I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 575

Chapter 575

After Mr. Qian woke up, Ethan looked at Mr. Qian’s body and planned to leave.

After all, there are still a lot of things in his pharmacy, and he doesn’t plan to waste time here.

The biggest benefit of saving Old Man Qian is that he cleared his suspicions, as to who the real black hand was.

Ethan knew that he didn’t need to worry about this matter by himself now. The identity of Old Man Qian was so unusual, he believed that those people in this small place would not be able to hide for long.

But what Ethan couldn’t think of was that this real black hand turned out to be Xu Qiang who had been silent.

The message that Ethan came back from the Qian’s villa innocently appeared unconsciously, and Xu Qiang and the others were pale when they received the message.

If Ethan did not succeed in becoming their scapegoat, they would be the most dangerous now.

When Ethan returned to the drugstore, Yingying squatted in the hall formally, not knowing what she was doing.

Since the people of the Qian family came to take Ethan away, and Xu Qiang’s people deliberately spread some messages, so now there is no one in the drugstore.

Ethan didn’t care about it. He saw Yingying chuckle and walked up and laughed: “What is Yingying doing? Why don’t you look at the store?”

When Yingying heard Ethan’s voice, her whole body shook slightly, and she looked up at Ethan who was standing in front of her with a soft and gentle look.

“Brother Ethan, you are back, grandpa is almost dying because of worrying about you!”

Hearing this, Ethan’s heart warmed, watching Yingying flew up and hugged him, and then smiled: “Hahaha, okay, brother, isn’t it all right, grandpa?”

Yingying leaned against Ethan’s neck and said, “Grandpa is going to find uncle. He wants to show uncle if he can save you.”

Ethan shook his head slightly when he heard the words. Although it was only the first time to go to the Qian’s villa, the layout inside made Ethan conclude that it was not a simple one.

Although Zhang TianNormang can be regarded as a small fortune, some people listen to what he says in this thirty-mile bay.

But in front of the Qian family, let alone one Zhang TianNormang, what would happen to a hundred Zhang TianNormang.

But Ethan was also very touched that Mr. Zhang could have this heart. After a light sigh, Ethan looked at Yingying’s cute appearance and said, “Shall we stop opening today?”

Yingying blinked her big eyes to look at Ethan and said, “What do we do if we don’t do business?”

Ethan smiled and did not answer, but closed the door, and then walked towards Zhang TianNormang’s house with Yingying.

After all, Zhang TianNormang had just returned from home, and Zhang TianNormang knew that the person who took him away was from the Qian family. Even so, he still planned to run for himself.

Just at this point, Ethan had to go over and say he was safe when he came back.

Many people along the way watched Ethan pointing, although it was only two days, but Xu Qiang’s people deliberately discredited.

Ethan has become a man who sells fake drugs and cheats old Qian!

Everyone watched Ethan appear in the street with Yingying safe and sound, and it was inevitable that there would be some discussions.

Yingying and Ethan didn’t care about it. For Yingying, as long as Ethan came back safely.

As far as Ethan is concerned, even the Qian family hasn’t changed him, let alone these rumors.

When she walked to the door of Zhang TianNormang’s house, Sanniang was outside looking at the store, and saw that Ethan had returned with Yingying.

Surprised for a while, he shouted: “My God! You, you, you, how did you come back?!”

Ethan almost laughed at Sanniang’s expression, then hesitated slightly and smirked, “I typed it, don’t you believe it?”

Sanniang looked at Ethan’s expression and knew that he was joking with him, so she couldn’t help but glanced at him strangely!

“You guy, I’m so embarrassed to smile with me. You don’t know what your dad is in anxious about you!”

After saying this, Sanniang took Yingying from Ethan’s arms and said, “Go, Yingying, let’s not play with this bad guy!”

Yingying covered her mouth and rushed into the yard behind Sanniang. Zhang TianNormang also happened to accompany Elder Zhang out.

There is a faint sadness between his eyes: “Don’t worry, Dad, Ethan is my savior, and I will not sit idly by!”

Elder Zhang sighed slightly, and was about to speak but saw Sanniang walking over with Yingying.

“Yingying, why are you here? Didn’t you let you look at the store!”

When Yingying heard this, she hid behind Sanniang and laughed: “If you don’t want to see the store, just come over!”

Sanniang chuckled as he looked at the old man in a hurry, and then said slowly, “Okay, see who is here!”

As soon as the voice fell, Ethan touched his nose and walked out a little embarrassed, smiled and nodded to Mr. Zhang and Zhang TianNormang.

After Elder Zhang and Zhang TianNormang looked at each other, they both looked at Ethan in disbelief.

Sanniang looked at the expressions of the two of them and couldn’t help feeling happy, and then said, “Okay, let’s go in and sit down. I won’t open the door today. Let’s get some wine and eat!”

Ethan glanced at Sanniang a little embarrassedly and said, “I’m still troubled Sanniang.”

Sanniang chuckled and waved her hand before going to the kitchen to get busy. Zhang TianNormang looked at Ethan for a while and didn’t know what to say.

He just planned to prepare a little gift and then visit Qian’s house.

Although he is just a small householder, as he said, Ethan is his lifesaver, and he can’t just ignore it!

In a blink of an eye, before he could do anything, Ethan stood in front of him safe and sound.

Elder Zhang was also in a trance, but in the end he was half of his body in the loess.

Seeing Ethan, he just came back to his senses and smiled for a moment: “Just come back, just come back!”

Ethan smiled and nodded to Father Zhang and Zhang TianNormang. Yingying looked at the three of them and smiled slightly before she said: “I’m going to cook for my uncle, you talk!”

Zhang TianNormang gave a long sigh, then took Ethan and walked to the lobby to sit down.

“Ethan, what the hell is going on? Dad didn’t know what was going on when he came over, so he said you were taken by the Qian family!”

Elder Zhang was smoking the dry smoke, he was not very clear about Ethan’s affairs, and now he was eager to know what happened.

Ethan smiled slightly, then took a sip from his teacup and said, “Actually, I don’t know exactly what happened.”

It’s just that at this point, Ethan paused, and then hesitated and said, “But if it’s not surprising, this time the incident is either directed at me or Mr. Qian.”

When Zhang TianNormang heard this, he couldn’t help but sighed: “Old man Qian is too expensive to speak of. You are being dragged into this matter. Be careful.”


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