I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 553 – 554

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Chapter 553 – 554

Before Norman Tianyang’s words fell, the few people in front of him rushed in the direction of Eric Norman.

But when the two of them moved, the whole crowd on Norman Tianyang’s side followed.

Hundreds of people rushed towards Eric Norman formidable.

However, Eric Norman was not nervous, nor did he let his subordinates rush up. Instead, he asked Ethan to pass Shang Dian to himself, staring coldly at the opponent’s crowd…

“Today, I will let all of you be buried with Wan’er!”

Eric Norman said this sentence in Yinsi, then closed his eyes and focused on mobilizing Shangdian’s power.

Eric Norman knew very well that these hundreds of people under Norman Tianyang were by no means kind, and their strengths should not be underestimated.

He knows better that even if he fights out the thunder group of enemies, he can’t beat the opponent.

But with Shang Dian, it is different. As long as he can mobilize the power in Shang Dian, he can continuously output like a machine that never stops. No matter how many people there are and how powerful the opponent is, the abacus will not threaten. Yourself.

Watching the approaching enemies, it seemed that only Eric Norman was not nervous at the scene. The members of Lei Group, and even Maggie, raised their hearts.

Maggie and the people in Lei Group, of course, don’t know, the terrifying power Eric Norman displayed yesterday, they are just afraid that they will lose the opportunity here!

Although they are not afraid of death, when this time comes, why doesn’t Eric Norman let them rush over? If he doesn’t speak again, the opponent will almost hit his face, and as long as the formation is disrupted, their already great disadvantage will be dragged even more seriously!

At first, Eric Norman was still so calm and composed, but after a moment, a surprised expression suddenly appeared on Eric Norman’s face.

Because he tried for a while, he was shocked to find that no matter how he tried, he couldn’t mobilize the power in Shangdian!

This sudden situation really shocked Eric Norman. He quickly opened his eyes, but the scene he saw next made him completely blinded!

Because at the moment Eric Norman opened his eyes, he unexpectedly discovered that Shang Dian in his hand burst out with a bright golden light again.

But he was surprised that the golden light wave that Shang Dian burst out this time did not respond to him. Instead, it seemed to be alive, and it floated towards Ethan!


In this scene, Eric Norman was a little puzzled, and he didn’t even know what to do.

Soon, the scene turned out to be the same as yesterday. Light waves once again enveloped Ethan’s body. Above the light waves, a bright and profound inscription appeared again…

In this situation, Eric Norman couldn’t help being shocked, and lost her voice: “Could it be that… Is Ethan and this Shang Dian destined to have a chance? This Shang Dian only recognizes Ethan? No wonder there was just yesterday, I couldn’t call Shang Dian’s power…”

At this moment, Eric Norman seemed to suddenly realize it.

In this regard, he couldn’t help but feel gratified that his son had such a good life.

I feel a little sorry that I realized it was too late.

It seems that with Ethan present, he can’t use it anymore?

Eric Norman turned his head and looked at Ethan, then at the enemy approaching step by step, and finally slammed Shang Dian into Ethan’s hand, saying, “Son, take it and leave here. You have a big chance, Dad is really I’m happy for you, but Dad knew it too late. It seems…it seems that our family’s revenge cannot be avenged for the time being. Your Shangdians will leave here soon and go to a place where no one can find you. Live, since Shangdian only recognizes you, then you must take advantage of this opportunity and remember that one day, you must avenge this revenge for our family and your parents. If so, your mom and I are under Jiuquan. Have a look!”

After speaking, Eric Norman pushed Ethan away and shouted to Maggie: “Xiao Ye, you have to take Ethan out today anyway. Shang Dian recognizes Ethan. I can’t borrow Shang Dian today. You take him. Go, let him live, I beg you!”

Maggie was taken aback when she heard the words, and she couldn’t help but shock when she saw the tears in Eric Norman’s eyes.

“MR. Norman , is there really no chance?” Maggie asked with slightly moist eyes.

Eric Norman gave a wry smile and shook his head again and again.

At this time, the members of the Lei Group around him had already fought with the approaching enemy into a group.

Eric Norman looked at the fallen young lives and sighed, “I still miscalculated. You will take him away soon, please!”

After speaking, Eric Norman turned his head and raised his arms: “Children, today I Eric Norman, live and die with you!”

Before the words fell, Eric Norman rushed over without looking back.

When Maggie saw this, tears burst into her eyes. She gritted her teeth, grabbed Ethan, and shouted, “Go!”

How could Ethan agree, at this time he had already reported his determination to die together.

I have witnessed my mother die in front of me, now my father will die in front of me? They are all dead, so what’s the point of living by themselves?

Ethan struggled, but he was not Maggie’s opponent at all, and at the moment he and Maggie were torn apart, that Shang Dian shrank again fiercely.

Pingyang Valley, once again fighting to form a ball, this situation is like a scene seventeen years ago.

The only difference was that under the chaos and the desperate protection of a dozen members of the Lei Group, Maggie still dragged Ethan out of Pingyang Valley.

In the Pingyang Valley behind him, still shouting and killing.

Maggie glanced back, and the thirty or so people who had guarded herself had already fallen down by this time.

“Come on, there is a cliff in front. After we go down, it will be the Buckeye. As long as we cross the river, they won’t be able to catch up. Before, I prepared a boat by the river to be prepared…”

As soon as Maggie’s voice fell, she was about to drag Ethan to move forward, but the whole person finally couldn’t hold it, and fell down normally.

At this moment, Ethan realized that Maggie’s back was already bloody.

In the melee just now, Maggie had actually been hit several times, and the few miles she walked out of, she was already supporting her with her mind.

She promised Eric Norman that she would take Ethan out, so she must take him out!

“Sister Maggie!” Looking at the bleeding wound on Maggie’s back, Ethan finally couldn’t help it, and tears came out again!

Maggie just smiled reluctantly, and shook her head slightly: “Ethan, Sister Maggie may not be able to protect you in the future. Go away, Sister Maggie will stay here for you!”

Ethan desperately shook his head, he tried to help Maggie up.

But at this moment, a burst of laughter suddenly came from behind the two of them: “Ho ho, go, where do you go?”

The two looked sideways, followed by a look of astonishment!

Because in front of them, it was Zaid.

“You… how could you still be alive?” Ethan asked in shock.

Because at that time, he watched with his own eyes that his father killed Zaid!

Zaid did not explain, and Ethan did not notice that this Zaid’s little finger was only half of it left!

“Stop talking nonsense!” Zaid pulled his hand, and immediately pulled a person behind him, and Ethan was shocked again when he saw this person.


That person is Linda!

Zaid grabbed Linda’s hair and grinned and said, “What kind of kid, I handed over Shang Dian, otherwise I can’t guarantee that your little lover will survive the next second!”

Linda was so scared that Huarong was pale. When he saw Ethan, he couldn’t help crying, “Ethan…Save me Ethan…”

At this moment, the future heart is almost broken.

But he dared not say a word, lowered his head incomparably entangled, and looked at Shangdian in his hand…

“Ethan, what are you going to do? For this thing, your parents are dead, your whole clan is dead, do you want to give it away because of a woman? And don’t you think you are naive? If you hand over Shang Dian, he will not let us go!”

Maggie stood up struggling, clasped Ethan’s palm tightly, took out her butterfly knife, and pressed it directly against Ethan’s throat.

“Go! Otherwise I will kill you, and I will kill her in the end!” Maggie pointed at Linda.

Ethan fell into a tangled entanglement again. He looked at Linda blankly. He knew very well Linda’s future end.

But when he recalled Maggie’s words just now, Chen Zhong couldn’t help but feel a while in his heart.

Yeah, his life is not his for a long time, so what right does he have to have a love for children here?

Ethan raised his head, looked at Linda, and shook his head silently: “Yuning…I’m sorry.”

Ethan held Shang Dian tightly. Although his eyes were full of tears, his eyes were extremely firm.

Hearing that, Linda’s face was ashes ashes, and she couldn’t cry, and seemed to be desperate.

At this time, Zaid also let go of Linda, and couldn’t help but sneered: “Hoho, silly woman, what am I talking about? What kind of shit oath, he can abandon you for that broken stone!”

“Shut up!” Linda covered her ears and said aloud in the future.

It’s just that Zaid smiled grimly again, and said in a negative test: “Look, you have no meaning to live!”

Before he finished his words, he took out a black iron rod in his hand and slammed it on Linda’s head…


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