I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 565

Chapter 565

Early the next morning, Ethan got up early, then took her little Lori Yingying and strolled around the market.

Father Zhang followed them as if looking at his own children, looking at Ethan and Yingying.

Yingying hugged Ethan’s arm while playing at the market. After a while, she looked at Ethan and said, “Brother Ethan, are we really going to get Liu TCM medicine shop?”

The old man Zhang who followed him felt tight when he heard this, and immediately looked at Ethan, wanting to hear what he said.

Ethan smiled at Yingying and said, “Of course, since Liu Zhongyi is willing to make this bet with me, then he must be prepared to lose. We are just going to get a response.”

After hearing this, Old Man Zhang’s expression dimmed slightly, and then he couldn’t help but say: “Then it has not been a year or a half for Doctor Liu to be in our thirty-mile bay, and the injured network is also very strong.”

Speaking of this, Mr. Zhang hesitated a bit. Although he didn’t say the following, everyone understood.

Ethan smiled faintly when he heard the words, then turned his head and looked at Mr. Zhang and said, “It’s okay, I don’t care about Xu Qiang. Do I still care about his mere old Chinese doctor.”

Yingying smiled when she heard this. For her, the things Liu Zhongyi did yesterday completely disgusted her.

Ethan looked at Yingying and smiled and said, “Go, let’s take over Liu Zhongyi’s shop now, let me see if he will let me out today!”

When everyone came to the front and back door of Liu Zhongyi’s pharmacy, they saw that the whole pharmacy was empty, and the slightly valuable things had been removed.

When Ethan saw this, a faint mockery flashed on his face and said: “Look, this doctor Liu has given me the shop by himself, so why not take it?”

Elder Zhang didn’t know what to say for a while when he saw this, but Ethan was still very happy to be able to settle down here, not to mention that Zhang TianNormang was on the set, so he could take care of him more when he was fine.

The days slowly passed, and after Ethan took over Liu Zhongyi’s pharmacy, he reopened it without even refurbishing it.

All these things were done by Zhang TianNormang relying on the contacts he had accumulated from his previous business, and Ethan also had to thank Zhang TianNormang for this.

After the pharmacy was reopened, Ethan sat in the yard of the pharmacy to drink with Zhang TianNormang.

Since Zhang TianNormang’s body was cured by Ethan, in addition to socializing all day long, his biggest hobby is to sit and sit here.

Ethan looked at Zhang TianNormang’s eyebrows and smiled and couldn’t help but smiled, “What’s wrong with you, you are so happy every day.”

Zhang TianNormang smiled and said, “Benefactor, you don’t know something. Since I got better, our family’s business was very bleak, but now it’s getting better again.”

Hearing this, Ethan chuckled and replied: “Of course, Sanniang was out of business with a woman’s house. Many things were inconvenient for her.”

Zhang TianNormang nodded slightly and said, “Yeah, those days ago were really hard for Sanniang. If it weren’t for her, maybe I’m still lying on the hospital bed now.”

This is reasonable. After Zhang TianNormang became seriously ill, Sanniang has always been busy.

They broke up with Mr. Zhang and didn’t dare to visit again, so they had to take care of themselves.

Time has passed for so long, if it hadn’t been for Ethan to rescue Zhang TianNormang that day, I am afraid Sanniang would not bow his head obediently with Mr. Zhang.

After a while, Ethan looked at Zhang TianNormang and asked, “By the way, has there been any movement on Xu Qiang’s side recently?”

When Zhang TianNormang heard this, he couldn’t help being silent. According to their understanding of Xu Qiang, the last time he suffered such a big loss from Mr. Zhang, it was impossible to just swallow it like this.

Thinking of this, Zhang TianNormang also began to speak a little worried: “There is nothing happening right now. This is what I worry about now. The drugstore will open tomorrow. What if Xu Qiang comes to make trouble?”

Ethan sneered. He was worried that Xu Qiang was mainly worried that he would attack Mr. Zhang while he was not in the Zhang family.

This is what he worries most, he is not worried about Xu Qiang coming to his trouble.

Thinking of this, Ethan hesitated for a while, then looked at Zhang TianNormang and said, “I have something to discuss with you. I want to bring Mr. Zhang to the collection.”

After listening, Zhang TianNormang nodded and said, “It’s okay. It saves time that my dad always walks around, but my house is still a bit small.”

Ethan smiled and said, “It’s okay. I plan to let the old man live with me. If I’m not in the shop in the future, someone can help me watch it.”

After a little chat, the two decided this matter, and then sent Zhang TianNormang away.

Ethan turned on the computer specially sent by Zhang TianNormang and looked at it. After searching for it, he looked at the information on the web page angrily.

After I fell off the cliff, I had a general understanding on the Internet, although it was deliberately distorted.

But Ethan still got the information he wanted. Looking at the information on the webpage, Ethan couldn’t help getting angry!

His parents died like this, it’s unclear!

Ethan punched the table hard and shouted in a low voice, “Don’t worry, I will let you pay for it!”

Right now he just merged Shang Dian, Shang Dian still has many secrets that he has not solved, and now there is only a dead end to go back.

Thinking of this, Ethan suppressed the hatred in his heart, then turned off the computer and rested early.

Just early in the morning of the next day, just as he was going to the market, Zhang TianNormang brought the flower basket he specially ordered to Ethan.

Ethan also got up early and put a roll of firecrackers at the door, which was deemed to be a business.

Many passers-by couldn’t help but point when they watched Ethan in Liu TCM’s pharmacy: “Who is this person? How could he be in Liu TCM’s pharmacy?”

“Oh, you don’t know yet, I heard that this young man bet with Liu Zhongyi that whoever cured the sick child of Sanniang’s family stayed.”

“According to what you said, this young man won?”

“Isn’t it? No one thought that this was what Zhang TianNormang said by himself, hey, look, they are here!”

Zhang TianNormang led the mighty dozens of people over and stopped in front of Ethan’s medicine store, then smiled and looked at Ethan and said, “Congratulations to the boss for a successful business!”

Originally, Ethan didn’t want to make any extravagance, but seeing Zhang TianNormang’s posture, Ethan shook his head helplessly and said, “You’re welcome.”


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