I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 549

Chapter 549

“This…” When both Eric Norman and Ethan saw this, they were both shocked, looking at a loss.

And Ethan hurriedly tried to concentrate again, trying to gather the ball of light again, but in vain in the end.

Ethan looked at Eric Norman with a dazed expression, but found that his father didn’t seem to know what to do at this time.

After all, just now that Ethan was able to condense the golden ball of light, Eric Norman already thought it was incredible, and now that the ball of light suddenly shattered again, he didn’t know why.

However, Eric Norman speculated that this might be because Ethan had never been in contact with Zhen Qi, and could not make good use of Zhen Qi, he lacked experience.

But even so, Eric Norman is not depressed, because in his opinion, Ethan is able to show such an extraordinary today, and he can make the energy in Shang Dian actively want to gather on him, which is already great. Good news.

At least, this proves that Ethan’s is indeed different, and this is just the beginning. Given time, as long as Ethan can use it correctly, he may be able to easily control Shangdian’s power. One day, he may be able to become extinct. Where is the Grand Master?

For this, Eric Norman is very confident. After all, what happened to Ethan today is the best proof.

It seems that the glory day of the Norman Family is not far away!

When Eric Norman thought of this, he couldn’t help feeling a little more excited, and subconsciously stretched out his hand to pat Ethan’s shoulder.

But just when Eric Norman’s fingertips were about to touch that layer of golden light that was wrapped around Ethan’s body, something happened to Eric Norman by surprise.

I saw the golden light wave enveloping Ethan, and the color suddenly deepened, and then the flowing golden characters stopped for an instant, and then in an instant, all rushed toward Eric Norman’s fingertips.

This scene really surprised Eric Norman. Before he could react, he felt an immense force rushing towards him.

With a “bang”, Eric Norman felt as if he had been hit by a huge hammer, and his whole body was in pain, and then his whole body flew back instantly.

At that moment, Eric Norman instinctively wanted to mobilize the true energy in his body, and wanted to protect his body.

But what caught him off guard was that he suddenly discovered that the true energy in his body seemed to be suppressed by some force, and he couldn’t even move a single bit.

In the end, Eric Norman also relied on his excellent physical fitness to stabilize his body and avoid slamming himself on the wall.

But although he had escaped by chance, Eric Norman’s doubts were great.

In any case, he couldn’t understand why he couldn’t mobilize his true anger at the moment.

This simply made Eric Norman feel a tingling scalp, because as a martial artist, the most important and deep-rooted ability to stand for life is true qi. If the true qi cannot be used at the critical moment and cannot be released, the final result may directly lead to his own death. Drop.

Thinking of this, Eric Norman couldn’t help but feel a cool breeze coming from his back.

He hurriedly tried to mobilize the true energy in his body…

But this time, Eric Norman was finally relieved, because he could actually mobilize the true energy in his body again.

Eric Norman couldn’t help becoming more and more puzzled. Some didn’t know what was going on. Why didn’t Zhen Qi suddenly be used just now, and it can be used again now?

Just as Eric Norman was puzzled, Ethan saw that he had nearly injured his father just now, and hurried over here.

And at the moment Ethan ran, the golden light waves wrapped around him, like mercury pouring on the ground, quickly faded away. Only as soon as he walked and moved, the ripple-like light waves hit him continuously and were swayed back. Layers of waves.

Ethan ran to Eric Norman in three steps and two steps, and was about to reach out to help each other, but Eric Norman quickly waved his hand not to use it, and there was a trace of fear in his eyes.

Obviously, what happened just now left Eric Norman a big blow. He was even a little afraid that his son would do something to him at this time. Wouldn’t he have to suffer again by then?

Ethan withdrew his hand in embarrassment. Hushing coldly asked warmly.

But at this time, Eric Norman’s heart was in chaos, and he couldn’t take care of the pain.

He briefly explained something to Ethan, and asked Maggie to send Ethan back to Buckeye City.

However, Eric Norman let everyone leave and stayed here alone.

He was going to see how much power this Shangdian had, and how much he could use.

In fact, for thousands of years, the Norman Family had tried to use Shang Dian’s power many times while Shang Dian was awake, and in the end they couldn’t help but succeeded, and left a large number of references for the younger generation.

For these, Eric Norman actually studied systematically when he was very young, and it was precisely because he knew that he could finally borrow great help from Shang Dian, and he chose to endure it for so long…


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