I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 558

Chapter 558 Deception too much (first more)

Ethan’s actions just made everyone’s eyes shine, but Ethan didn’t take it seriously. Xu Qiang grinned and said, “Damn, don’t you think you’re hiding swiftly? Looking for death!”

It is a pity that Xu Qiang is a local ruffian. To him, Ethan is undoubtedly a provocation!

Old man Zhang stood on the side and looked at Xu Qiang and Ethan. He quickly said, “Xu Qiang, if you have anything to say, please come to me if you have something. Don’t embarrass Yingying and this young man. what!”

Xu Qiang sneered when he heard this, turned his head and stared at Old Man Zhang and then smiled: “Do you think you can run away, the old immortal? Wait, I’ll clean up and clean you up!”

After saying this, Xu Qiang took a few of his men and walked out of the room, watching Ethan twist his neck, making a crackling noise.

He Xu Qiang has the ability to control so many villages around him, so he has his reason, not everyone dares to provoke him.

If Ethan is not cleaned up today, this matter will undoubtedly be a challenge to his authority.

Thinking of this, Xu Qiang gave Ethan a gloomy wink, and several younger brothers around suddenly understood, and the three slowly dispersed and surrounded Ethan.

“You kid, if there is a way to heaven, you don’t want to go, and there is no way to hell. You come here, you have to intervene in something that has nothing to do with you.”

Xu Qiang moved his hand slightly, and several of his men rushed up.

I thought it was just three punches and two kicks that could bring Ethan down, but the ending seemed different from what he had imagined.

Ethan stood still in place, but the fists from around hit his companion inexplicably.

Someone didn’t believe in evil and tried to put Ethan down by sweeping his legs, but they didn’t expect Ethan to avoid this move with a single leap.

These subordinates are all people with a little real ability to press down. They usually go out with themselves, no matter what they encounter, they can always handle it.

However, he did not expect to behave so unbearably in front of Ethan. Xu Qiang looked at his four subordinates with swollen noses in the field and couldn’t bear it anymore.

He gritted his teeth and drew out the dagger from his waist, walked up slowly, trying to inflict serious injuries on Ethan!

Old man Zhang watched Xu Qiang take out the dagger, and quickly warned Ethan, “Be careful, Ethan!”

Ethan only sneered at such a thing. In his eyes, these people in front of him were not even warming up.

The four of Xu Qiang’s subordinates also have a little meaning. They seem to use the same skill, as long as they can understand one of them.

No matter how hard the rest of them worked, Ethan could easily avoid it.

Perhaps because of Shang Dian’s reasons, Ethan felt that his body was undergoing amazing changes, and many things he could not do before are now nothing more than raising his hands.

No matter how fast the opponent moves, he can make the most appropriate response with a glimmer of light.

If it wasn’t for slowly adapting to this, with Ethan’s strength, how could it be possible to play with so many miscellaneous fish until now.

Xu Qiang could see that Ethan in front of him was different from ordinary people, but so what.

In this thirty-mile bay, he Xu Qiang is the boss!

Just thinking of this, Xu Qiang rushed up with a dagger in his hand, and then stabbed Ethan!

Little Lori Yingying exclaimed when she looked at the dagger stabbed by Xu Qiang, but she didn’t expect that Ethan had already taken Xu Qiang’s attention under the reminder of Old Man Zhang.

After noticing Xu Qiang’s stabbing, Ethan stretched out two fingers and clamped the blade tightly, and looked at Xu Qiang with a smile.

In this scene, not only Xu Qiang was shocked, but the four men he brought were also shocked by Ethan’s skill!

Old man Zhang was even more surprised and looked at Ethan not knowing what to say, but Yingying Little Lolita exclaimed and said: “Wow, you are doing nothing with nothing! Jiang Brother, you are so amazing!”

Ethan looked at Yingying with a chuckle, then lifted his leg and kicked Xu Qiang and the others away. Everyone didn’t even see how Ethan made the move!

Xu Qiang lay on the ground and coughed and spit out a mouthful of blood, his eyes looked at Ethan bitterly.

“Today, I will give you a little more memory. Any tricks will come to me. Master, I will take it.”

In the plain tone, Ethan’s expression is also very plain, but people can always feel a kind of arrogance from him.

The four subordinates quickly helped Xu Qiang up from the ground, and then looked at Ethan fearfully not daring to move easily.

They do have some ability to press down, but in front of Ethan, let’s not talk about them.

If Ethan gets serious, they might not even be able to go through three rounds!

Xu Qiang glared at Ethan fiercely, and the blood on his face and the blood on the corner of his mouth made him look fierce.

“Okay, you kid, I’m here today!”

Only after saying this, Xu Qiang gave a vigorous vigor, pushed his supporter away, looked at Ethan, and continued to speak: “If you have the ability, you just wait here. Our business will eventually have a result!”

Ethan looked at Xu Qiang contemptuously. If someone dared to talk to him like this before the change, he would probably have to kneel in front of him in less than five hours.

It’s just that right now he doesn’t have such strength after all, and thinking of his own personal and personal affairs can’t be solved in a day or two.

Ethan groaned for a moment and then smiled at Xu Qiangxie and said, “Okay, since you have to play with me, then I will wait for you here, and you must not come.”

After saying this, Ethan walked to the old man Zhang and Yingying’s side, and took the old man Zhang with one hand and Yingying back to the room.

At the same time, turning his back to Xu Qiang, he said flatly, “While I haven’t changed my mind yet, you should get out of here, or be careful that I can’t get you out of this door!”

Although Xu Qiang was tough on the face, he felt a sense of fear for Ethan in his heart.

Hearing this, he hurriedly fart and ran out with his own subordinates, even daring not to look back.

Yingying lay on the window sill watching Xu Qiang leading the people to escape. She couldn’t help but chuckle and said, “Brother Jiang, they are gone! Yeah, go bad guys!”

After saying this, Yingying leaned into Ethan’s arms again, then hugged his neck and smiled openly, “Brother Jiang, you are amazing!”

Ethan touched Yingying’s head slightly and smiled back: “What’s so great about Brother Jiang? Our Yingying is so great. I have taken care of Brother Jiang for so long alone.”

Yingying’s face blushed slightly when she heard this, she looked at Ethan and said with a blurred look: “Brother Jiang, if someone bullies me and grandpa in the future, will you stand up like this?”

Ethan was taken aback when he heard these words, and looked at Xiang Yingying’s eyes with pity.

The little girl looked really bad before.


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