I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 581

Chapter 581 Background (first more)

Qian Haowen nodded slightly after hearing this, and said hesitantly: “I also know that this aspect has to be done in one step, but I am worried that this time I am fed too much and they will not recognize people next time.”

Qian Lao glanced at Qian Haowen with a smile, and then said, “The Chu family would not be such a person. I have heard of the people in their family.”

Sitting on the side, Ethan really couldn’t listen anymore, then looked at Qian Haowen and said, “Which Chu family did you just talk about?”

Qian Haowen glanced at Ethan and frowned, and didn’t bother to deal with it at all.

Old Qian said to Ethan with a pleasant face, “Which Chu family can still have in the Chu family, you stupid boy.”

Ethan’s eyes fell unconsciously when he heard this, and he held his fingers tightly and didn’t know what to say.

Qian Haowen gave a light cough at this time, then looked towards Qian Lao and said, “At the moment, I think it is better to keep a little distance from the Chu family, because after the great changes in Buckeye, what the Chu family has done is really heartwarming. Uneasy.”

Old Qian nodded and sighed: “Yes, this Chu family’s food is really a bit ugly, but now he looks like the first one, so he can’t get too close. What you said is what I said. I heard it too, it’s really shameless.”

Ethan’s face suddenly condensed when he heard the words, and then interjected: “The first one in the Chu family? What about the Xu family and the Norman Family, what is the situation in Buckeye now? What’s the matter with them?”

Qian Haowen really couldn’t bear it anymore. Ethan directly said, “Why are you a Chinese medicine doctor in charge of so much meddling? Can you support yourself when you are full?”

From the first meeting with Ethan, Qian knew that Ethan was not an ordinary person, and saw that he cared about this matter so much.

So he opened his eyes with profound meaning and said: “The Xu family and the Norman Family have gone bankrupt, and their two properties have also been annexed by the Chu family. The Chengnan project, which was originally known as the first project of the Buckeye, is now in the Chu family The wind and water that I make in my hands rises up.”

After saying this, Qian Lao sighed, “So it’s not an exaggeration to say that the Chu family is now the first in Buckeye. They also have such a hole card.”

Qian Haowen was very satisfied with his father’s words and said: “In the past, the Buckeye giants were very powerful, but in the end, no one would have thought that it would be dead and scattered.”

Then he continued to speak: “However, the sky of Buckeye has become really fast, and it’s weird. Back then, Xu Xiao and the Chengnan project with Eric Norman as the backing were only half a year. These once powerful forces were powerful. I have heard that something great happened in the Pingyang Valley in the south of the Buckeye half a year ago, and then those great powers were completely wiped out. There is also the richest overseas Chinese, Eric Norman. Fang reported that there was a car accident, but it seems that the cause of death is not simple.”

Ethan sat aside and gritted his teeth, couldn’t help but recall what happened in Pingyang Valley six months ago…

After a while, Ethan sorted out his expression, and asked plainly, “What about Pablo, the owner of Haoyue Restaurant, how is he?”

Qian Haowen took a surprised look at Ethan and said, “I don’t see that your kid knows a lot. That guy has gone bankrupt, and we don’t know the specific whereabouts.”

Qian Lao originally had some doubts about Ethan’s origin, after all, the river outside of Thirty Mile Bay descended down Pingyang Valley.

I just thought that if Ethan is really the person he was guessing, then he should not interfere with the things he is carrying.

Qian Haowen did not think of this, but felt that the little Chinese doctor in front of him was a bit rude.

The host family didn’t evade him from talking about things here. He should have remained silent, but he repeatedly expressed interference.

Ethan looked at Qian Haowen and couldn’t help feeling a little desolate when he learned of Pablo’s end. Did those people really leave?

Thinking of this, he got up and looked at Qian Lao Norman and said, “Your health is no longer a serious problem, and you will recover within half a month without an accident.”

After saying this, Ethan wanted to go downstairs and leave, but Qian Lao called out, “Little brother, I don’t know if I should say something wrong.”

After watching Ethan’s paused back, Qian Lao was slightly silent for a while and then continued to speak: “Sometimes you still have to take a step back as a human being. You must take a step back.”

Ethan turned his back to Old Qian. He might be the person with the highest status since he woke up, so he knew a little about himself.

Ethan never thought of concealing Qian Lao. He thought his identity would be discovered by Qian Xinyi, but he didn’t expect Qian Lao to guess it.

“Old Qian, although sometimes you take a step back and the sky is brighter, but any step you take may turn into an abyss.”

After saying this, Ethan turned to look at Old Qian and took a deep breath, his eyes gradually becoming firmer!

“Life is only 30,000 days. Don’t fight? If you don’t fight, you will be in vain of this youth!”

Watching Ethan leave, Qian Haowen, who was sitting beside him, said thoughtfully, “Dad, who is this person?”

Old Qian glanced at Qian Haowen and shook his head: “It doesn’t matter who it is. For now, we’d better not get involved with him.”

Perhaps for some people, the water in the money family is deep.

But thinking of the words Ethan said when he went downstairs, Old Qian shook his head. Who in this world can really figure out the depth of the water.

Qian Xinyi was greeting the guests downstairs, and when Ethan came down from the stairs, she couldn’t help but smiled and greeted her.

“You have come down, how is my grandpa’s body recovered? I happened to boil the ginseng soup and plan to serve it.”

Ethan took two deep breaths of the anger in his heart that was suppressed by the pressure, and looked at Qian Xinyi with a flat expression: “The old man has just recovered from his health, and he can’t make up for it.”

Qian Xinyi frowned upon hearing this and had to give up, put down the ginseng soup and looked at Ethan thoughtfully.

Ethan was in a bad mood at this time, and it was even more dissatisfied to see Qian Xinyi staring at him like this!

“Why, are there flowers on my face?”

Qian Xinyi blushed when she heard this, and quickly said, “No, just curious about who you are.”

Ethan watched her lower her head and smiled bitterly and shook her head: “It doesn’t matter who I am. I am a passerby for you, and the same is true for this thirty-mile bay.”

Qian Xinyi smiled and looked outside, and then pondered slightly, “If it is convenient, can you please chat alone?”

Ethan hesitated, but finally followed Qian Xinyi out.

The two sit in the backyard of the villa, where Qian Xinyi often eats and waits when meeting guests, and usually few people come.

The Qian family eats all three ways of black, white and gray. The old man walks in the white way, and Qian Haowen walks in the gray way.

Qian Lao had hesitated several times about Qian Xinyi’s going to the dark before, and finally asked her for her opinion and decided on this matter.

Over the years, Qian Haowen has been developing business roads under the name of the old man. Although he has made a lot of money, he has mainly accumulated contacts for the Qian family.

Some things at home naturally fell on Qian Xinyi, so she was in charge when the old man was away.

After a long time attack, Qian Xinyi also had the breath of a superior person.

Ethan often looked plain when facing Qian Xinyi, because he could always smell something he didn’t like in Qian Xinyi.

This kind of smell was on Pablo before, but Pablo is at least a man!

Thinking of this, Ethan looked at Qian Xinyi who looked calmly making tea and shook his head.


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