I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 590

Chapter 590 The Man in Black (Fourth)

Ethan’s eyes gradually became confused when he was taken down by the river, and he couldn’t help laughing wryly when he looked at the dim river in the night.

First, he was poisoned in Qian’s house, and then he was hit by someone else’s poison dart here.

Ethan is a little puzzled, why is he always so connected with this poisonous word.

Fortunately, this poison dart seemed to be made in a hurry and didn’t have much toxins, but it made Ethan’s hands and feet weak.

The river was not very turbulent, and while taking Ethan all the way down, it did not hit the rocks.

I have to say that Ethan has a big life!

After a short estimate of the time, Ethan climbed up from the river with great difficulty.

Then he fell to the ground and gasped, the poison dart on his shoulder has not been removed yet!

After looking around with the moonlight, Ethan couldn’t help being a little dazed, isn’t this Xiawan!

Walk along the road of Xiawan for another two hours to reach Sanliwan. Once there, you can be saved with the medicinal materials in the drugstore!

Thinking of this, Ethan abruptly supported him, and stood up straight while supporting the small tree by the river.

Then took two deep breaths and took off the poison dart from his shoulder. Looking at the heavy letter on it, Ethan sneered twice!

“No wonder those people are protecting you so much, you turned out to be from the Norman Family!”

After saying this, Ethan took the poison dart into his arms and vowed secretly that one day he will not die if he wants these people!

However, he should rush to Thirty Mile Bay as soon as possible, although the toxin on his body is not that severe, he can still stop it with his true energy.

But if you don’t rush to Thirty Mile Bay as soon as possible, those chasing soldiers behind you will probably kill you!

Just as he climbed onto the main road, Ethan was lucky and ran into a car.

Ethan, who was all wet, dragged the dripping bag, stood in the middle of the road and stopped the car!

“You don’t want to die!”

The driver sat in the car looking at Ethan who suddenly appeared on the road, and hurriedly stepped on the brake to stop!

He was also a violent temper. He opened the door without turning off the car and wanted to give a severe lesson to this indifferent thing!

It’s just that when he came closer, he was a little surprised and said, “Doctor Jiang! Why are you here?!”

Ethan was a little bit unable to open his eyes under the headlights of the car, but he knew in his heart that the person who could call himself Doctor Jiang must be from Sanliwan!

The driver saw that Ethan didn’t speak, turned his head and looked at the lights of the car before he suddenly realized, “It’s me, Chen San! You know our captain Chen Qi, right?!”

Hearing this, Ethan couldn’t take care of that much anymore. He took Chen San’s hand and said, “Take me to Thirty Mile Bay, hurry!”

Chen San is also an exquisite figure. The reason he has been under Chen Qi is because of the Qian family’s relationship.

On the other hand, he lacked a noble person to help!

Looking at Ethan in front of him, Chen San hesitated for a moment and thought, how could this person be the one who saved Qian Lao!

And when he was in Qian’s home, it seemed that because of him, Qian’s son was slapped!

From this point of view, this person should be a big man!

Thinking of this, Chen San didn’t hesitate, and no matter what happened to Ethan, he helped him to the car and sit down.

Then he quickly sat up and drove and said smoothly, “Doctor Jiang, why are you here?”

Sitting on the seat, Ethan could still feel that the wound on his shoulder seemed to be bleeding.

So he gritted his teeth and said, “Please ask me later, is there a first aid kit in the car!”

While driving, Chen San took out a box from under the car seat and threw it behind him, saying, “Here, here!”

Ethan picked up the first aid kit and quickly opened it, then took out cotton and put it on the wound on his shoulder, and then slightly bandaged the wound with gauze!

“Something happened to me and I was hunted down, and I jumped into the river to escape. Why are you here?”

After treating the wound, Ethan came to his senses and spoke to Chen San.

After hearing this, Chen San frowned and said solemnly, “I went to Xiawan to investigate some things, but Doctor Jiang, who will chase you down?”

Ethan smiled bitterly and shook his head, “Just leave it alone, these people are not something you can afford!”

After saying this, Ethan looked at Chen San frowning and added: “But don’t worry, they won’t be a problem as long as I get to Sanliwan and wait for me to get better!”

Hearing this, Chen San looked at Ethan sitting in the back row from the rearview mirror.

Seeing that he seemed to be in pain, he hurriedly lighted a cigarette for himself and took a sip, then handed it back.

“Taking two mouthfuls will make you a little easier, it’s okay.”

Ethan hesitated looking at the smoke, then took a deep breath, and his breathing gradually calmed down.

When Chen San saw that Ethan felt better, he smiled and said, “It’s not that I’m telling you. As long as they get to Thirty Mile Bay, Qian Lao will not allow them to be presumptuous!”

Hearing this, Ethan hey hey his forehead curled his lips, the old man Qian may be very good.

But in front of people like the Norman Family, maybe even a wave can’t get up!

After hearing this, Ethan smiled bitterly and replied: “It’s okay, you don’t care about this, just send me to my pharmacy.”

After hesitating for a while, Ethan stretched out his hand and patted Chen San on the shoulder and continued: “Don’t worry, Ethan is not someone who doesn’t repay me. I will take this down today.”

A satisfied smile appeared on Chen San’s face when he heard these words!

He didn’t care who wanted to kill Ethan, because for Chen San, Old Man Qian was the god of Thirty Mile Bay!

A person like Wang Long was still rubbed against the ground by his elder brother Chen Qi. How could he care about this little thing?

It’s just that Chen San didn’t expect that these people are really like Ethan said, he can’t afford to provoke!

At this moment, at the place where Ethan got in the car, the two men in black stopped slightly looking at the dry water marks on the ground!

“The goal should be to get to the shore here. Go and inform the team leader. I will continue to catch up and see!”

One of the men in black looked at his companion and nodded, “Okay, the team leader has orders, just follow!”

After hearing this, another man in black nodded and replied: “Don’t worry, I know, I will leave a mark on the way!”

After speaking, the two of them worked separately, but Ethan did not expect that those people would chase so closely!

After arriving at Shiliwan, Chen San took Ethan and stopped at the door of his medicine shop.

Ethan coughed slightly and opened the car door and went down. When he was about to knock on the door, he turned his head and looked at Chen San.

“I advise you, it’s best to go back quickly now, maybe some troublesome people will come to you.”


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