I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 560

Chapter 560

I think Yingying’s uncle was a businessman who ran the world with her parents, and traveled many places.

But because of an accident on the road, he was seriously injured and Yingying’s parents were also killed.

Although Mr. Zhang did not remember his uncle who hated Yingying, the family of Uncle was worried that Mr. Zhang would ask them for compensation through this incident.

So the two families haven’t been here for nearly ten years, although the old man thinks everyone is a family after all.

But the uncle didn’t have the face to see the old man consciously, and after so many years, he took the initiative to break the contact with him.

It’s just that during the Chinese New Year holidays, I will ask someone to give the old man something to be meaningful.

Thinking of these things, Mr. Zhang looked up and down Ethan and asked, “Generally, people who run the rivers and lakes know a little bit of medical skills. Can you show Yingying’s unbelievable uncle?”

Ethan looked at Yingying’s expectant eyes, then looked at Old Man Zhang silently.

There are many different kinds of prescriptions on Shangdian, but Ethan knows that whether the materials for those prescriptions can be found after all these years is a question.

Forget it, judging from the current situation, even if those materials can be found, they will be greatly reduced in terms of efficacy.

This is not what Jiang Haoping thought for no reason, but because most Chinese herbal medicines are basically artificially grown.

Many of its medicinal properties can’t be compared with pure wild Chinese herbal medicines. It is precisely because of this that Ethan dare not agree to it at will.

In terms of medicine, even a slight deviation can produce completely unexpected effects.

Yingying looked at Ethan expectantly and then tentatively asked, “Brother Ethan, can you visit my uncle?”

Ethan stretched out his hand and touched Yingying’s head. He hesitated slightly and then smiled: “Why can’t we go? We are so cute, Yingying, we have to visit uncle for Yingying.”

Yingying happily hugged Ethan and laughed, but Ethan smiled bitterly at Old Man Zhang just in case.

“Seeing that I am definitely going to see it, but I can’t guarantee that I will be cured. I have to say this first, otherwise, if you are disappointed, I will feel sorry.”

Old man Zhang smiled and nodded to Ethan and said, “It doesn’t matter, he has been ill for so many years, he himself knows what his condition is, just check it out.”

Ethan smiled and nodded and agreed to the matter. The little girl Yingying took Ethan and started to help clean up the dishes.

After everything was cleaned up, Yingying and Elder Zhang brought Ethan to Yingying’s uncle’s house.

In fact, the two families are only more than ten kilometers apart. They got on the bamboo raft of Mr. Zhang and went down the river quickly to the Jishang of Shiliwan.

Uncle Yingying is also a business man, according to what she said, since the two families broke off contact with that incident, he has put his home in this episode.

Although he didn’t have the face to meet Old Man Zhang, in order to be able to take care of him a little bit, he was quite painstaking.

Yingying brought Ethan to her uncle’s house after she first took it out and took a look. Then, under the slightly dissatisfied eyes of her grandpa, she brought Ethan to her uncle’s house.

Ethan looked at the house of Uncle Yingying’s house and shook his head slightly, which was not much better than the house of the old man’s house.

The old man noticed the look on Ethan’s face, so he sighed slightly and then said: “In order to treat him these years, their family’s life is not easy.”

Ethan nodded slightly and walked in behind the old man, but he hadn’t entered the house yet.

Ethan and the others heard the sound of dispute coming from inside, and they not only stopped.

“Didn’t you say that you had 50,000 yuan? Why is it costing 70,000 yuan this time?! Doctor Liu, everyone is from the village, you can’t take advantage of the fire!”

As soon as the voice of the female voice fell in the room, a male voice said slowly, “Oh, the old man can’t do anything about it. This set of stitches is very damaging to vitality.”

After saying this, Liu Zhongyi’s voice sounded again: “I’m using my own life in exchange for your husband’s life. Do you still think two thousand yuan is expensive?”

After hearing this, although the woman was very helpless, she reluctantly agreed, just when Doctor Liu Zhongyi was about to give the needle.

Ethan pushed the door and walked in, watching Doctor Liu and Uncle Yingying who were planning to inject their uncle in the room and said, “Wait!”

Doctor Liu Zhongyi and his uncle looked at Ethan with some doubts, and his uncle was even more surprised: “Who are you, how can you come in without the consent of your master!”

Ethan looked at his uncle slightly. She might be about forty because she was often on the market and didn’t do any farm work.

All hands are properly maintained, and there is a hint of charm.

In fact, there are indeed many men coveting her in the whole Sanliwan Fair, but this woman is utterly ill.

Although the uncle’s strange disease made the whole family worse, but the uncle abruptly supported the family.

Old man Zhang and Yingying walked in slowly, and he looked at his uncle and twitched his mouth slightly.

After being silent for a long time, he sighed and said, “Sanniang, these years have really suffered you.”

When my uncle heard the old man’s words, her eyes were wet, and she knelt down to the old man without saying a word.

After so many years, a woman has built a home forcibly, and only she knows how hard it is.

Yingying hurriedly walked up when she saw this, then helped Sanniang and said, “Uncle, this is Brother Ethan, he is amazing!”

After seeing Ethan for a moment, Liu Zhongyi asked with some doubts: “This young man is not the one you brought back last time, and then asked me to save it?”

Old man Zhang smiled and looked at Liu Zhongyi, nodded and smiled: “Yes, it’s him. Before you said that it would take him at least a year to wake up, this kid woke up in less than half a year.”

At this time, Liu Zhongyi didn’t care about his unconscious uncle who was lying on the bed, so he walked straight over, and then looked up and down Ethan with surprise!

“I started practicing medicine at the age of 20. It has been more than 40 years now. I have never seen a person with such a strong recovery ability!”

Ethan really couldn’t bear being watched as a rare animal, so he bowed to Liu Zhongyi and smiled: “I would like to thank Dave for helping.”

Ethan is not an unsophisticated person. Although he has some doubts about Liu TCM’s character, he will never show it on the face.


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