I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 566

Chapter 566 Plan Brewing (Second Root)

Elder Zhang followed the crowd and walked out silently, and then looked at Ethan with a smile.

Yingying Xiao Nizi stood beside Zhang TianNormang. Ever since Zhang TianNormang got better, Yingying has become more and more attached to Zhang TianNormang.

Because she got the long-lost father’s love from Zhang TianNormang, Sanniang was as careful with Yingying as Yingying’s mother.

Zhang TianNormang smiled at the crowd around the drugstore and said loudly: “Everyone should know that I am Zhang TianNormang. I can’t do anything about my illness. I have no choice but to survive because of Dr. Jiang!”

Speaking of this, Zhang TianNormang paused and looked at Ethan and said, “So, Dr. Jiang’s ability, I don’t think I need to talk more about Zhang TianNormang!”

Ethan heard a hint of helplessness flashing on his smiley face, he originally just wanted to do it quietly.

At this moment, looking at Zhang TianNormang and the crowds on the whole street, he hesitated slightly and then stood up and said: “Today is not counted as the consultation fee, only the medicine fee. If you are interested, you can come in and try.”

Ethan had his intention to say this, and the reason why he said that he wanted to open a drugstore was not just a casual dream.

There are still many secrets hidden in Shangdian, but the Zhenqi therapy learned last time to treat Zhang TianNormang made Ethan think that through a lot of research, he might go further.

Because even though Zhang TianNormang’s treatment made little real energy in his body, after slowly recovering later, Ethan discovered that his strength had actually increased!

Regardless of what Ethan thought in his heart, everyone in the crowd who heard Ethan’s words lined up in front of the medicine shop happily.

Zhang TianNormang was also very happy to see such a scene, thinking that he finally repaid a little bit Ethan’s kindness.

But what everyone doesn’t know is that Xu Qiang’s people are hidden among these people. Ever since they learned that Ethan opened the drugstore, they have been thinking about how to retaliate against him.

Although Xu Qiang is a bit rough, he still has some scheming in his position.

After learning that Ethan Pharmacy had officially opened, Xu Qiang just thought about it for a while and sent someone to call Liu TCM Doctor.

Liu Zhongyi still had a strange expression in his heart when he came. Looking at Xu Qiang who was sitting across from him, Liu Zhongyi said calmly, “Xu Qiang, what do you want me to do?”

After Xu Qiang glanced at Liu Zhongyi for a while, he laughed and laughed: “There was such a small incident. I was beaten some time ago and my body felt something was not right, so I wanted to ask Dave to help me see it.”

It is not the first time that Liu Zhongyi has seen Xu Qiang. After all, he is the only one who is famous in these thirty miles.

And Xu Qiang often fumbled here, and the two of them could be regarded as characters who looked up and saw their heads down.

Just beginning to pulse Xu Qiang, Liu Zhongyi was observing Xu Qiang’s pulse and wondering whether he could avenge himself through Xu Qiang.

I think that little thief Ethan just relied on a little bit of demon technique to act fiercely in front of him, but he is the real Chinese medicine doctor!

As long as he moves his hands and feet a little bit, Ethan will take off his skin even if he is not dead!

At that time, he could only obediently let out his medicine shop. Thinking of this, Liu Zhongyi couldn’t help but show a smirk on his face.

Xu Qiang looked at Doctor Liu and sneered twice and then said: “I heard that Doctor Liu seems to be a little uncomfortable recently. I don’t know if it’s true.”

How should Liu Zhongyi tell Xu Qiang about this matter? He didn’t expect him to take the initiative to ask.

After a moment of indulgence, Doctor Liu retracted his hand and nodded indifferently, and then said, “There is something wrong with it. By the way, there is nothing wrong with your body. I will give you the medicine.”

Xu Qiang nodded and waved his hand, and the people below sent Liu Zhongyi’s consultation fee up and placed it on the table.

“I don’t know what Liu Zhongyi thinks of Ethan?”

Although Liu Zhongyi wanted to use Xu Qiang to avenge himself, Xu Qiang was not a good thing, and he knew this in his heart.

So after hearing this, Liu Zhongyi looked at Xu Qiang and said in deep thought: “Fortunately, there is no big opinion, just willing to bet and lose.”

Xu Qiang couldn’t help but cursed the old fox secretly when he heard this, then put on a sincere face and said, “It’s true that I was injured by this Ethan!”

Who is Xu Qiang, that’s a character walking sideways in the 30th Mile Bay!

Not only because he is a bastard, but more importantly, Xu Qiang himself has two brushes, and most people can’t help him easily!

Among the brothers under his hand, there are even some practicing family figures, and it is precisely because of these people that Xu Qiang can stand up in this thirty-mile bay!

Hearing that even Xu Qiang had been cleaned up by Ethan, Liu Zhongyi couldn’t help but feel fortunate that he was clever that day and didn’t have any disputes with Ethan.

“Xu Qiang, since you are looking for me, we all have enemies with this Ethan, so let’s say what you have.”

Thinking of this, Liu Zhongyi was fortunate enough to give it a go. Anyway, Xu Qiang was so confessed to himself, what should he worry about?

Xu Qiang smiled and said, “I don’t know if you want to teach this Ethan. Anyway, I don’t share the same spirit with him, but I don’t have any good solutions.”

When Liu Zhongyi heard this, he touched his goatee and smiled and said, “It’s not impossible to teach him, but it’s a bit of a hassle.”

After saying this, TCM doctor Liu thought for a while and said: “The old mother of Zhao Lao San at Xiawan got sick and asked me to see it. Time is running out. You can take advantage of this matter.”

Hearing this, Xu Qiang felt a little chill, but his hatred for Ethan made Xu Qiang lost.

So he nodded and looked at Liu Zhongyi and said, “How do you tell me to do this, then we will do it.”

After seeing Xu Qiang’s obedient and obedient appearance, Liu Zhongyi couldn’t help but smile proudly. He really couldn’t wait to see Ethan’s unlucky appearance!

If he wants his shop, he must have the ability to get it!

After a busy day, Ethan and Yingying lay down on their chairs. Because it was a free medical check-up, many people came.

Elder Zhang sat on the counter looking at the ledger and said helplessly, “Although there are many people here today, not many people buy medicine.”

Ethan wanted to exercise his abilities, but he didn’t expect to make money by relying on it.

After hearing what Mr. Zhang said, he smiled and said, “It’s okay, I’ve got a little bit of fame. Zhang TianNormang raised my starting point a little bit higher, and I’m very satisfied.

After hearing this, Mr. Zhang also expressed his appreciation for Ethan’s mentality. Yingying lay on her chair and looked at Ethan with a smile and said, “Brother Ethan, Yingying wants to work!”


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