I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 580

Chapter 580

If you don’t die, you won’t die. Xu Qiang and Liu Zhongyi explained the true meaning of this sentence.

The truth of the matter was no longer known as the two left one after another, but Wang Long remembered Ethan’s name.

Some people never ask for the truth when they do things. Qian Xinyi is one type, as long as the people involved in this matter disappear.

Wang Long is also in the same category, but it is not Qian Xinyi that he hates now, but this man named Ethan!

At this time, Ethan didn’t know that he was inexplicably hated by Wang Long, but looked a little worried at the invitation on the table.

Elder Zhang was also sitting on the side looking sadly at the invitation on the table, because it was from Qian’s family.

To be honest, Elder Zhang really didn’t want Ethan to have anything to do with the Qian family.

But what happened last time made Ethan impossible even if he thought it was okay!

Doctor Liu Zhongyi died somehow, and Xu Qiang’s body was found on the road to Xiawan!

The people who got this information and Ethan can figure it out even with their toes. These things must be the means of the Qian family!

Zhang TianNormang was also sitting on the threshold and smoking a cigarette. After a long silence, he looked at Ethan and said, “Do you have to go?”

When Grandpa Zhang heard this, he couldn’t help but sighed, “This Qian family is not easy to mess with.”

Ethan gave a bitterly helpless smile. He didn’t want to attract anyone’s attention, but he didn’t expect that things would develop to this point.

Thinking of this, Ethan shook his head and said, “Forget it, I’ll go, after all, before I came back, I said I would go to a follow-up visit.”

Elder Zhang looked at Ethan and said, “You can go, but I am worried that you may not come back this time. You can see Xu Qiang and Liu TCM.”

After saying this, the old man couldn’t help feeling a little bit of sadness.

Although Zhang TianNormang did not feel this way, the death of the two people still gave him a lot of shock.

Ethan is already accustomed to seeing these things. Seeing the solemn expressions on their faces, they smiled slightly and said: “Don’t worry, nothing will happen. You will wait for my return at home.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ethan got up and walked out of the drugstore, and then walked towards Qian’s house.

Not long after we left, a car suddenly stopped in front of Ethan, and a head protruding from the car was Chen San!

“Hey, Jiang Zhongyi, go to Qianzhai for dinner, right? Let’s go together!”

Ethan looked at Chen San’s intention to refuse, but after thinking about it, he smiled and said, “Okay!”

After he got in the car, as expected, Chen Qi was also in the car!

Chen Qi looked at Ethan with a faint smile, and said, “How offended you were before, and please forgive me.”

Seeing Chen Qi being so polite to him before him, Ethan didn’t show any surprises, but smiled and nodded and said, “You are polite, it’s just a duty to save people and cure diseases.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ethan looked at Chen Qi and continued, “I would like to ask about something. What did the Qian family do before?”

Chen Qi touched his nose, then looked at Ethan and smiled bitterly: “If you ask anything else, I don’t dare to say this.”

Ethan didn’t get the answer he wanted, and Ethan didn’t take it seriously. Instead, he chuckled twice before passing the words.

After arriving at the Qian’s house, Ethan discovered that not many people came to eat at the Qian’s house.

But the cars parked at the door were all luxury cars, and Ethan even saw white license plates.

Ethan naturally understood what this type of license plate meant.

But on the face, he pretended not to see it, got out of the car and handed his invitation to Yuan Hou, then smiled: “I didn’t bring any gifts to Cengfan today. The host will not be offended, right?”

It’s strange to say that Yuan Hou looked down on Ethan before, but this time he didn’t know why he treated Ethan respectfully!

“You are polite to say this. Missy is already waiting for you in the house.”

Ethan smiled and walked into the villa. Some of them were sitting in twos and threes and chatting in low voices.

When Qian Xinyi stood at the door and saw Ethan coming, she proactively stretched out her hand and said hello: “Hey, Ethan, you are here!”

Ethan greeted him indifferently, and then smiled and said, “Of course, when I left, I said that I would come over for a follow-up visit for Mr. Qian, and I will come here today.”

Qian Xinyi smiled upon hearing the words, and while leading Ethan upstairs, she said, “I was worried that you wouldn’t come here, ho ho.”

After saying this, Qian Xinyi continued to speak: “Grandpa is in good health during this time, but sometimes he always coughs and I don’t know what’s going on.”

Ethan hesitated when he heard this, and then estimated the time and laughed: “It’s okay, the last incident hurt the old man’s vitality, just take care of him a little bit.”

While the two were chatting, they walked to the door of Qian Lao’s room, Qian Xinyi knocked on the door lightly.

The voice of a middle-aged man rang and said, “Come in.”

After entering the room, Qian Xinyi respectfully looked at the middle-aged man sitting beside Qian Lao’s bed and said, “Dad, Doctor Jiang is here.”

After hearing this, the middle-aged man nodded, then looked at Qian Xinyi and frowned, “It’s just a doctor here, why are you following up, why don’t you hurry down to entertain the guests.”

Qian Xinyi was yelled at by the middle-aged man, glanced at Ethan aggrievedly and left.

Lao Qian lay on the bed and watched the man whispered, “Hao Wen, how can I say that Xinyi is also your daughter. She has been working hard for so many years, and it is almost enough.

Qian Haowen looked at the old man with a slight sigh and then said, “After all, he is just a daughter and cannot inherit the wealth of my Qian family.”

After saying this, Qian Haowen ignored Ethan at all. He continued to watch Mr. Qian open his mouth and said, “Father, take care of the illness slowly, and I will take care of the outside affairs!”

Ethan frowned, then walked to the bedside and said coldly: “Trouble you, please let me, I want to get the patient’s pulse.”

Ethan squeezed Qian Haowen aside. This was the first time anyone dared to do this to him, and it was in his own home!

Qian Haowen was about to get angry, but was stopped by Qian Lao’s eyes and had to stand aside.

“At present, our company has established a relationship with the Chu family. I want to release 20% of the benefits for the Chengnan project and consolidate it.”

When Ethan heard this, his hands trembled unconsciously, but nothing showed on his face.

Lao Qian lay on the bed and closed his eyes and meditated: “Chu family, um, let’s put a little more, and take out 30% of the benefits.”

After saying this, Mr. Qian opened his eyes to look at Qian Haowen and said, “Being a man must be grandiose, and you must know how to do it all at once!”


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