I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 597

Chapter 597 Emergency Treatment (first more)

Ethan smiled after hearing this, so he got up and picked up his luggage and said, “Since it’s okay, then I will find a place to settle down and wait for your message.”

Dean Jiao nodded to Ethan. When he was about to get up, the phone by the table suddenly rang.

Ethan couldn’t help but froze slightly when he looked at the phone, and Dean Jiao gave him an awkward look.

Then he answered the phone and said in a deep voice, “Is something wrong? Why did you call me suddenly?”

A female voice on the phone opened the mouth suddenly anxiously: “Suddenly a patient was sent downstairs. In an emergency, you need to come down and have a look!”

Hearing these words, Dean Jiao glanced at Ethan in embarrassment. After a moment of thought, he replied, “Well, I will come down now.”

After finishing the call, Dean Jiao smiled at Ethan and said, “A patient was sent downstairs. It seems to be a bit troublesome. Would you like to come and see it with me?”

He said that because he wanted to pass this opportunity to test what level Ethan really is.

You know, the Beifu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is not a small household, anyone can come in!

Ethan looked at Dean Jiao with a slight smile and then said, “Since Dean Jiao has a request, I will accompany you to take a look.”

After looking at the expression on Dean Jiao’s face, Ethan knew that he just wanted to use this patient to try himself.

There may not be much about other medical techniques in Shangdian, but the introduction of extensive and profound Chinese medicine is detailed.

After such a long time, he has become a little rough to a certain extent.

Therefore, at the invitation of Dean Jiao, Ethan didn’t have any fear in his heart, instead he was a little bit more excited.

After the two went downstairs together, a nurse waited anxiously by the stairs.

Seeing Dean Jiao bringing Ethan, who had just come for an interview, came down, he was slightly stunned and hurriedly walked up and said: “The patient is in the emergency room. He is breathing fast, his pupils are dilated, his body twitches and he has a little blood in the urine!”

Dean Jiao frowned upon hearing this: “Who is in charge of the emergency room today?”

The nurse spoke neatly: “The one in charge of the emergency room today is Doctor Ren, but he seems to be unable to cope with it!”

“What about Doctor Xu, he should be in the hospital today. Have you notified Doctor Xu?”

The nurse nodded slightly and then replied: “Doctor Xu has been notified, and it is estimated to be there in three minutes!”

After hearing this answer, Dean Jiao was obviously relieved.

Ethan followed them and noticed that he felt relieved when he heard this Doctor Xu.

So he asked with some doubts, “Why, is this Doctor Xu very good?”

The nurse looked at Ethan and didn’t say a word, while Dean Jiao smiled and looked at Ethan and said, “Is he good? You’ll find out later.”

After saying this, Dean Jiao looked at Ethan for a moment, and then said in a deep voice, “Xiao Li, go and get Dr. Jiang a white coat.”

When Xiaoli, the nurse on the side, heard this, she glanced at Ethan with some confusion.

Then he nodded, and then he took out a white lab coat to Ethan in the duty room: “I can’t find a suitable one here for a while. You can just check it out.”

Ethan took the gown and nodded, then followed Dean Jiao into the emergency room.

A doctor inside looked at the patient convulsively, and there were two nurses who were giving the patient an injection and preparing a ventilator!

Dean Jiao frowned and looked at the doctor and said, “Old Ren, what’s the situation of the patient now? Why does it look a bit like epilepsy?”

Dr. Ren suddenly heard what the dean said, so he turned his head and nodded respectfully to the dean, then said: “Now I am not sure what the patient is doing.”

Having said this, he coughed lightly and then opened the book and said: “The current patient’s physical condition is hematuria, convulsions, dilated pupils, no injuries, no epilepsy suspects!”

Dean Jiao frowned upon hearing this: “Could it be epilepsy, and blood in urine is a complication?”

Doctor Ren wiped the cold sweat from his forehead: “I’m not sure about this. I’ll wait for Doctor Xu to come and talk about it. I will stabilize the patient’s emotions now!”

After hesitating slightly, Doctor Ren looked at the nurse who was receiving the injection and continued to speak, “After the injection, I will give the patient a 20mg sedative!”

The nurse turned her head and glanced at Doctor Ren hesitantly, but did not say anything after all.

After the three people watched the patient gradually calm down, Dean Jiao and Dr. Ren were obviously relieved.

But Ethan hesitated. The situation of the patient before him seemed a bit complicated, and it was not as simple as it seemed!

While he was thinking, a male voice suddenly sounded beside him: “Dean, Doctor Ren, I am here.”

Dean Jiao quickly turned his head and said, “Old Xu, come up and see what the patient is like!”

After hearing this, Ethan couldn’t help turning his head to look at the person who came, only to see a man with gold glasses and a simple appearance walking in.

When passing by Ethan’s side, the other party also asked with some doubts: “This one is?”

At this time, Doctor Ren also noticed Ethan and said, “Yes, I didn’t notice just now, who is this?”

Dean Jiao stretched out his hand and waved his hand and said, “This one came to our hospital for an interview. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. Now the patient matters.”

Dr. Xu frowned slightly when he heard what Dean Jiao said, and then said, “Since this is the case, stand aside and watch it. You should learn knowledge.”

Ethan was taken aback when he heard this, and then he shook his head and laughed bitterly.

The first day I went to Beifu, I was so despised by people. Forget it, let’s look at the level of these people.

Ethan concluded that the situation of the patient in front of him was definitely not as simple as what Doctor Ren just said!

There must be some other things that haven’t been discovered, it just depends on what happened to Doctor Xu.

Seeing Dean Jiao and Doctor Ren trust him so much, if he still can’t find out, then this hospital is nothing more than that.

Just thinking of this, Ethan suddenly heard Doctor Xu say: “Huh? Such heavy bloodshot eyes? Have you done a brain scan for him?”

When Dr. Ren heard this, he hurriedly replied: “It’s too late. The patient was very urgent when he was sent in. I just calmed him down!”

Doctor Xu frowned and began to think, and Dean Jiao cautiously said, “How is it?”

“It’s a bit troublesome. I’ve encountered such a patient at the General Hospital before. It’s probably a brain problem.”

Having said that, he took a look at the list in Dr. Ren’s hand and continued, “Moreover, he also had blood in the urine, which was much more serious than what I had encountered before.”


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