I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 561

Chapter 561

Doctor Liu Zhongyi smiled and looked at Old Man Zhang and said, “Old Zhang, what are you doing here?”

Old Man Zhang pulled away the chair casually and sat down, smoking the dry smoke without speaking.

Yingying cleverly walked up to Liu Zhongyi and said, “Uncle’s body has not improved. After Ethan’s brother woke up, we knew that he also knew a little medicine, so.”

Speaking of this, Liu Zhongyi also understands that the old head Zhang of the feelings is taking people to grab business with him!

After all, he is also a good old man. He smiled and touched Yingying’s head and didn’t say anything to Old Man Zhang.

Instead, he looked at Ethan and said, “Itchy throat and cough, bloody sputum, dry mouth and nose, body with weakness and heat, red tongue with little fluid, thin and yellow coating, and pulse count. How can I treat it? “

Although Shangdian has many prescriptions and some knowledge of Chinese medicine, he has no time to read it.

Seeing that Doctor Liu had a problem with himself, Ethan grabbed his hair and said helplessly, “I don’t know this.”

Doctor Liu snorted slightly, feeling a little happy in his heart, and then continued to ask: “Coughing, bloody sputum, swelling and pain in the chest and ribs, irritability and irritability, pulse chords, what should I do?”

Ethan couldn’t help feeling a little annoyed by the successive trials, but he really didn’t know these things, so he had to bow his head and fell silent.

Liu Zhongyi looked at Ethan, who was bowing his head. He didn’t even bother to taunt him. Instead, he turned his head and said lightly to Old Man Zhang: “I admit that he may be better than ordinary people, but he is better. Medicine, I don’t know what it means!”

Although Yingying did not understand what Liu TCM said just now, she also knew that the other party might be Kao Ethan.

Seeing Ethan couldn’t answer any of them, tears burst into his eyes, and the old man Zhang looked at Ethan with a flash of disappointment in his eyes.

He couldn’t help but sighed in his heart and thought that maybe he was too greedy, thinking that a miracle would happen once and it would happen again.

Sanniang looked at Ethan and then at Old Man Zhang, but she was silent as well. She knew that she had better not speak at this time.

Otherwise, if you offend Liu Zhongyi, your husband’s life will really be saved!

Liu Zhongyi looked at Ethan with a slightly smug expression and said, “Although your kid lied that he knew how to heal, you can tell that you like this business. Then I will open your eyes today.”

Although Ethan had some disdain in his heart, he smiled and said, “Then Dave, please let me open my eyes.”

With a cold snort, Doctor Liu took out the silver needle pack from his medicine box, and then ordered Sanniang to bring a table to place on the bed.

“Boy, you’re optimistic about it. This is called the Twelve Golden Needles, which treats the lungs!”

When he said this, Liu Zhongyi’s hand moved quickly, not at all like an old man in his sixties.

This made Ethan a little surprised, but the more he looked down, the look on Ethan’s face became deeper.

After Liu TCM doctor started all the acupuncture methods, Yingying discovered that her unconscious uncle had opened her eyes.

“Huh, I feel like I died once.”

Sanniang watched Zhang TianNormang opened her eyes, her sallow complexion gradually turned ruddy, and she couldn’t help crying!

“Devil, you finally woke up, if you just go, are you still a home in this house!”

Looking at Sanniang’s teary eyes, Zhang TianNormang twitched the corners of his mouth slightly, and then weakly said, “What’s wrong with me, why suddenly I fainted.”

At this time, Liu Zhongyi touched his goatee and looked at Zhang TianNormang with a smile, and said, “Don’t worry, your illness is basically cured, please trouble Sanniang to settle my medicine bill.”

After saying this, Liu Zhongyi began to pack up his silver needles. He knew that the diseased seed in front of him might not be able to survive.

At best, Zhang TianNormang could only be forced to stay with this set of needles for a while, but it could not change the result.

When he came, he knew exactly what was going on with Zhang TianNormang, that was, he came with the idea of ​​making him a fortune in the end.

Anyway, even if Bian Que was reborn, he would not be able to save his illness. He could take Zhang TianNormang’s breath and it was already powerful enough.

Sanniang didn’t know these twists and turns, and seeing Zhang TianNormang’s body and face turned ruddy, she really thought he was cured.

At this moment, Sanniang felt that the suffering that had gone down for many years was nothing. Even at the beginning, Sanniang felt a little expensive for the consultation fee. Sanniang was so bold and gave it to Liu Zhongyi.

But just when Liu Zhongyi was about to leave, Ethan reached out and stopped and said, “Slow, Liu Zhongyi, you also want 70,000 yuan for this trick of a masked man?”

Doctor Liu Zhongyi was shocked when he heard this, but then he thought of how this kid who didn’t understand anything could see it. He didn’t think he took too much money.

Thinking of this, Liu Zhongyi’s face quickly cooled down, and then he glanced at Sanniang and then looked at Old Man Zhang and then said in a deep voice, “This means that the old man is not worthy of the money, right?”

Sanniang saw that her husband’s illness was cured, and it didn’t matter if she had money or not.

Besides, I might have to trouble Liu Zhongyi in the future, so he hurriedly said: “Why is it not worthy? I gave it. If I say it is worthy, I deserve it. You kid let me go!”

Zhang TianNormang didn’t know what happened, but he was a real businessman, only when Ethan wanted to leave some money for them.

So after smiling, he stretched out his hand and said, “Forget it, you should let Liu Zhongyi leave. This time I can save my life. I am very content.”

Old Man Zhang didn’t frown when he watched Ethan’s movements, he was willing to believe Ethan.

But Ethan couldn’t answer any of the questions that Liu TCM had just asked. Does he know TCM well? Thinking of this, Old Man Zhang couldn’t help being silent.

Yingying little Lolita was standing on Ethan’s side. Seeing that everyone didn’t believe Ethan, she said, “Brother Ethan, they don’t believe you, I believe you!”

Ethan looked at everyone and felt a little helpless. If the people in front of him were not related to Yingying and the old man, he would not bother to care about other people’s life and death.

Seeing that everyone was on his side and that the little girl left was irrelevant, Liu Zhongyi looked at Ethan proudly and said, “Boy, don’t you let me go?”

Ethan smiled slightly, a flash of cold light flashed in his eyes: “I advise you to sit down and wait for a while. If Yingying’s uncle is really healthy, you won’t worry about sitting here for a while, yes. Right?”


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