I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 544

Chapter 544:

“This…” Ethan looked at Eric Norman with a look of stunned expression.

Eric Norman smiled, did not speak much, just patted Ethan on the shoulder and motioned him to go with him.

Soon, a few people walked into the bushes.

Soon everyone came to the depths of the bushes, Maggie asked people to clean up the neighborhood, and an iron gate appeared in front of everyone.

The two young men worked together to open the iron door, and a downwardly extending channel appeared in front of everyone.

Seeing this, Ethan looked surprised. He didn’t expect that there would be a door here.

Moreover, Ethan looked down and seemed to find that there was still a lot of space below.

Maggie bowed and made a please gesture, indicating that Ethan and Maggie could go in.

The two walked in one after the other, and they walked down less than fifty steps, and suddenly the front suddenly opened up.

At the end of the narrow passage, there was a huge space of hundreds of square meters, and at this time it was brightly lit and crowded.

Many people were shocked when Eric Norman appeared, and then hurried over to say hello.

Obviously these people know Eric Norman, and Eric Norman seems to know each of them.

After a brief talk, Eric Norman and Ethan were led to the front of a transparent glass coffin.

Eric Norman pointed to the contents of the glass coffin and showed Ethan: “Son, have you seen it? That is the thing that guarantees that our Norman Family can stand for thousands of years, Shang Dian!”

The last two words of Eric Norman were very heavy, and they also looked extremely bold.

Ethan seemed to be able to feel the excitement in his father’s heart.

He hurriedly looked into the glass coffin and suddenly saw a dark yellow translucent stone sign placed in the glass coffin.

Ethan couldn’t help being a little surprised when he saw this, and he quickly looked at Eric Norman: “Dad, didn’t you say that Shang Dian is a book that records the laws of execution of heaven and earth? This…this is not a stone…”

When Eric Norman heard the words, he laughed and patted Ethan on the shoulder again and said, “Stupid boy, do the books have to appear on paper?”

In Eric Norman’s words, Ethan was a bit stunned, not paper, what was that?

When Ethan was puzzled, Eric Norman waved his hand fiercely, and a middle-aged man in white nodded quickly, and then the man pushed a switch-shaped object next to him.

Almost instantly, an astonishing change occurred in the glass coffin.

The light in the glass coffin dimmed instantly, and then there seemed to be some stimulation under the stone tablet, and a light yellow light was emitted.

The most obvious change was the stone tablet. The stone tablet became brighter and brighter, and as the stone tablet gradually became brighter, some faint characters were scattered.

That feeling is almost similar to holographic projection, and with the passage of time, the characters scattered on the stone tablets gradually become clear and change constantly, like a piece of heavenly book, from the face of everyone present. Skip before.

It was just that Ethan was surprised that he didn’t recognize any of the characters scattered from the stone tablet, but occasionally felt familiar a little inexplicably.

“This…what kind of text is this?” Ethan quickly asked Eric Norman in a low voice.

Eric Norman stared at the characters scattered from Shipai intently, his eyes full of excitement.

But then he shook his head again: “Actually, I don’t know either, and have you seen these people here? They are responsible for deciphering these characters.”

Hearing the words, Ethan looked at the gentle faces of the people around him, old or young, and quickly asked, “Is it deciphered now?”

This time, Eric Norman did not answer, but an old man in his fifties wearing a white coat and a bottle of glasses on his head answered his question first.

“So far we have successfully deciphered hundreds of characters, and what is recorded in it is nothing more than some prescriptions and things we can’t understand…”

The man looked a little helpless. He looked at Eric Norman with a hint of apology on his face and said, “MR. Norman , I’m really sorry. After so many years, progress is still slow…”

Eric Norman didn’t seem to be too angry. He just patted the man on the shoulder and encouraged: “Old Chen, it’s okay. You have made progress now, but you have made a lot of progress. Don’t be discouraged that we have time…”

Eric Norman then said to Ethan: “What’s more, whether the content of this Shangdian is actually not very important, because we only need to know that it has power. And this power can be used for us.”

Eric Norman then took Ethan and strolled around in this underground “base”, while explaining to Ethan: “In fact, for over a thousand years, my Norman Family has never given up on deciphering the characters in this Shangdian. But it doesn’t help anymore, but everything doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t affect our power to use it if we crack its content. And what you don’t know is that there is infinite power in this classic, just want to use it. It’s not that simple! And you can only wait.”

“What does this mean?” Ethan asked curiously.


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