I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 555

Chapter 555

“Boom…” With a muffled sound, Linda fell down before he could react.

“No…” Ethan suddenly yelled, glaring at him.

Ethan burst into tears, his whole body seemed to have lost strength, he slumped down and knelt directly on the ground.

Linda’s head kept bleeding, and soon a piece of the ground was stained red.

Ethan’s heart is like a knife, and the whole person is crazy!

“It’s all on me… all on me… everyone’s death, all on me…” Ethan shouted, but still to no avail.

Zaid didn’t care about his feelings at all, but smiled happily, approaching Ethan step by step, muttering: “Since you don’t give it to me, then it seems I can only get it by myself!”

Seeing this, Maggie hurriedly pulled Ethan up with all her strength and protected her behind.

“Okay, don’t cry, you go!” Maggie gritted her teeth and said, “Ethan, you should mature. Now that you know everyone died for you, you should live even more. You have to take revenge for them!”

Maggie suddenly turned her head and looked at Ethan with a smile: “For me too!”

After speaking, Maggie almost exhausted all her strength and directly pushed Ethan out.

Ethan took a dozen steps back again and again, struggling to control his body, but was powerless, as if weightless.

But at this moment, Ethan saw Maggie supporting her body and rushing towards Zaid.

It’s just that Zaid took out a dagger from nowhere and pierced Maggie’s abdomen. The blade was dripping with blood and poked from Maggie’s back…

Ethan’s heart seemed to be grabbed by something, making him breathless…

But before he could react, he suddenly felt his feet slip, and then the whole person fell completely.

Ethan glanced down in a panic, but found that there was a Baizhang cliff beneath him!

Ethan tried to catch something while falling, but in vain in the end.

His body kept colliding with the cliff more than a dozen back and forth. He felt that his back was bruised, his face was cut, his calf was broken, and his waist was hit hard.

In the end he seemed to feel like he had fallen into the cold water, but soon lost consciousness…

On the other side, Pingyang Valley, there were already corpses all over the field at this time. Hundreds of corpses filled almost the entire valley, and blood stained a large area of ​​the land.

Suddenly, with a puff, a tall and sturdy body knelt down. His front has been checked with dozens of blades.

This person is completely different, but he still tried to turn his head back, glanced at Eric Norman, who was behind him, and whimpered, “MR. Norman , Jin… King Kong did his best…”

Eric Norman looked at the corpses over there, very sad.

“Good boy.” He looked at King Kong, his eyes indifferent, “Don’t worry, I’ll be here soon!”

King Kong also worked hard to squeeze a twisted smile and said, “MR. Norman , I… can I call you Dad?”

“Dad, I’m leaving now…”

Jin fiercely plunged the Tang Dao in his hand into the soil, slowly lowered his head, and lost his breath.

Eric Norman looked at King Kong, his eyes still indifferent, he stood up hard, looked back at Jiang Wan’s corpse, and gave a wry smile: “Wan’er, wait for me for a while, I will come…”

After speaking, Eric Norman grabbed a blade on the ground and resolutely walked to the opposite Norman Tianyang and his four hundred men…

I don’t know the time, I don’t know where…

Ethan only felt that he was cold again, he knew that he was taken out of the water.

Staggering, Ethan felt as if he was being dragged into a fish shed by a thin figure, and then he felt as if someone was holding a fire around him, and he was filled with a sip of strong alcohol, warm all over his body.

Soon he passed out again, but he knew that he didn’t seem to be dead.

This time, Ethan didn’t know how long he was in a coma, but he seemed to have a strange dream. He dreamed of those strange characters again, and the characters in the dream this time appeared more than before… …

And this time, Ethan noticed a slight difference. Although he felt strange looking at the characters, he had the illusion that he could read those characters…

Then, Ethan felt that his head was constantly being washed away by a powerful and vast “data” as if it had been connected to electricity…

I don’t know how long this feeling lasted. Later, Ethan woke up slowly, and he suddenly found that there seemed to be something more in his mind…

Those things seem to be medical skills, but also like practicing methods. He is really a layman. It is unknown what they are.

But Ethan knew very well that these things should be related to those characters in Shangdian.

Ethan opened his eyes, looked around, and suddenly realized that he was in a small and shabby hut at this time.

He was lying on the only bed in this room, unable to move. He felt pain all over his body. Only then did he realize that when he fell off the cliff, his whole body was seriously injured.

Ethan suddenly remembered Shang Dian, and quickly raised his hand to look, only to find that his hands were empty at this time, Ethan couldn’t help being surprised!

But at this moment, from outside the thatched hut, a fourteen-five-year-old girl walked in. Seeing Ethan struggling to get up, she hurriedly shouted: “Grandpa, grandpa, he is awake, look at him, the village The first TCM doctor Liu said that he can’t wake up. You see, it’s been half a year, isn’t he still awake?”


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