I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 569

Chapter 569 is dead or alive (first)

Chen Qi glanced at Ethan coldly, and then said: “If you are a man, then you can be a little bit more, don’t let a child stand in front of you.”

Ethan looked at him and fell silent slightly and said softly, “Yingying step aside, brother will do nothing, brother will come back after a visit with them, and Yingying will help her brother look after the store.”

Although Yingying didn’t quite understand, she couldn’t help calming down a bit after looking at the calm expression on Ethan’s face.

“Well, Yingying will be optimistic about the store, brother, you have to come back soon.”

After listening, Ethan smiled and looked at Yingying, then broke free of the hand that controlled him and walked out with them.

After waiting for the corner, a patrol car stopped in front of Ethan. Chen Qi sat in the car and smiled while watching Ethan but did not speak.

After Ethan got in the car, Chen Qi looked at Ethan from the rearview mirror and said, “You still have fun, otherwise I will bring that little girl back to you.”

Ethan glanced at Chen Qi indifferently and said, “If you are not afraid of death, you can try it and see if you can leave alive.”

Chen Qi wanted to respond, but after looking at Ethan’s eyes from the rearview mirror, he didn’t know why he was cold in his heart.

The hearts of the people sitting on both sides of Ethan also followed, as if the person sitting next to him was not a person, but a beast.

Chen Qi watched Ethan become silent, then sneered and said, “When you came, someone said that you were a master. Now it seems like that. Let’s talk about what your purpose is for Qian Lao.

Ethan glanced at Chen Qi somewhat indifferently, if he had a purpose for someone, would he hide like this.

But just when he wanted to speak, he was surprised by the words Qian Lao in his mind!

If he remembers correctly, the money should be the extraordinary old man yesterday.

Thinking of this, Ethan looked at Chen Qi in surprise and said, “What’s wrong with Qian, what happened to him?”

Ethan’s appearance made Chen Qi’s eyes flashed a strange color and said, “Why, what happened to him, don’t you know?”

Ethan bowed his head and pondered for a moment, then looked at Chen Qi and said, “I saw him when I opened the door yesterday morning. To be honest, that was the first time I was in front of Qian Lao.”

When everyone in the car heard these words, their expressions were slightly shocked. That old man was a famous figure, not to mention he was in Thirty Mile Bay.

He used to be a provincial boss. Although he abdicated, he has a strong network and many people ask him to do things every year.

The reason Ethan met Qian Lao that day was also because he suddenly wanted to walk alone, and then he threw away his personal bodyguard.

Originally, his medicine would be brought back from Shangcheng every year, because he was an old disease, so his family knew it.

But no one thought that Qian Lao actually bought the medicine from such a small pharmacy that day, and what was more unexpected was that he would decoct it like that without telling anyone!

It would be fine if nothing happened, but Qian went into a coma after drinking the medicine, and there was even a whiff of foam at the corner of his mouth.

The wealth and wealth of the old Qian’s family are all tied to him. If something happens to him, they will all follow suit!

Because of this, I found out where Qian Lao bought the medicine just one night!

Thinking of this, Chen Qi exuded a trace of cold sweat on his forehead. If this matter is not investigated clearly, it is not just him, it is estimated that his immediate boss will have to be replaced by someone else!

“You fart, if this is the first time you have seen Old Qian, what reason do you have to harm him!”

After saying this, Chen Qi looked haggard and lit a cigarette for himself and said: “Let’s talk, who instructed you to do this, do you know the seriousness of this matter!”

Ethan took a cold look at Chen Qi when he heard this. Since that period of time, no one can really speak to himself like this in front of him!

Chen Qi is not a character to provoke, his nickname in the unit is a mad dog, not only to describe his way of doing things, but also to describe him!

Seeing Ethan fell into silence, Chen Qi didn’t wait to return to the unit, and stopped the car after looking at the surrounding barren hills and fields.

Then he opened the door and went down to pat the roof and said, “Pull that guy out for me, I will let him know how many eyes Ma Wangye has!”

Obviously, the two people in the car encountered such a thing for the first time. They usually had no time to hide from the mad dog. This time they were also caught by the strong man inexplicably.

After hearing this, one of them looked at Chen Qi and said, “Brother Qi, isn’t this a good idea?”

Chen Qi is a good mad dog, but there are people behind him, and no matter how big things happen, they can be settled by just a few words.

The two of them are not the same. Usually they are just working as errands. If they really agree to it.

At that time, regardless of whether this person has done anything, if they file a complaint, the two of them will not be able to eat.

Chen Qi snorted unwillingly on the faces of the two of them, and then opened the car door by himself and opened the colleague to look at Ethan, “Get off, let me tell you what is serious!”

Ethan wasn’t afraid of Chen Qi in the first place. To put it bluntly, he is now a bereaved dog!

If it wasn’t for revenge for his parents, he wouldn’t stay in this broken place at all!

Seeing Chen Qi’s expression of anger, Ethan walked out leisurely, looking at Chen Qi with contempt.

“First of all, if I really know this old man, then I shouldn’t be so relaxed now, am I?”

As soon as I got off, Che Ethan looked at Chen Qi and said such a faintly, and then continued to speak: “Secondly, you think about it, if I really do something to Old Qian, why don’t I leave?”

Chen Qi was slightly taken aback when he heard this, and his brain started to work quickly, which was indeed a bit weird!

If Ethan is really the murderer of money, why does he still operate normally instead of closing down.

Any normal person would leave quickly after doing such a big thing. It is impossible for him to stay here.

If it’s an ordinary character, then forget it, this is the old man!

To put it more bluntly, as long as he wants to know something in the upper city, he doesn’t need much effort at all, and naturally someone will be sent to him.

If the kid in front of him is really the one who murdered Qian Lao, either he is a dead man, or he really doesn’t know about it.

Thinking of this, Chen Qi looked suspiciously at Ethan and didn’t say anything for a while.

Simple and better looking innocently at Chen Qi, shrugged his shoulders and said, “If you still don’t believe it, then tell me if Qian is always alive now.”


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