I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 598

Chapter 598 Stability (second more)

Hearing this, Doctor Ren couldn’t help whitening!

After all, the emergency department is only an emergency department, and the timely delivery only increases the chance of survival.

There is no guarantee that the patient will be rescued, as long as everyone with a little common sense knows this.

But the families of those patients don’t care about this, they know that the person died in the hospital!

If this is what Dr. Xu said, if this patient can’t be saved and died here, he will be responsible!

“Doctor Xu, you must save me, think of a way, can you think of a way?”

Doctor Xu looked at him with a wry smile: “It’s not impossible, I just said it was a little troublesome.”

After saying this, he coughed lightly and calmly said, “Prepare gastrodia, amber, antelope horn, musk, Bupleurum, cassia twig. Shichangpu, QingyangNorman, etc.”

Doctor Xu slowly said dozens of herbs, and the two nurses behind him patiently wrote them down and went to prepare.

After the nurse had left, Dr. Ren hesitated and said, “Well, isn’t this prescription used to treat goat epilepsy?”

Dean Jiao also looked at Doctor Xu and nodded slightly: “The patient is in a critical condition. Can you get people to prepare these things in time?”

Doctor Xu smiled: “Don’t worry, I will naturally have a way to stabilize him, as long as he can guarantee that he will not suffocate!”

When he said this, Doctor Xu’s face was full of confidence, as if everything was under control.

Seeing him so confident, Dean Jiao and Doctor Ren also let go of their hearts.

But Ethan’s face was a bit heavy, because he knew that this prescription might not only cure the patient.

It may even kill the patient and accelerate the death of the other party!

Ethan is not a nosy person, but he is now a doctor after all!

Thinking of this, he began to speak in embarrassment, “Doctor Xu, I think there may be something wrong with your prescription, right?”

The reason why he said this was mainly because he hoped that Dr. Xu could consider the prescription in detail, but he didn’t mean to question it!

But after Dr. Xu Dean Jiao and Dr. Ren heard him, they all turned their heads and frowned to look at Ethan.

Dr. Ren looked at Dr. Xu’s face and quickly said, “If you are a newcomer, don’t talk, just watch it!”

After saying this, he continued with a flattering: “Dr. Xu was a first-level physician at the General Hospital before. The cases we have encountered are countless. How old do you dare to talk?!”

Hearing this, Dr. Xu’s expression lightened a little: “Young man, sometimes don’t talk if you shouldn’t speak. I allow you to be here for the dean’s face.”

Although the tone was plain, when Doctor Xu said this, the look of aloof and contempt in his eyes was very piercing!

Dean Jiao coughed slightly when he heard what he said, and reached out and patted Ethan on the shoulder.

“You just came, I know you want to show it urgently, but now it’s a matter of life and death, so I can’t fool you!”

When Dean Jiao said this, he looked at Ethan’s eyes, as if he was looking at a junior who was new and eager to act.

But he did not expect that what Ethan said was true!

Hearing what the three said, Ethan was slightly astonished, especially when the dean looked at him!

This made Ethan a little hard to accept, just when he was about to speak.

Standing on the side, Dr. Xu spoke: “Dean, I think the unrelated personnel should be cleared out. Staying here is an obstacle!”

Dr. Ren also helped, “That’s what I said, a young man who doesn’t understand anything, it’s not here to let his fingers go.”

The cynicism made Dean Jiao’s face a little unsightly, and even the look in his eyes towards Ethan was a little unfriendly.

“Ahem, that, Xiao Norman, you should go out, and I will talk to you when this is over.”

Ethan looked at them helplessly, shook his head and sighed, “Well, I’ll go out first.”

Ethan planned to leave as soon as she finished speaking, but when she reached the door, she paused.

Then he turned to look at the crowd and said, “Don’t blame me if something bad happens later, I reminded it.”

Doctor Xu glanced at him coldly, and didn’t want to respond at all!

Doctor Ren said with a gloomy face: “Get out! Is this the place where you talk!”

Ethan didn’t bother to be familiar with such people at all, shrugged his shoulders slightly and left.

After Ethan left, Dr. Ren looked at Dean Jiao and said, “What kind of person, he seems to be the number one in the world at a young age, so he can talk without looking at people!”

When Dean Jiao heard this, he was noncommittal. He just glanced at Doctor Xu, his attitude was the most important.

Dr. Xu methodically took out his needle kit, and while administering the needle to the patient, said, “Dean, isn’t this the person you said came for the interview?”

Dean Jiao nodded when he heard this, “Well, I just arrived today. I wanted to try his level.”

After saying this, he couldn’t help sighing, “But he didn’t expect him to be such a person.”

After hearing these words, Dr. Xu sneered twice: “Although our hospital is short of people, not all cats and dogs can enter!”

He didn’t lower his voice when he said this, let alone the emergency room, people outside the door could hear it vaguely!

Ethan stood in the corridor and curled his lips. He knew what was going on.

If the medicine is really applied according to his prescription, if the patient does not vomit blood, then it is really a god!

Convulsions are not necessarily the sheep’s madness, it may also be something that has been eaten.

Blood in urine is not necessarily a complication, it may be other factors!

Without getting rid of anything, I just randomly prescribe medicine according to the patients I have met before, really thinking that experience is the king? !

Thinking of this, Ethan sat in a chair and closed his eyes to rest up. He was also a little tired after sitting on the train for two days.

Just take advantage of the moment to take a break, so that I can make a move later.

In the emergency room, two nurses fryed all the medicinal materials that Dr. Xu needed and delivered them.

Doctor Xu sucked it up slowly with a syringe, then placed it in the patient’s department and injected it slowly.

The expression of the patient who had just taken the medicine gradually improved, and his complexion changed from the original dull purple to a normal complexion.

Seeing such a change, Dr. Ren gave Dr. Xu a thumbs up and said, “Or how can I say that the people in the general hospital are tall, it deserves to be our hospital’s gold medal!”

Although Dr. Xu made a few words of humility, the triumphant expression on his face was clearly revealed!

Dean Jiao also stretched out his hand and patted Dr. Xu on the shoulder and said, “Yes, hahaha, just two hands stabilize the person!”

Doctor Xu shook his head modestly and said, “It’s only a little stable now, and I have to study the treatment later.”


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