I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 545

Chapter 545

Eric Norman meditated briefly, and replied: “Although I have been guarding this venerable code for thousands of years in the Norman Family, there are still many mysteries in it that we have not cracked. This Shangdian “wake up” every time a Jiazi! “

“Wake up?” Ethan looked surprised, “What does this mean?”

Eric Norman sighed and said: “In fact, Shangdian does contain infinite power, but it is not so simple to use its power anytime and anywhere, because this Shangdian can only wake up after a lapse of time. The huge energy stored in it can be used during this time, and the awakening time is generally very short, usually only one or two weeks, and once the time has passed, Shang Dian will fall into a deep sleep again, no one can wake up again. He is even more unable to talk about borrowing power from it!”

When Eric Norman said this, his eyes were piercing, and he said to Ethan: “Son, do you know that it is less than a week since Shang Dian regained consciousness, and Dad has been waiting for this day for more than ten years! As long as Shang Dianyi” When he wakes up, Dad can use its unrivaled power to disgrace the hatred of the Norman Family more than ten years ago. By then, what kind of Norman Family overseas, what Norman Family’s 36 families, as long as the help of Shangdian Power, you and my father and son can do whatever they want!”

Eric Norman’s words are full of enthusiasm, and it is true. To wait for this day, he has waited too long. He has tolerated these seventeen years and waited for nothing more than such a day!

As long as this day comes, even if Eric Norman is dead, there will be no regrets!

And Eric Norman hadn’t been happy for long when he saw a black-clothed youth rushing in from the outside. The other party first glanced at Eric Norman, then stopped talking, and walked to Maggie’s side, whispering something.

After the person finished speaking, Maggie’s face was suddenly shocked, and she exclaimed in astonishment: “How is it possible? Isn’t this matter top secret? And the route I walked around was also a circle, how could I pay it in the end…”

The man’s face was solemn, he shook his head silently, and said in a low voice: “This…I don’t know, but what should I do now?”

Maggie thought for a while, and hurriedly said, “Spread everyone out, and be sure to find the whereabouts of Madam as quickly as possible!”

“Yes!” The man responded loudly, turned around and left.

And Eric Norman seemed to have noticed this too, and looked at Maggie, but before he could ask, Maggie walked over.

“MR. Norman , something happened!” Maggie said.

Suddenly hearing the word accident, Eric Norman couldn’t help feeling a gloomy cloud in his heart, and his face changed suddenly. At this moment, Maggie said that something was wrong, and Eric Norman actually guessed something.

“Yes… Waner?”

Maggie nodded silently, and leaned into Eric Norman’s ears and whispered: “It’s Mrs. Madame. The people I secretly sent to pick up Mrs. are dead, and Mrs….”

“What’s wrong with my mother?” Before Maggie could finish her words, Ethan on the side heard that she had been struck by lightning, and the whole person was blown up. “Sister Maggie, what’s wrong?”

Maggie looked at Ethan and then at Eric Norman. She seemed to hesitate a bit. After all, Maggie knew the relationship between Ethan and his mother, for fear that Ethan could not bear the bad news!

But Eric Norman nodded silently: “Ethan has grown up. Tell me what happened!”

With Eric Norman’s words, Maggie just said: “Someone just reported that the person we were going to pick up the wife was stopped. Both of my people were dead. The whereabouts of the wife are unknown, but based on the current situation, the wife should pay back. Live, because the people who sent out the Lei Crew said that after the inspection in the car, the wife’s blood was not found, and they hacked into the nearby road monitoring and found some cars suspicious, but you can rest assured, MR. Norman , I have let They must find the car!”

After listening to Maggie’s words, Eric Norman took a long breath and sighed in shame, “Oh, it’s all my fault. I should go to Wan’er myself. If I go personally, it won’t be like this!”

Eric Norman seemed extremely remorseful, and his guilt for Jiang Wan became even deeper.

After Ethan heard the news that his mother was kidnapped, his whole body was almost gone crazy!

“Who is it? Who did it? My mother has been kind for so many years and has never sinned against anyone. Why did they attack my mother? Who did it? Dad, what should I do, my mother… “

As Ethan said, he was anxious like an ant on a hot pot, his eyes were already wet.

Eric Norman knew that Ethan and Jiang Wan depended on each other since childhood. Compared with their father, Ethan and his mother’s family affection is as deep as the sea.

Eric Norman hurriedly hugged Ethan and comforted him again and again: “Ethan, cheer up, your mother will be fine, my dad promises you, rest assured, I will bring your mother back…”

As Eric Norman was talking, his fists were also clenched. On the one hand, he felt ashamed of Jiang Wan. On the other hand, the anger that was suppressed like a volcano poured out completely!

Eric Norman whispered: “Immediately check it out for me, exactly what it was done. If you find out who it is, it doesn’t matter who you are!”


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