I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 559

Chapter 559 Seeing Uncle

Old Man Zhang was sitting by the door, watching his granddaughter fight with Ethan, and he felt a touch of warmth in his heart.

He suddenly thought of Ethan’s actions in the yard just now, so he asked curiously, “Ethan, you didn’t practice martial arts before, did you?”

Ethan heard the household look at Old Man Zhang for a moment, and then thought that the less people know about Shang Dian, the better.

After all, Old Man Zhang is just an ordinary person, so don’t involve him in these things.

So he smiled and nodded and replied: “Well, I used to learn martial arts with a master when I was young, so I also have a little skill in my body.”

At this time, Old Man Zhang smiled and nodded in relief and said: “That’s good, young people always need a craft to be close to them, otherwise they will be like us as farmers for a lifetime.”

It’s just that after saying this, old man Zhang felt a little uneasy. Some things can’t be solved by force alone.

Thinking of this, Old Man Zhang sighed, then went back to his room and took out the more than two thousand dollars he had worked so hard to put on the table.

Upon seeing this, Ethan looked at Old Man Zhang with some doubts and said, “Old Zhang, what do you mean?”

“It’s not interesting. You should leave while they haven’t brought anyone here. I will settle the matter.”

After saying this, Old Man Zhang sighed slightly, and said with a sad face: “You are still young, you don’t know some things, this Xu Qiang is the brother-in-law of Yangcheng Bully King Dragon.”

What kind of character is Ethan? I think he had a lot of power in the first place, and his brothers were countless. How could he ever care about a mere bully!

So after hearing what Old Man Zhang said, he couldn’t help but chuckle a little helplessly and said, “It’s okay, you can rest assured to let me take care of this matter, there will never be any trouble.”

Old man Zhang knew that Ethan had a repaying mentality in it. He just smiled bitterly when he heard that, then looked at Yingying and said, “Yingying, you go back to the room first. I have something to do with your brother Ethan. talk.”

Yingying, who was sitting on Ethan’s lap, looked at her grandpa’s face when she heard this, and when she knew they had something serious to say, she cleaned up the table and returned to the room.

After Yingying left, Old Man Zhang opened his mouth to Ethan: “You are young and energetic and have martial arts, so I can understand if you don’t put these people in your eyes, but the truth is that two fists are hard to beat four hands. Should you understand?”

After saying this, Old Man Zhang didn’t wait for Ethan to speak, and continued: “Before, there was a person in our 30 Mile Bay who didn’t believe in evil. He had to fight against Xu Qiang. Do you know how he ended up?”

Ethan looked at Old Man Zhang’s serious expression for a while, but he had no choice but to cooperate with Old Man Zhang and asked, “What will he end up?”

“He, a good house was torn apart by Wang Long, the old man was furious, and his wife was taken away and tortured by others for nearly half a month before being released, and then he was thrown into the well.”

After saying this, Old Man Zhang sighed deeply: “These people are really guilty. What an iron man, he was tortured crazy by them!”

Ethan had a slight contempt for these people at first, but after knowing these things, his face was clouded!

Ethan firmly believes that people are called people because they have a bottom line in what they do, and they know what to do and what not to do.

But what Xu Qiang and others did was not worthy of being called a human being. Ethan took a deep breath when thinking of this.

After suppressing the anger in his heart, he looked at Old Man Zhang and said, “Why didn’t anyone bring them to justice after such a thing, and let them be so rampant?”

Old man Zhang knew that he would be the next hapless person if he said badly, so he said with a sad heart: “Why do you think I let you go? This thirty-mile bay is under the control of Xu Qiang. what.”

After saying this, Old Man Zhang suddenly burst into tears for a while, thinking about his hard work, just thinking about making Yingying a great person.

But I didn’t expect to be targeted by a bully like Xu Qiang. What’s even more terrifying is that there is a Wang Long behind Xu Qiang, and they simply can’t deal with it!

The only thing Old Man Zhang can do now is to let Ethan leave. After all, these things are still his own business.

Even if he rescued Ethan, he would never ask Ethan to accompany him to take such a risk, it would be deadly!

Ethan silently looked at the old man Zhang who didn’t say a word. He also understood the old man Zhang’s thoughts.

The old man’s life and work are clear-cut, but sometimes this world is so helpless.

Ethan took a deep breath and looked at Old Man Zhang and said solemnly, “Master, you will be my grandfather from today onwards, and Yingying will be my sister. I won’t leave!”

After saying this, Ethan went to do his own thing, thinking that Xu Qiang and others had better call Wang Long quickly, and don’t let him wait long!

Such scum, living wisdom causes more tragedies, in fact, if it weren’t for worrying about Old Man Zhang and Yingying.

It is absolutely impossible for the person named Wang Long to survive tonight, and now he has to wait for them to come forward.

Elder Zhang looked at Ethan’s busy back and didn’t know what to say for a while.

Since Ethan woke up in the past few months, Mr. Zhang has gained some understanding of Ethan.

Perhaps Yingying would only think that Ethan was very approachable, but the old man Zhang could smell a bit of killing from Ethan.

Such a person is absolutely impossible to be an ordinary person, and because of this, Old Man Zhang wanted Ethan to leave when he just woke up.

Just after the old man and Ethan finished talking about Xu Qiang and others, Yingying ran out excitedly as if she had suddenly thought of something.

“Brother Ethan, Brother Ethan, I heard that martial arts practitioners also understand some medical skills, right? If you are so good, then your medical skills must be very good, right?”

Ethan, who was clearing the room, looked at Yingying in a daze, then looked at each other with old man Zhang hesitantly and said, “Also, it’s okay, what’s the matter, is there anything you feel uncomfortable with?”

Yingying shook her head and glanced at her grandpa, then said, “Grandpa, since Brother Ethan is so good, why not let him see for my uncle?”

After saying this, Yingying looked at Ethan and continued: “My uncle has been coughing for many years, and he even coughs up bleeding in autumn and winter, and the hospital can’t provide any solutions.”

When Mr. Zhang heard Yingying’s words, his eyes turned to Ethan. Yingying’s uncle Zhang TianNormang was an amazing person before!


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