I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 568

Chapter 568 Old Man (third more)

Ethan laughed and hugged Yingying and said hello. While enjoying fighting with Yingying, he felt that this was his happiest day.

But Ethan did not expect that Xu Qiang and Liu Zhongyi had already sneaked into each other secretly.

In the early morning of the next day, Ethan had just opened the door and packed up the medicinal materials in the lobby. A man with extraordinary tolerance walked to Ethan’s medicine shop and stopped.

Ethan frowned when he looked at the two people outside the door. After staying here for a while, he knew exactly where the Thirty Mile Bay was.

Although the person’s face was plain and plain, he still had a temperament that was not irritable and majestic. Such a temperament seemed to be a person who held a lot of power for a long time.

Thinking of this, Ethan walked up, and then smiled at the two of them: “I’ve come so early, I don’t know if it’s a doctor or medicine?”

The 60-year-old man frowned slightly after looking at Ethan, and then said in a deep voice, “I heard that there is a character even better than Liu TCM doctor, so come and have a look.”

After saying this, he looked up and down Ethan with a smile: “Well, he has good looks, it seems that he has such a smell of dragon and phoenix among people.”

Ethan smiled and touched his nose and replied, “You are just judging people by their appearance, haha, I don’t know if you are seeing a doctor or taking medicine?”

The two looked at each other, and the old man looked at Ethan and said, “It’s better to see a doctor first. Recently, I always feel something is wrong with my body.”

After entering the pharmacy, Ethan helped the old man signal his pulse and said, “Well, this is just a minor problem. The recent weather caused the body to be out of balance.”

The old man sighed and said, “There is no way. Although I have retired, I still have to walk.”

Ethan smiled and looked at the old man and said, “Don’t know your last name?”

The old man said softly, “You don’t have to be so polite. Just call me the old money.”

Ethan nodded and took out a notebook, then wrote down some problems with Qian Lao’s body with a pen, then turned around and started taking medicine.

“Old Qian, the weather and season have changed rapidly recently, and your body age is getting older. It is better to reduce unnecessary walking.”

Old Qian looked at Ethan’s busy look and smiled: “Well, I will pay attention to this point in the future, that is, I have to walk a little more these days.

After Ethan sorted out all the medicines he took, he divided it into four packs with oil paper and gave it to Old Qian, “Boil a pair of medicine twice. After taking it, you will come back for a follow-up visit if you have time.”

Qian Lao smiled and put the medicine money on the table, and then he said something to Ethan before he walked out of the medicine shop.

Xu Qiang’s subordinates secretly observed this scene and quickly called Xu Qiang and said, “Boss, I saw a big fish here. It’s Mr Qian!”

Hearing this, Xu Qiang’s heart jumped, then he looked at Liu Zhongyi who was eating breakfast and said, “Okay, I know the message, you keep watching Qian!”

After speaking, he ended the call, and then Xu Qiang looked at Liu Zhongyi and said, “Lao Liu, I want to ask you something, do you want to trample Ethan to death?”

Doctor Liu, who was eating breakfast, almost choked when he heard this, but turned his head to look at Xu Qiang’s face and it didn’t seem to be a joke.

So he indulged for a moment and then said, “I think of course, but we both have to be unlucky to do this, you know what I mean?”

Xu Qiangyin smiled compassionately and then looked at Liu Zhongyi and said, “I don’t know if you have heard of Qian Lao. My people just called and said that he saw Qian Lao coming out of the drugstore.”

After seeing Xu Qiang’s gloomy expression, Liu Zhongyi couldn’t help but angrily said: “You are crazy! Don’t you know what Qian is always like, don’t talk about Thirty Mile Bay, it’s also a big man in the province!”

After hearing this, Xu Qiang spoke with disdain: “What kind of bullshit, he hasn’t come down from above, now it’s just a phoenix with hairlessness!”

After saying this, Xu Qiang looked at Liu Zhongyi and said, “I know that Mr. Qian also asked you to get the medicine. If you dispense the medicine, I will find someone to drop him a bag, understand?”

Although Liu Zhongyi is greedy for money and hates Ethan, if someone finds out such a thing, what will happen is really unimaginable!

Thinking of this, Doctor Liu couldn’t help hesitating and whispered, “Although the old Qian has retreated, he still has deep connections in his hands. If this matter is found out, you and I will be unlucky!”

Xu Qiang looked at Doctor Liu bitterly, and directly pulled out a dagger and inserted it on the table angrily: “If you don’t do this, I will make you unlucky now!”

He wants to understand, and if he wants to do it, do it once!

Ethan, Xu Qiang hiding in the dark can be regarded as a clear sight. If Ethan is not completely destroyed this time, then he will be unlucky in the future!

Thinking of this, Xu Qiang forced Liu Zhongyi to dispense the medicine, and then hurriedly handed it to his subordinates and accidentally bumped Qian Lao on the street.

When he was in a panic, Qian Lao’s medicine was changed, and then he hurried back.

Seeing that they had done everything in front of him, Qian Lao had no choice but to accept it, but there was a hint of anxiety in his heart.

In the morning of the next day, when Ethan was still treating the patient, suddenly a dozen or twenty people came to the street and blocked the door of the medicine shop.

The people waiting in the drugstore couldn’t help being shocked when he saw this scene. Ethan glanced at it strangely, but there was no waves in his heart.

After seeing the patient in front of me, I got up and walked out, then said softly, “What are you doing?”

These people in black looked at Ethan in silence, but didn’t say anything. After a while, a man in a suit walked over.

Then he took out an arrest warrant from his hand and looked at Ethan and said, “My name is Chen Qi. This is your arrest warrant. Excuse me, please come with us.”

Ethan looked at the arrest warrant in his hand and couldn’t help but was taken aback. He didn’t do anything illegal when he came here. Why is there such a thing?

Thinking of this, Ethan looked at Chen Qi and said, “I said, could you make a mistake? I didn’t do anything illegal.”

Chen Qi sneered twice looking at the innocent expression on Ethan’s face. When he came, he also received a tip saying that this guy is very skilled and brought so many people over.

“Are we making any mistakes, and if you are doing anything wrong? It will be clear after you walk with us.”

While speaking, Chen Qi pointed to Ethan and said, “Take me away!”

Yingying, who had just cooked the medicine for the patient, walked out with the decoction in her hand, and saw that Ethan was forcibly taken away.

He rushed up to protect Ethan, crying and said, “Who are you, why are you taking my brother Ethan!”


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