I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 599

Chapter 599 Life Is Closed (third)

With these words, everyone relaxed and walked out of the emergency room. Doctor Xu walked to Ethan and sat down while wiping his hands.

“Young man, doctors are not so easy to do. You have to know that what is in your hands is a life! It is not a prop for you to perform!”

As soon as Dr. Xu’s voice fell, Dr. Ren took the sheet to record his condition and said, “I know that young people have a desire to express themselves, but the hospital is not your stage.”

Dean Jiao looked at the two of them and hesitated slightly, after all, Ethan was the person he called for the interview.

I want to say a few words for Ethan, for example, young people are not so sensible.

But I was worried that this would offend Doctor Xu, he is the pillar of his own, if he offends him.

He wants someone who is unwilling to take a long vacation, and even asks him to give him a step when he wants to step down.

Thinking of this, Dean Jiao shook his head slightly, forget it, the left and right are just people who come for the interview, and it will be a big deal to get out later.

Sitting on the chair, Ethan didn’t bother to listen to the cynicism of the two, and reached out behind his ears.

Ethan opened his eyes and smiled: “Is it stabilized so quickly? It seems that Doctor Xu is really ruthless with the medicine?”

Doctor Xu glanced at Ethan triumphantly, not wanting to talk to him at all.

Ethan raised his hand and looked at his watch and said, “If I didn’t make a mistake, the patient would start vomiting blood in ten minutes, believe it or not?”

Doctor Xu sneered: “Young man, I haven’t seen how great you are, but I have never seen anything better than you in my life!”

Doctor Ren also sneered and said, “Just what your kid can see. If you want to be like you said, how about my seat for you?”

Dean Jiao couldn’t listen anymore. Anyway, Ethan was the one he called!

“Ah, it’s almost all right, Xiao Norman, or you should pack up your things first and find a place to rest.”

After saying this, he took out his wallet and took out two hundred yuan and handed it to Ethan: “We’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

Ethan looked at the money that Dean Jiao handed over, shook his head and smiled bitterly: “Dean Jiao, if you believe me, you can wait ten minutes, ten minutes is enough!”

Dean Jiao looked at Doctor Xu and Doctor Ren with some helplessness, and then sighed, “Why is your child so stubborn.”

Doctor Xu sneered and waved his hand: “Forget it, we are all seniors, so let’s take care of the juniors.”

After saying this, he looked at the watch in his hand and said, “Wait ten minutes and wait ten minutes. I want to see what tricks you can do!”

Then, like Ethan, he closed his eyes and fell asleep, but his hands quivered slightly from time to time.

Doctor Ren shook his head helplessly: “Brother Xu, why bother with a kid.”

When Dr. Xu heard this, he smiled and waved his hands and said, “It’s okay, just treat him as a lesson.”

Since Dr. Xu said so, Dr. Ren would not be able to leave for a while. After all, this patient can be regarded as his responsibility!

Dean Jiao sighed slightly after looking at the two, and had to sit down on the chair.

The three were silent and waited for the time to pass.

Just before ten minutes, Xiaoli, a nurse in the emergency room, suddenly ran out and looked at Doctor Xu anxiously: “It’s not good, Doctor Xu, the patient vomited blood!”

“What?! Impossible!”

“How could this happen! Didn’t it stabilize just now?!”

The voices of Doctor Xu and Doctor Ren sounded at the same time, and the two of them rushed into the emergency room after looking at each other!

Dean Jiao stared at the backs of the two dumbfounded, and then turned his head to look at Ethan, who looked indifferent. He was speechless for a while!

At this moment in the emergency room, Dr. Xu hurriedly set up his needle kit and began to give the needle!

Dr. Ren also hurriedly plugged in instruments to monitor the patient’s physical condition!

But before Doctor Xu inserted the needle, the patient vomited Dr. Xu again with black blood!

“Quickly, quickly, get me the medicine! It must be stabilized!”

“It’s not good! The patient’s vital signs are declining!”

Dr. Ren said anxiously, “Prepare a cardiotonic!”

Doctor Xu gave the needle while clenching his teeth, and checked the patient’s pulse from time to time! Cold sweat came out of my forehead!

Especially Doctor Ren, looking at Doctor Xu with a sad face, praying in his heart that he must be saved!

Dean Jiao couldn’t take care of that much at this moment. After rushing into the ward, he hurriedly walked out and stood in front of Ethan!

“Norman Yan, what the hell is going on, why is it like this?!”

Ethan stretched his waist and opened his eyes to sleep lazily, “I reminded him before, can it be me that he doesn’t listen?”

After saying this, Ethan walked to the door of the emergency room and smiled at Dr. Xu who was administering the needle inside through the transparent glass.

“I thought of detoxifying patients with injections now? It’s too late. You didn’t believe me if you said it earlier.

Dean Jiao looked at Ethan’s calm look, and then looked at the two people in the emergency room who were already anxious!

He hurriedly stepped forward to look at Xiang Ethan: “You must know what is going on, right?”

Ethan nodded, and smiled at Dean Jiao and said, “Yes, but I’m a Maotou boy. Didn’t I go in and slap Doctor Xu in the face at this time?

When Dean Jiao heard this, he was utterly distraught, gritted his teeth bitterly and pulled Ethan’s hand and walked inside!

“It’s okay, I count him if his face hurts! Life is at stake!”

Hearing the sound of opening the door, Dr. Xu couldn’t help but slow his hand movements, then raised his head to look at the black face of Dean Jiao.

“President, you believe me, I will be able to save him!”

Doctor Ren looked at the patient pale, and had already given two shots of cardiotonic!

Dean Jiao sighed and said, “Forget it, let Xiao Norman come first!”

When Dr. Xu heard the words, his expression was suffocated: “Let him?! Do you believe he doesn’t believe me?!”

When Dr. Ren heard this, he looked at Dean Jiao incredulously: “Dean, you have to think clearly!”

Ethan smiled helplessly, then broke free of Dean Jiao’s hand and stepped forward to take a look.

“Do you use acupuncture? It’s a coincidence, I can also a little bit of this thing, or I will show you?

When he said this, Ethan couldn’t help but flash in his eyes!

Doctor Xu fell silent slightly, this patient is now helpless!

He doesn’t believe that this brat can be saved even if he can’t save it!

He is not a person in the hospital. If the patient is really dead by then, use him to get caught!

Thinking of this, he stretched out his hand to stop Doctor Ren who wanted to speak, and then sneered: “Okay, let me see your needle technique!”

Dean Jiao wanted to persuade Doctor Xu, but when he saw that he took the initiative to let go, he closed his mouth.


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