I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 562

Chapter 562 I’ll Give You All The Medical Center (First)

After hearing Ethan’s words, Liu Zhongyi was slightly startled, and he couldn’t help but think, could this young man see anything?

Although he was slightly startled, Doctor Liu gave a sneer on his face, then sat down calmly and said, “Okay, I will see what you can do today!”

Sanniang didn’t want Dr. Liu Zhong to be angry at all. In the future, if something asks Doctor Liu, it will inevitably be a little embarrassing.

The whole Thirty Mile Bay is famous, but there is only one!

Old man Zhang was smoking the dry smoke, looking at Ethan and hesitatingly said, “Ethan, you think this is almost all right.”

Zhang TianNormang sighed helplessly while lying on the hospital bed, but just when he wanted to speak something, suddenly a mouthful of blood spurted out!

The whole person’s complexion instantly turned pale, Sanniang was taken aback by Zhang TianNormang!

“TianNormang, what’s wrong with you?!”

Yingying also hurriedly ran over, threw herself down on the bedside looking at her uncle, and there was a large area of ​​bright red on her chest. For a while, she was so scared that she forgot to cry!

Seeing this situation, Old Man Zhang couldn’t help but remember what Ethan had just said, and then looked at Liu Zhongyi and said in a daze: “Liu Zhongyi, didn’t you say that people are already healed? Why did it become like this?!”

Old man Zhang has been nice to others all his life, and has never lost his temper, but this time he can’t help it!

Sanniang’s family had already used all the money to treat Zhang TianNormang, so if this doctor Liu TCM couldn’t cure him, it would be fine.

But he was so deceitful that Old Man Zhang almost didn’t turn his face with Liu Zhongyi!

Ethan coldly watched Zhang TianNormang vomit blood and passed out in a coma. In fact, he didn’t know exactly what disease Zhang TianNormang had.

But he could feel that something faintly blocked the meridians in Zhang TianNormang’s body, which would cause this symptom of hemoptysis and weakness.

Liu Zhongyi couldn’t help but feel a trace of annoyance in his heart. Why did Zhang TianNormang become like this? He is the person who knows best!

Originally, Zhang TianNormang was already hopeless. It was the limit for him to use his ability to force Zhang TianNormang to continue his breath.

I thought that as long as I lied to Sanniang and the others, this matter would have nothing to do with him after he left.

But he didn’t expect to be stopped by Ethan when he was about to leave, and he didn’t expect that Zhang TianNormang was already dying ill and suppressed it for a while.

Thinking of this, Liu TCM doctor sighed, then took out the 70,000 yuan he took in his arms and glanced at Sanniang and said, “Sanniang, it’s not that I have to lie to you, but you must let me treat it, but he There is no cure at all.”

After saying this, he disregarded Sanniang’s resentful eyes and continued to speak: “I know what you are thinking, but I can’t blame it. In fact, I can make him stay until now. “

Yingying knelt by Zhang TianNormang’s bed with tears in her eyes. After hearing what Liu Zhongyi said, she turned her head and cursed: “You are a liar! You said it was cured! Why did it become like this!”

Hearing these words, Liu Zhongyi couldn’t hold his face, and looked at Xiang Yingying and cursed: “What are you! What do you know!”

Old man Zhang has been kind to people for so long, but in the end he seems to be something everyone can deceive.

After tapping his dry smoke slightly, Old Man Zhang got up and walked in front of Doctor Liu. He pointed to Zhang TianNormang who was vomiting blood on the hospital bed and said in a deep voice, “Old Liu, we have known each other for 20 or 30 years. Looking at grown-ups, what do you think about this?”

Doctor Liu Zhongyi rolled his eyes to Old Man Zhang and said unceremoniously: “You think I would like to know you. Money is the kingly way with me, not to mention this kid can’t save himself!”

Ethan put his hands on his chest and sneered twice after hearing what Liu Zhongyi said, “If I get cured, what will you say?”

Doctor Liu Zhongyi sneered and didn’t bother to pay attention to Ethan. He didn’t even know the basic symptoms of heat and lung injury, let alone give prescriptions!

This kind of trash, Liu Zhongyi felt that if he talked to him, he would insult him!

Seeing Liu Zhongyi ignored him, Ethan shook his head and said, “Don’t you like money, okay, if I can’t cure Zhang TianNormang, this matter today has nothing to do with you. You still take the money!”

Doctor Liu Zhongyi couldn’t help but feel a little moved when he heard this, and thought that anyway, this kid doesn’t understand pharmacology, let alone cures the disease and saves people.

As for Zhang TianNormang’s body, he has been watching it all the time. Could there be changes he didn’t know about.

Thinking of this, Doctor Liu TCM sneered and said to Ethan: “Okay, don’t say that I bully you, if you really cure this disease, my pharmacy will give it to you!”

Ethan snorted and didn’t say anything cruel. Instead, he stepped forward and gently hugged Yingying and said, “Yingying, don’t cry, you and grandpa go to the next room and sit for a while, and wait for your brother to come out. Ying’s uncle is fine!”

After Yingying listened, Pear Flower turned her head to look at Ethan with rain, then nodded and said, “Okay, Yingying is obedient.”

When Sanniang heard Ethan’s words, she, who was already desperate in her eyes, gradually raised a glimmer of hope. What if Ethan could really do it?

If he can’t, why can he see that Liu TCM is lying?

Old Man Zhang obviously thought of Sanniang together, and after a moment of indulgence, he looked at Ethan deeply.

“Ethan, if you can really rescue the child Tian Normang, today this incident will even repay my kindness.”

Ethan chuckled slightly, then looked at Old Man Zhang and said, “Grandpa, you don’t need to do this. Although I don’t know much about medicine, I happen to know a little trick.”

After hearing this, Liu Zhongyi glanced at Ethan with disdain. He couldn’t even save the person, can a boy who doesn’t understand anything be saved? !

Thinking of this, Liu Zhongyi sneered and said, “I want to see, what can you do to save the waste!”

After saying this, Liu Zhongyi slammed the door and left, and brought 70,000 yuan with him when he left.

For him, perhaps this 70,000 yuan is already in his pocket!

If it weren’t for worrying that the death of this sick Yangzi would smash his own sign, he wouldn’t even bother to make this bet with Ethan.

Originally, I was still thinking about how to end this matter, but now it’s good, there is a fool who has to jump out and pick up the hot potato.

Yingying bitterly watched Doctor Liu walk out of the room and cursed, “You bad guy! Don’t leave!”

Old Man Zhang gestured to Yingying, then took Sanniang to look at Ethan and said, “Ethan, no matter what, I will leave TianNormang to you.”

When he said this, apart from despair, there was a trace of prayer in his eyes.


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