I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 557

Chapter 557

As time passed, Ethan’s body began to gradually recover.

After the old man Zhang returned Shang Dian to him, Ethan slowly inspected the various secret books in Shang Dian during this period.

On the one hand, he strengthens his body by repairing the chain and speeds up his body’s recovery. On the other hand, he also tries to integrate the classics.

But after a while, he realized that he had already merged Shang Dian when he fell off the cliff.

The various classics in Shangdian have been deeply engraved in my mind, and the thing in front of me has become a dispensable thing.

Although the old head Zhang went out early and returned late and still lived his own life, he was also watching Ethan silently.

Although he said that he didn’t care about Ethan’s past, and he wouldn’t go into Ethan’s future, but this person was saved by himself after all.

Lao Zhang’s head is not immune, so naturally he pays special attention to Ethan’s movements.

Two months after time passed, Ethan’s body gradually recovered, and Lao Zhang also felt that the time was almost up.

So at noon that day, the old Zhang head looked at Ethan who was eating and said with a light cough, “Ethan, I think your body has almost recovered, right?”

Ethan sighed slightly in his heart, did this day still come.

Living here for more than two months is the easiest time in Ethan’s life so far. There is no need to care about anything, no need to care about anything.

It’s just that the only thing he can’t forget is those hatreds, and those hatreds will be broken after all.

Thinking of this, Ethan put down the bowls and chopsticks, looked at Old Man Zhang, nodded slightly and said, “Well, my body is almost better.”

The head Zhang looked at Ethan’s mental outlook and it had changed a lot from when he first saw him. When he first saw Ethan, he looked like a floating grass, and he might be swept away at any time.

But now Ethan looks like an ancient pine, calm, powerful and full of energy.

Looking at Old Zhang Ethan, he sighed in his heart, and then he said: “I understand that you must have a lot of responsibilities, so I won’t keep you much.”

Ethan nodded slightly, Yingying little Lolita sat on the side, her watery eyes were already red.

Tears fell into the bowl, but were eaten by Yingying and the meal.

Grandpa stretched out his hand and touched Yingying’s head and smiled. After all, Little Lori is still young and can’t stand such a separation.

“Yingying, people are not plants, you can’t bear Ethan, I know, but Ethan can come to Yingying to play in the future.”

After hearing this, Yingying raised her head and looked at her grandpa with tearful eyes, then turned to Ethan and asked seriously, “Brother Ethan, will you really come to see Yingying, right?”

Seeing Yingying’s seriousness, Ethan’s heart also felt painful.

“Of course, Brother Ethan will definitely come to see Yingying!”

After saying this, Ethan stretched out his hand and gently wiped the teardrops on Yingying’s face and continued to smile: “Yingying is so cute, Ethan can’t bear you either.”

Little Lori Yingying threw herself into Ethan’s arms and burst into tears: “Brother, don’t lie to me. Grandpa said Mom and Dad would come to see me too, but Yingying is 14 and they Still not here.”

Hearing this, the expression on the old man’s face was also slightly sad.

Ethan looked at the old man’s face and knew something in his heart, and his eyes looked at Yingying even more distressed.

“Yingying, brother Ethan never deceives. When next time Ethan comes, I will bring Yingying delicious food and make your friends envy you!”

Finally, after trying his best, Ethan coaxed Yingying.

This is how children are, sometimes they say that wind is rain, and tears come just as they say.

When Yingying was tired of crying, she lay down in Ethan’s arms and fell asleep. Ethan watched Yingying reach out and gently stroke a strand of messy hair behind her head.

Old man Zhang looked at Ethan and Yingying, then took out the dry smoke to light his house and smoked silently.

Just as the three of them were enjoying the tranquility before the separation, there was a burst of noise outside the courtyard.

“Old Zhang is immortal, do you think it’s time to settle the money you owe uncle today!”

As soon as the voice fell, a brawny man with a bald tattoo and three or four people walked in. Yingying was suddenly awakened by the noise of the crowd.

“Xu Qiang, I will definitely repay the money I owe you. Father’s debts should be paid by his son, and his son’s debts should be paid by his father for the same reason. I did not deny it.”

After the bald-headed strong man Xu Qiang smiled sadly, he raised his head and glanced at Ethan with a cold face.

Then he smiled and said, “You know the truth, but what about my money?”

Old man Zhang looked at Xu Qiang with a helpless sigh and said, “I have already paid off the money I owe you, and I have paid the interest as I should. What else do you want?”

After a cold snort, Xu Qiang pulled the chair away and sat down. He looked at the food on the table and couldn’t help but sneered and said, “The food is the same as a pig’s food.”

Then he stretched out his finger, and the little brother behind him quickly took out a cigarette from his arms and lit it for him.

“You pay the principal, I admit, but your interest is on the street, not based on the bank’s interest.”

Old man Zhang was very angry when he heard this, but there was no way to face a rogue like Xu Qiang.

“The interest on the street is a donkey rolling, are you trying to ruin my family?!”

After coughing twice, Old Zhang looked at Xu Qiang sadly and said, “Xu Qiang, I think I’m not bad to you, so you still refuse to let me go!”

After hearing this, Xu Qiang laughed loudly, and then looked at Yingying who was shrinking in Ethan’s arms with a pair of colored eyes, and said, “It’s not that there is no room for negotiation, as long as you are willing to give me Yingying this little girl, hehehe .”

Ethan couldn’t listen anymore when he heard this, and he stretched out his hand and slapped it on the table and yelled, “Presumptuous!”

Xu Qiang had already seen Ethan not pleasing to his eyes. What he hated most was someone who was handsomer than himself, and Ethan was so handsome that he didn’t want to look at him more.

Seeing Ethan unexpectedly jumped out, Xu Qiang also stood up and pointed at Ethan, and said angrily: “What kind of crap is you, dare to challenge your Master Xu! Give me a fight!”

The little brothers behind Xu Qiang glanced at each other, and after they took out the guys from their bodies, they waved at Ethan.

Little Lori Yingying had seen such a battle with Old Man Zhang who had been good in her life, and she was immediately frightened and wondered what to do.

Ethan looked at the people who rushed up with contempt in his eyes, but he dodged everyone and rushed out.

Then he looked at Xu Qiang and the others in the room and said coldly: “The room is too small. I’m afraid I won’t be able to use it when hitting you. If you have the ability, let’s come out and play slowly!”


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