I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 587

Chapter 587 Can’t Accept It (First)

After leaving the Chengnan Special Project Department, Ethan’s eyes were already dizzy, and he couldn’t see how Pablo took him.

It was just a vague feeling that there seemed to be people responding to Pablo San along the way, and they even changed two cars.

After he got better, Ethan looked at the bandage on his body and gave a wry smile.

Pablo sat across from Ethan, looking at Ethan pale, with a trace of relief in his eyes.

Ethan looked at Pablo and nodded, feeling a little for a while not knowing what to say.

In the end, Pablo took the lead and said, “You shouldn’t be back this time, Buckeye has no need to stay any longer.”

Ethan shook his head. Although his whole body was very painful, he still sat up with strong support.

“If I don’t take a look at some things, I can’t let go of it. I’m sorry for killing so many people.”

Pablo shook his head and sighed, “It doesn’t matter, this is originally a line prepared for you, but you are worried about coming back.”

After saying this, Pablo looked at Ethan and continued to speak: “We lost a lot in the battle of Pingyang Valley. Now you are our last hope, do you know?”

Ethan naturally knew this, he always knew it, ever since he got Shangdian and merged with Shangdian.

Ethan even felt that his responsibilities were heavier!

“After Pingyang Valley, have you seen Linda and Yunjie?”

A trace of abuse flashed in Pablo’s eyes, and then looked at Ethan and shook his head: “Linda, I know, was taken to Beifu from a serious injury and coma. I heard that he is still recovering.

After saying this, Pablo hesitated slightly before continuing to speak: “However, Yunjie’s words are more complicated, and I am not very clear about her whereabouts.”

Ethan frowned, shook his head helplessly, and said, “I contacted my classmates when I came back. Someone told me that they were all taken away by a group of people in black.”

Pablo looked at Ethan with a wry smile and shook his head. He could see the hope in Ethan’s eyes.

However, only a small part of the people in black who took Ethan’s closeness are their own, and the rest are basically Luca’s people.

But facing Ethan’s eyes, Pablo really didn’t know how to tell him about this.

So he simply kept silent, as if he had left Ethan a thought.

Ethan looked at Pablo not saying a word. Although he was a little disappointed, he knew that he must have done his best.

So he shook his head slightly and fell silent, and the two men looked at the floor face to face in a daze.

The dim room concealed Pablo’s increasingly pale cheeks, and he looked at Ethan openly for several times.

But after all, he was interrupted by the pain of the wound. Ethan looked at Pablo with a strange expression.

Then he asked, “What’s wrong, are you okay?”

Seeing that Ethan didn’t notice the abnormality of his body, Pablo took a deep breath and laughed: “It doesn’t matter, it’s just a small injury. I want to discuss something with you.”

Ethan is not a person who can’t listen to the words, and now only Pablo can be trusted.

After hearing the words, Ethan nodded slightly and said, “Say it, I’ll listen.”

Pablo looked at Ethan in silence for a long time, and waited until his body got used to some of the pain in the wound before he said: “Buckeye’s general situation is gone, you’d better not stay here, leave early.”

When he said this, Pablo looked at Ethan’s eyes with a pleading.

Although Ethan saw it, he was still a little bit brooding about what Luca had done, and he didn’t want to just leave like this!

“If I just leave, how would Luca be proud, and how would Buckeye’s people think of me?”

Ethan just asked softly and emphasized his reason for staying!

Pablo looked at Ethan’s stubborn appearance and said helplessly: “You may think so, but do you think you are still living for anger?”

“Your father can kneel for the continuation of blood, can’t you save yourself for the bloody hatred of so many of us?!”

While talking, Pablo fiercely spit out a mouthful of blood on the ground, looking at Ethan miserably!

“I’m almost gone, just treat me as Pablo begging you, OK? Leave, Buckeye, you can’t stay!”

Ethan looked at Pablo being frightened, and hurriedly went up to wipe the blood on Pablo’s mouth with his hand: “What’s wrong with you, Uncle Qiao, what’s wrong with you, don’t scare me!”

Pablo smiled sadly and shook his head: “Let’s go, I can’t stay here anymore, go quickly!”

After saying this, Pablo took out a bank card and handed it to Ethan!

“This is what your father gave to me before. The money has been laundered more than 20 times. It will not be found by anyone. You have to take it!”

Ethan looked down and looked at the bank card in his hand, shook his head slightly and looked at Pablo with misty eyes: “No, I don’t want it, you can just get better, let’s go to the hospital!”

Pablo held Ethan’s hand tightly and shook his head, “I’m not saved, you have to remember what I say next!”

“Ahem, the password, the password is your birthday, there are five billion clean money in the card!”

Ethan lowered his head and looked at the bank card in surprise: “What is the money used for, Uncle Qiao, don’t fall asleep, tell me.”

Pablo couldn’t open his eyes anymore, lying down in Ethan’s arms, his lips twitching lightly, not knowing what he was saying.

After Ethan helped him up, he put his ear to his lips, only then did he vaguely hear the two words Pablo had been chanting: “Vengeance!”

These simple words may be Pablo’s last words!

Ethan looked at Pablo, whose breath gradually faded, holding his body for a long time without words.

It’s just that big tears fell on Pablo’s corpse!

“Uncle Qiao, you go on the road first, and I will send them to see you soon! “

After saying this, Ethan placed Pablo’s body on the bed neatly.

Then he looked at Pablo’s body and continued: “There will be none of them missing, none of them will be missing! You can watch from the sky!”

After saying this, Ethan hugged Pablo and walked out of the house, only to realize that they were in a deep mountain!

Randomly found a place to dig out a cemetery with his hand, Ethan buried Pablo and then picked up his bank card.

Then put on his clothes and went out!

He swears that even if he wants to leave Buckeye, he must make the Chu family pay the price!

Is the overseas Norman Family great? If you offend Ethan, even the Norman Family in the sky will kill him so much!

He couldn’t accept that Pablo died in his arms like this, Ethan knew what he had to do!


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