I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 546

Chapter 546

But just after Eric Norman finished saying this, Eric Norman’s cell phone suddenly rang.

When he saw the number, his face suddenly became serious, because it was not someone else who was calling, but Shen Tianyang!

Eric Norman answered the phone decisively, and then without waiting for the other party to speak, he bluntly said: “I advise you not to move Wan’er, otherwise I will kill you if I try my best!”

When Eric Norman said this, he gritted his teeth. Not only was Jiang Wan abducted by the other party at this time, he also remembered the bloody battle that took place in Pingyang Valley 17 years ago.

Shen Tianyang on the other end of the phone heard the words, but he didn’t mean to be angry. At this time, the other party already had the biggest bargaining chip. Of course, he knew that Eric Norman was just futile and angry.

“Oh, uncle, what’s wrong with you, so angry? Wan’er? Who is Wan’er? What’s wrong with her?”

Although the matter is over, Shen Tianyang is still sloppy.

Eric Norman said, “Shen Tianyang, things have reached the point where they are now. You and I don’t need to dodge anymore, just talk frankly and honestly! In fact, everyone knows well, why don’t you be more open? Take Wan’er away as a hostage, you Isn’t it too despicable?”

Hearing Eric Norman’s words, Shen Tianyang on the other side of the phone chuckled.

“Hahaha, the clan uncle is really so straightforward!” Shen Tianyang said, “Hoho, the clan uncle said I was mean? I am still a bit worse than the clan uncle? I said that I would spare your wife and children. One life, you will automatically offer Shangdian in fifteen years, but now seventeen years have passed, what about the clan uncle Shangdian? If I don’t take the initiative, I’m afraid clan uncle you won’t give it to me in this life, right?”

Hearing this, Eric Norman clenched his fists tightly and shouted: “Shang Dian was originally kept by the clan. Your Norman Family arrogantly swallowed Shang Dian and killed my clan’s family. Why should I give it to you? Huh, Shen Tianyang. , Now that everyone knows everything, I’ll just say it straight. You and your overseas Norman Family can wash your neck clean. One day I will kill you in front of you and let you taste it. Let the pain of destroying the door come to comfort the dozens of ancestors of our clan 17 years ago!”

This sentence, Eric Norman has been suppressed for 17 years, and today he can finally say it.

Although in the past, both he and Shen Tianyang knew that one day, a decisive battle would erupt between the two of them, but after all, there was still a layer of window paper that had not been broken, and both parties would be fine.

But now that this layer of window paper is pierced, there is no need for both sides to cover up, as the ones that should come are still coming.

What’s more, now that Shang Dian is about to “wake up”, Eric Norman already has the capital and power to avenge his hatred, and he is no longer afraid of the other party.

And Shen Tianyang on the other end of the phone paused, suddenly sneered, and slowly said: “Okay, then I’ll wait and see, I want to see how you killed my whole clan, but clan uncle you too I should remember, how did my overseas Norman Family annihilate your whole clan 17 years ago? At that time, the clan family, including your father, claimed to have eight masters, but the result? Isn’t one left? Only you are left. One, do you think you can make more waves?”

Shen Tianyang smiled mockingly, and continued: “I advise you to recognize the reality early, Eric Norman, your wife is in my hands now. If you still want your family of three to meet again in your lifetime, then behave. Hand over Shang Dian, this world is worthy of survival. The Zong family is long gone. If you take the initiative to give Shang Dian to me, maybe I can let you go. If you don’t, then wait for your wife. Collect the corpse!”

Shen Tianyang paused, and continued: “Oh yes, if I remember correctly, three days later, it will be the sacrifice day for your clan family? Well, if you still want your wife to live, just in three days. The Queen brings Shangdian to Pingyang Valley. We will meet Shangdian with one hand and Shangdian with the other. If you don’t come three days later, I promise you will let you see your wife’s worst end!”

After saying this, the other party decisively ended the call.

At this time, Eric Norman’s fist was almost digging into the flesh.

He was extremely angry. Seventeen years ago, today, it has become an untouchable scar in his life, and now the other party is still sprinkling salt on his wound…

“Dad, you… will you change moms?” Ethan asked, looking at Eric Norman seriously.

Eric Norman didn’t know how to answer this for a while. After hesitated for a long time, he patted Ethan’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, Dad said, he will bring mom back, and he will definitely bring mom back. , And I promise, no matter it is Shangdian or Mom, nothing will happen!”

After speaking, Eric Norman followed the passage and left directly.

Ethan looked at his father’s back, and suddenly felt the man’s helplessness and sorrow at that moment.

Yes, his mother was taken away to threaten his father. He was already very uncomfortable. Maybe he didn’t need to ask the question again…


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