I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 563

Chapter 563

For Mr. Zhang, at this moment Zhang TianNormang handed over to Ethan, he was already a dead horse as a living doctor.

Sanniang’s whole figure seemed to have lost her soul, so a charming beauty was abruptly frightened when she saw Zhang TianNormang vomiting blood just now.

For many years, Sanniang has been looking forward to curing Zhang TianNormang, so it would not be in vain that she has worked hard for so many years.

It is a pity that Liu Zhongyi completely broke all her illusions, and even laughed at her coolly.

For so many years, she faced other people’s ridicule, relying on this idea to sustain her, and now her only thought is gone.

Old man Zhang looked at Sanniang and sighed, then slightly shook his head and said, “Sanniang, don’t be discouraged, there is Ethan.”

After saying this, Old Man Zhang and Yingying helped Sanniang walk out slowly, and Sanniang paused slightly after passing by Ethan.

Turning his head and wriggling the corner of his mouth, there was hope and prayer in his eyes for a second, but it dimmed in the next second.

“Little brother, you can see that Doctor Liu is lying to us, then you must be a little capable.”

Having said that, Sanniang turned around and looked at Zhang TianNormang who was lying on the bed unsure of his life and death and continued to speak: “If it really doesn’t work, you just, you can give him a happy one.”

Speaking of this, it can also be seen how desperate Sanniang is towards Zhang TianNormang.

After being silent for a while, Ethan looked at the old man with a sad expression, and said to Sanniang in a low voice, “Don’t worry, you will see it in a while.”

After saying this, Ethan escorted them out of the room. Liu Zhongyi sternly stood outside the door, sneered at Ethan with his medicine box on his back.

Still the same sentence, his Liu TCM doctor is the authority here, and an unknown little bastard was saved by himself, and now he dares to say that he can save someone he can’t save!

Thinking of this, Liu Zhongyi couldn’t help but sneered and said to Ethan; “Don’t worry, take your time, I’ll just wait outside.”

Ethan sneered and nodded before closing the door. He didn’t care if Elder Zhang and Yingying knew his secrets, but Liu Zhongyi and Sanniang were outsiders after all.

If not, he would just be able to do it directly!

Although Zhang TianNormang’s body looks serious on the surface, in fact his body is nothing more than a certain amount of foreign matter accumulated between his lungs.

Judging from what Elder Zhang told him before, it is very likely that Zhang TianNormang had been walking in dusty and foggy places for a long time.

In addition, there was an accident that accidentally injured the lungs, so it became like this.

Thinking of this, Ethan also had a plan in his heart, so he moved his bones a bit and looked at Zhang TianNormang who was lying on the hospital bed with a wicked smile.

Ethan closed his eyes and carefully inspected the treatments for pulmonary injuries in Shangdian, and within a short while, he found dozens of treatments.

It is just roughly divided into three categories, one is Tuina, the other is acupuncture, and the other is Chinese herbal conditioning.

Although these methods can also save Zhang TianNormang, the effect is too slow, and Zhang TianNormang can’t wait so long for the conditioning.

Just as he felt a little anxious about this, a solution suddenly appeared in front of him.

“The human body integrates the lifeblood of the heavens and the earth, which is the most strange in the world, but everything in the heavens and the earth has aura, and so does the body.”

This sentence came to Ethan’s mind first, and he couldn’t help being attracted.

“Essence, vitality, and spirit can all be the spiritual energy of the human body. One of the three is indispensable. Of course, there is one qi to heal the three qi, which is true qi!”

Seeing this, Ethan almost laughed. He may not have anything else, but this zhenqi himself is a chain of painstaking cultivation!

So I read this method carefully, which makes Zhen Qi heal the wounded patients miraculously effective. It is often used to dredge the meridians and remove filth and poison!

Seeing this, Ethan slowly returned to his senses, then chuckled and sat on the edge of Zhang TianNormang’s bed, grabbed his hand, and became silent.

According to the secret method he had seen in Shang Dian, Ethan caused true energy to flow slowly from Zhang TianNormang’s palm. He wanted to help Zhang TianNormang cure his illness.

But thinking that since Grandpa Zhang valued this person so much, he sighed slightly and abruptly incited all his anger!

He knew it was dangerous to do so, and if he was a little careless, he might have not cured Zhang TianNormang, but he himself was tired by it.

But as long as you follow the secret method in Shangdian, nothing should happen. Ethan still trusts Shangdian.

Outside the door, Doctor Liu TCM sneered and looked at Old Man Zhang, who was sitting on the ground and smoking dry cigarettes, and sneered: “The little bastard just made a bet with me inside. You are all witnesses. If the sick seed is dead, I don’t need to shut me down. thing!”

Yingying leaned her head on Grandpa Zhang’s legs and heard what Liu TCM said. Yingying looked at TCM Liu with tears in her eyes and cursed: “My grandfather said that you are a good person, but I didn’t expect you to be such a person! “

Sanniang leaned against the pillar of the room, deafening what Liu TCM said.

To her, all things are meaningless now, and she never even thought that Ethan could rescue Zhang TianNormang.

After Zhang TianNormang died, what should be done in the funeral, and whether he wanted to follow him.

In this life, she married Zhang TianNormang, a man, and died with him! Because this is the man she chose!

Sanniang was very proud. She had never regretted what she had done in her life, but there was only one thing that made her feel guilty.

Thinking of this, Sanniang turned around and knelt down to Father Zhang and Yingying.

“Dad, I was wrong about what happened before. Here I am sorry to you and I also say sorry to Yingying.”

Old man Zhang was smoking dry smoke, and Sanniang knelt, making him look like he was ten years old.

Yingying looked at Sanniang for a moment, and then hurriedly supported Sanniang’s arm and said, “Uncle, what do you mean, get up quickly.”

Sanniang shook her head, gently pushed away Yingying’s hand and smiled bitterly: “Yingying, we are all to blame for your parents’ affairs. We haven’t come to see Dad for so many years, and we have no face to see you.”

Having said this, Sanniang looked at Mr. Zhang again and said, “TianNormang is leaving today. Sanniang will simply speak out here, lest you get stuck in your heart.”

When Mr. Zhang heard Sanniang’s words, he sighed and said: “Some things are over. The living is always more important than the dead. Even if TianNormang can’t make it through, you must live well.”

Elder Zhang is already half of his body in the loess, how can he not know what she thinks after hearing Sanniang’s words?

But it is impossible for him to stare at Sanniang 24 hours a day, she has been clearly seen since the day she married into Zhang’s family.


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