I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 586

Chapter 586 Rage (second more)

Ethan looked at Luca, who was helped by several security guards, and smiled, “Are you really wanting to come up so impatiently?”

Luca stood up, first adjusted his hair style, and then loosened his tie.

“Unexpectedly, unexpectedly, your mourning dog dare to come back, do you think this is still your world?!”

Having said this, Luca stretched out his finger to Ethan and said angrily: “You fucking are just a homeless stray dog ​​now! Do you have any confidence to stand in front of me!”

Ethan sneered twice, glanced at Luca’s father and didn’t bother to talk to him at all.

In fact, the real person of the Chu family is Luca, who is standing in front of him, and it is very likely that the person targeting his classmates and friends is also him.

Thinking of this, Ethan jumped off the stage, and everyone around who participated in the groundbreaking ceremony knew that this might be a grudge from the Chu family.

So many people have already started to run around at this moment, they don’t want to be drawn into this muddy water somehow!

Ethan looked at Luca’s angry expression and sneered and said, “My confidence is because I am Ethan. Where is Pablo, what have you done to him?”

Luca watched Ethan about to get angry, and suddenly heard Ethan asking himself about Pablo’s whereabouts.

So his expression couldn’t help but laughed, “What? Don’t you know where Pablo went? Hahaha, that’s really good news, it’s better for him to die outside!”

Ethan couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he saw that Luca didn’t even know where Pablo was.

With Pablo’s ability, as long as he is not caught by the Chu family, then he shouldn’t be in any danger.

And Qi Pablo is also very capable, and he is not a good person to deal with.

Even if Luca wanted to take him down, it might not be so easy!

“Since you don’t know, then I feel relieved, where is Eric Norman?”

Hearing these words, Luca laughed gloomily, “Ho ho ho, do you think he will end up?”

After saying this, Luca pointed to the concrete pillar under the podium and said, “I poured their ashes mixed with cement here, so that they would be trampled under their feet day and night!”

Ethan immediately became furious when he heard this: “You are looking for death!”

Just as Ethan was about to take a shot, many masters suddenly appeared around him.

They all wore black face masks and black clothes to guard Luca’s side. Luca looked at Ethan’s anger, his eyes were very happy!

“Why, I can’t stand this anymore? Don’t worry, the things that make you even more unbearable are yet to come!”

As soon as he finished speaking, before he could continue speaking, the angry Ethan rushed over with red eyes like a mad cow!

As Luca retreated, he shouted loudly: “The overseas Norman Family offers a reward. Those who catch Ethan will be rewarded regardless of life or death!”

After hearing this, the eyes of Xiang Ethan couldn’t help but become hot!

Normanjia Overseas! That is really an Optimus Prime!

As long as you hug their legs, even if you don’t want to reward them, you will definitely be prosperous and wealthy for the rest of your life!

Before Luca could say the rest, many people rushed to Ethan!

If Ethan was an evil god at the last moment, then he has become the sweet pastry in the eyes of these people!

Every one of them wanted to catch Ethan, and put him on the thigh of the Norman Family overseas!

Although Ethan had Shang Dian in his body, the integration of Shang Dian’s early power was only the middle stage of the entry.

Perhaps he was not afraid of everyone present, but the qualitative change caused by the large amount made Ethan somewhat unable to cope with it!

Behind the open and secret fights, there are secret arrows hurting people. Ethan, who is suppressed by forty or fifty people, is not to mention destroying Luca!

Even getting close has become a problem, not to mention, under the suppression of so many people, he is already a little hard to protect himself!

The situation is getting more and more critical, Ethan can’t help but become anxious, he seems to have seen his fate!

On the scene, forty or fifty people slowly suppressed and approached Ethan through various methods. Even though he is full of anger now, it will not last long!

Luca watched Ethan tangled in place, unable to move, and could not even move one step.

So I couldn’t help feeling proud, and looked at Ethan with contempt: “Who do you think you are! Do you really think you have changed?”

After saying this, he laughed proudly and said, “No, you are still a trash, a trash that doesn’t deserve to be used as a footstep!”

Ethan was already anxious, but at this moment, he heard Luca’s words and let out a mouthful of blood: “Luca!!!”

Luca looked at Ethan vomiting blood and nervously surprised: “What’s wrong, I want to watch you die, but I don’t want to watch you get angry, hahaha!”

Forty or fifty masters took advantage of the moment Ethan slightly differentiated, and they were a lot closer, just as they were planning to take Ethan in one go!

Suddenly a lot of people wearing the same clothes as them flew out of them, and one of them flew to Ethan’s side.

Wei Wei turned around to avoid Ethan’s palm and whispered: “It’s me, Pablo, I brought someone to rescue you!”

Luca’s eyes were so cruel, he burst into laughter when he saw these people suddenly appearing!

“I knew it, I knew you would jump out by yourself sooner or later, so I didn’t bother looking for you at all!”

After saying this, Luca pointed to the people under him and continued to speak: “These people, leave me a million people, whether they live or die!”

Pablo glanced at Luca coldly and said anxiously to Ethan: “Go, Young Master, if you don’t leave, you really can’t go!”

After Ethan glanced at Luca unwillingly, he leaned on Pablo’s body and let him take him out!

The two had just turned around, Pablo’s body suddenly shook slightly!

Ethan noticed it and said in a low voice, “What’s wrong, are you okay?”

Pablo’s heart felt warm when he heard the words, and then shook his head and said, “It’s okay!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Pablo looked at the people he had brought around and shouted: “Cover me and leave the young master!”

Although everyone did not speak to answer, their thoughts arose in their hearts, and they no longer planned to leave!

Ethan looked at those people for a while and couldn’t tell how he felt, only then did he truly understand his responsibilities!

Seeing that Pablo was about to take Ethan away, Luca shouted angrily like crazy: “You idiots! Fools! Keep both of them for me!”

Luca’s people also wanted to keep them, but the talents and skills that Pablo brought to him were not weak, and they were determined to die!

I didn’t even want to leave here alive!

Seeing that these people actually worked so hard for Ethan, Luca could do nothing but anger!


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