I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 573

Chapter 573

After setting up Ethan, Yuan Hou walked out of the villa, then looked at Chen Qi who was smoking on the car and shook his head slightly.

When Chen Qi saw this, he said calmly, “How is the situation inside? Is the old man returning to heaven or can he drink and eat meat again?”

When Yuan Hou heard this, he couldn’t help but cast a blank look at Chen Qi and said, “If the old man is really dead, how can you go on being so indifferent?”

The two people in the car had already taken a taxi back. They were really worried that they might be unlucky if they continued to stay here, but fortunately they slipped away.

Chen Qi looked at Yuan Hou and gave a wry smile. Whether the old man is alive or dead, he can only play around like a chess piece.

Thinking of this, Chen Qi shook his head and said, “Even if I have the ability, I can’t save the old man, so instead of worrying, it’s better to relax.”

Yuan Hou pointed at Chen Qi and smiled helplessly, then stretched out his hand to grab the cigarette in Chen Qi’s hand and took a sip.

“The old man survived this time. That kid is really a little capable. I thought he was not saved. He actually pulled the old man back from the ghost gate!”

Speaking of this, Yuan Hou whispered: “But this also proves that the kid is indeed not the one who hit the old man, so you have to work hard.”

Chen Qi raised his head and looked at the dim sky above his head. Only he himself knew how relaxed he was at this moment.

The old man is the sky above them, and if the old man falls, they will not end well.

Yuan Hou was silent for a while and said: “This time the lady is really angry. I gave you three days to find out about this matter.”

Chen Qi rubbed his head, and his newly relaxed heart couldn’t help but lift it up again!

Thinking that there are only three days, Chen Qi couldn’t help but speak in a bit of angrily: “How to check in three days? You have to check it, I won’t go!”

Yuan Hou glanced at Chen Qi and curled his lips and said: “If you have the ability, don’t tell me, tell the lady, what a big tail wolf are you here for me!”

After saying this, Yuan Hou pondered for a moment and said: “The family has checked this matter in many ways, and they all said that it has nothing to do with him. I think you can check from that kid.”

Chen Qi glanced at Yuan Hou with some doubts, but didn’t say anything. He knew that Yuan Hou would not aimlessly.

Yuan Hou looked at Chen Qi with a smile and then whispered softly: “The kid had a calm expression and a thoughtful look when he came. I guess he might know a little bit of inside information.”

“Then you leave him to me, how about I can give you the answer in two days?”

Hearing this, Chen Qi smiled disdainfully. He didn’t want to say more about what kind of character Qian Lao is in Thirty Mile Bay. What kind of thing is that kid.

Even if the kid has someone to use the old money to deal with it, Chen Qi can’t help feeling a little irritable thinking about this.

After a while, he said helplessly, “Well, I will look for clues from that kid as you want. I hope it’s useful.”

After saying this, Chen Qi got in the car and planned to leave. Yuan Hou looked at him and smiled suddenly as if thinking of something.

“By the way, pay attention when you go out. We blocked the master’s message. If anyone knows, it must be related to them!”

Chen Qi nodded slightly and drove away. He doesn’t need to be taught about this little thing, and the Qian family’s dog is not so good!

In the early morning of the next day, Ethan opened his eyes faintly, looked at the ceiling above his head and was slightly stunned, but he didn’t expect that he would still enjoy it.

As soon as I saw the eldest lady yesterday walking over with a bowl of millet porridge in her hand, Ethan couldn’t help but show a smile on his face.

Qian Xinyi looked at Ethan’s chuckle and couldn’t help but wonder: “What’s wrong, did I do something wrong?”

Ethan shook his head and said, “No, it’s just that the scene in front of you is a bit familiar. Give me the porridge.”

After hearing this, Qian Xinyi nodded slightly, then handed the millet porridge in her hand to Ethan and said, “Thank you so much yesterday. Grandpa’s health is already getting better.”

While eating the porridge, Ethan smiled and said after hearing Qian Xinyi’s words: “What you really want to ask is when will your grandfather wake up?”

Qian Xinyi glanced at Ethan with a smile, and said with no shame: “Of course, Grandpa is the pillar of our family. Of course I care about when he can wake up.”

Ethan shrugged, then put the finished millet porridge on the bedside and smiled lightly: “Don’t worry, if I didn’t count the wrong time, I would wake up this evening.”

After saying this, Ethan looked around him and continued to speak: “In addition, I have to thank you. I stopped Yuan Hou yesterday and didn’t throw me on the street.

Qian Xinyi covered her mouth and chuckled. She looked at Ethan with some curiosity and said, “How did you rescue my grandpa? I don’t know what to do. I also know pharmacology. Grandpa had almost no cure at the time.”

After saying this, Qian Xinyi looked at Ethan in an incredible way: “How did you do it?”

To be honest, Qian Xinyi is indeed a great beauty!

The difference from Yingying is that she belongs to the kind of beauty who looks like she is discharging her smile.

According to Ethan’s experience, such a woman is either very brainless or very smart.

But yesterday he stopped Yuan Hou and didn’t throw himself on the street, which made him think that the beauty in front of him should be very scheming.

Then he smiled slightly and said, “This is my own little secret. If you don’t mind, let me keep it secret.”

After that, Ethan closed his eyes and moved his body a bit, the little real energy left in his body made a wry smile appear at the corner of his mouth.

“This time I really lost my wife and broke down. Saving your old man made me lose a lot, alas.”

Seeing the helpless expression on Ethan’s face, Qian Xinyi felt it too.

Yesterday Ethan fainted after saving his grandfather. From this point, it can be seen that the man in front of him is probably also dedicated!

Thinking of this, Qian Xinyi smiled and said, “Don’t worry, our Qian family will never be favored in vain. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is…”

“I know your name is Qian Xinyi. You know, my hearing is very good. You guys were chatting outside the door yesterday and I heard it clearly.”

After saying this, a wicked smile flashed on Ethan’s face and continued: “Thank you for one thing. If it’s convenient for you, please let someone inform my little loli, she might worry about me.”

Qian Xinyi’s blushing face lowered her head and gave a hum, then quickly picked up the small bowl beside the bed and walked out.

Ethan lay on the bed and watched Qian Xinyi’s back with a full smile on her face, but after Qian Xinyi walked out, he quickly converged.


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