous things must be hidden in the bank’s insurance return anyway, or built a special storage building.

Can hide in the wilderness?

In any case, Ethan was a little unexpected.

“Shang Dian… is it hiding here?” Ethan asked in an incredible way.

Eric Norman smiled knowingly: “What, is there a problem?”

Ethan looked around, scratched his head, and shook his head again: “Just hiding here? It’s a perfunctory thing, right? This place is shrubs except barren hills… and if someone stolen it, maybe even the message It will take a few days to find out, you should send some manpower here.”

Ethan’s worries are not unreasonable, because in his opinion, there is no personal shadow here. If such a precious thing is hidden here, does his father not even put a guard?

When Eric Norman heard Ethan’s words, he smiled again, then clapped his hands, and said with a smile: “How do you know that there is no one nearby?”

Just after Eric Norman clapped his hands, Ethan suddenly felt a commotion around him, and then in all directions, within a radius of 100 meters, dozens of people who were carefully dressed up and hidden suddenly appeared.

The sudden appearance of these people really shocked Ethan.

Because among these people, the closest to him is only less than three meters away, and I have just been here for such a long time, and I didn’t even find that person exists.

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