I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 572

Chapter 572

“Miss, do you think this kid can really save the master?”

The woman shook her head sadly and sighed: “I don’t know, all the doctors that can be hired have been hired. No one can do anything about it, and only he can say it.”

After saying this, the woman glanced at Yuan Hou and said, “Brother Yuan, you have watched me grow up, so don’t call me Miss, just call me Xinyi.”

Yuan Hou shook his head slightly and looked at the woman respectfully and said: “The young lady is the young lady. There is a difference between the order of the young and the young, and the rules cannot be disordered.”

Seeing this, the woman sighed slightly, and stopped talking, but stared at the door anxiously and waited.

Ethan in the room first put a slice of ginseng into Qian Lao’s mouth. It was only through Shang Dian Ethan that he learned that many doctors used to be a little bit mad.

Think about it, too, if ginseng wants to really urge its medicinal power, what is the use of just shouting?

After Ethan put the ginseng tablets into Qian Lao’s mouth, he lightly covered it with his hands and closed his eyes, urging his true energy, and slowly urging the medicinal power of ginseng tablets.

After a while, Qian Lao’s complexion improved a bit, Ethan took his hand away, and then placed Qian Lao’s wrist to start pulse.

The weak pulse condition made Ethan’s face sink. He knew the physical condition of Qian Lao before, and it was absolutely impossible for him to take his medicine!

Looking at Qian Lao’s pulse, it is clear that someone used some clever medicine to get in to stimulate Qian Lao’s physical condition.

Qian Lao’s body was a little uncomfortable because of the change of seasons, and the symptoms were enlarged through these clever medicines, and this became what it is now.

The other party seems to be someone who knows Qian Lao’s physical condition. Otherwise, the medicine prescribed cannot be so accurate. One more point will not work, one less point is not enough!

Thinking of this, Ethan took a deep breath and looked at the unconscious Qian Lao with some helplessness.

When he rescued Zhang TianNormang, he had already overdrawn his true qi, and he had to come again soon after he recovered.

Ethan shook his head helplessly. There was only this way to save Qian Lao from such an emergency, and he no longer hesitated thinking of this.

Cut a hole in Qian Lao’s toe with a knife, then hold his hand and slowly enter the infuriating energy.

During this period of time, Ethan was also practicing how to control his true energy and how to use it most effectively when he was giving people pulses.

Although he hasn’t practiced for long, he is already able to use his true qi to treat the sick.

The powerful infuriating energy walked along the meridians, taking advantage of the strength of the ginseng medicine to force Qian Lao’s body toxins under his body, and then continued to press until he stepped out.

At this time, the wound on Qian Lao’s toe seemed to be alive, spitting out some dark liquid.

Ethan opened his eyes and looked at it from time to time, then picked up the film and put it in his mouth to continue his strength.

Time slowly passed, until Ethan confirmed that the wound on Old Qian’s foot was discharged with red blood, then stopped.

Then, after wiping the sweat on his forehead, he just thought of getting up, but fell to the ground with a weak foot.

Ethan looked at the gorgeous ceiling above his head and gave a wry smile. This time he estimated that he was really playing a big game, and he didn’t leave any for himself.

Just thinking of this, Ethan went into a coma. Yuan Hou, who had been waiting anxiously for more than four hours, heard the movement inside.

After looking at Qian Xinyi, he slammed the door open!

Seeing Ethan lying on the ground unconscious, Qian Xinyi didn’t care at all, but went straight to Qian Lao’s bed.

At this time, the expression on Qian Lao’s face was no longer the sullen purple red, but a healthy reddish.

After checking Qian Lao’s physical condition for a while, Qian Xinyi breathed a sigh of relief, and then nodded to the nervous Yuan Hou.

“Grandpa is okay now. Go down and notify my family and my dad, and you’ll be fine.”

Yuan Hou looked at Qian Lao who was lying on the hospital bed, then nodded and pointed at Ethan who was unconscious and said, “Then what about this kid?”

Qian Xinyi glanced at Ethan and then he indulged for a moment and said, “It seems that grandpa’s accident does not have anything to do with him. Let’s find a guest room and settle him down.”

Yuan Hou shrugged his shoulders and said with some dissatisfaction: “Miss, don’t blame me for talking too much. This kid is a dangerous man. Isn’t it inappropriate to put it at home?”

Qian Xinyi smiled and glanced at Yuan Hou and said, “Don’t worry, although he has a trace of depression between his brows, he is not evil and should not be a bad person.”

After saying this, Qian Xinyi couldn’t help being silent.

Since Ethan doesn’t seem to be a bad person and there is no reason to target his grandfather, then who did it against his grandfather?

Yuan Hou also started to think about this question after hearing what his own lady said. After all, her own lady was quite accurate in seeing people!

After the two of them looked at each other unconsciously, Qian Xinyi looked at Yuan Hou and said, “Let Chen Qi investigate carefully for me. I will give him three days!”

Yuan Hou curled his lips and nodded, “Will it be too much for three days? You don’t know, kid, you can’t do things well without putting pressure on it.”

Upon hearing this, Qian Xinyi looked at Yuan Hou with a smile and didn’t say anything, until Yuan Hou scolded Ethan and walked out of the master bedroom.

Qian Xinyi went to Qian Lao’s bed and knelt down and looked at his sleeping face in silence. God knows how terrified she was when she learned that grandpa had an accident.

In recent years, the Qian family has really become a big fan, and many people are secretly ready to move.

It is precisely because of this that Old Qian tried his best to retreat from the crowd. It is not like the outsiders said that he abdicated because he lost the struggle.

Qian Xinyi is not only beautiful, but also very easy to use in her mind!

After such a thing happened, she didn’t publicize it, and the first thing she did was to block the message.

Then he secretly asked a doctor to come home to treat his grandfather. Fortunately, the time was short, and there was no bad news yet.

Looking at the old man lying on the hospital bed, Qian Xinyi couldn’t help but think silently that this old man in front of him had supported the Qian family’s glory for at least a hundred years!

While the Qian family had just lifted the crisis, Xu Qiang was having a celebration party with Liu Zhongyi outside!

“Hahaha, I see if that kid can come out alive this time!”

Xu Qiangqiang took a sip of wine and looked at Liu Zhongyi proudly and said, “Although the Qian family is said to be declining, the skinny camel is bigger than the horse, so that kid is dead!”

Liu Zhongyi looked at Xu Qiang proudly and shook his head slightly and said, “Although I say that, it is best not to spread this matter, otherwise we will all be unlucky.”

Liu Zhongyi already regretted it a little at this moment, he shouldn’t have used his mind at all!

He didn’t know what kind of person Xu Qiang was. After this incident, no one would say that Ethan’s death was related to Xu Qiang.

Then he didn’t need to smash the sign of Liu TCM doctor, he smashed it himself!


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