I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 604

Chapter 604

Dean Jiao and the others looked at Ethan silently, and saw that his needle was like electricity, and it started with a light touch!

The golden needle was pierced into the acupuncture point between the electric light and flint, but Ethan had already placed more than 30 needles!

Dean Jiao watched Ethan’s movements and still didn’t stop.

Doctor Xu and others were also dumbfounded. They had never seen such a quick needle injection!

Doctor Xu put his hands on his chest, and despite the shock in his eyes, his mouth still disdainfully said: “What kind of life extension needle, maybe it is a mystery!”

He didn’t believe that Ethan would have the legendary life-saving needle even after he killed him, that was a stunt that had been lost for nearly three hundred years!

If the flying needle is out of breath, he still understands a little bit, but it has been extinct for less than a hundred years.

But this life-sustaining needle has disappeared for more than three hundred years, so it really reappears? !

Regardless of how others talked, Ethan looked calm and unmoved!

There was even a trace of sweat on his forehead. The reason why the life extension needle is so amazing!

The most important thing is that the acupuncture points are used to block the lifeline of the patient through the acupuncture.

Then put the patient into a state of suspended animation, and then untie the lifeline after the injury is cured!

Because of this, the name of a life-sustaining needle was given, and this is not just empty talk!

Many things are easy to say, but only when you really do it will you know how difficult it is!

Although Ethan’s zhenqi is huge, he wants to control his qi to the subtleties.

Moreover, it is also required that the true energy cannot be too much or less, and can only just seal the lifeline without causing damage.

Most people simply can’t imagine how to control the hair-like innocence!

The life extension needle also requires that the acupoints be sealed in the shortest possible time, so that the vitality can be stored as much as possible!

While ensuring the stability of the infuriating qi, while having to make the needle fast, Ethan was also feeling stressed at this time!

Dean Jiao watched Ethan sweat in a short time, knowing that he was also very hard at this time!

So after a moment of hesitation, he walked out of the ward, and handed over a nurse: “Go and see, is the medicine in ward 302 ready?”

The nurse looked up at the person, saw that it was the dean, nodded quickly, and hurriedly retreated.

After Dean Jiao ordered to go down, he walked into the ward, only to see that Ethan had stopped.

At this moment, while taking Lin Beibei’s pulse, she was panting!

Several doctors around looked at Ethan, and their admiration was beyond words!

Although Dr. Xu looked at Ethan at this time, his eyes were cold, but he did not say anything badly.

Dean Jiao walked in and asked Ethan in a deep voice, “How is the patient’s current condition?”

Ethan nodded and replied a little tiredly: “The situation has improved, but it’s just temporarily sealing the lifeline.”

Hearing this, people around looked at Ethan in shock!

“What? It can really seal the lifeline!”

“It’s amazing! This is really a life-saving needle!”

Dr. Xu couldn’t help looking at Ethan in shock at this time and muttered, “You, are you really a life-saving needle?!”

Ethan glanced at Doctor Xu coldly, shook his head and didn’t want to respond at all.

Exerting this life extension is extremely energy-intensive, and besides, I have to use wildfire to get rid of evil cold for Lin Beibei later.

Right now he really can’t be interested, and he is greeting these people in front of him.

Just when Doctor Xu looked choked, a knock on the door suddenly came from outside the door.

Dean Jiao hurriedly walked to the door and opened the door. A nurse said with the medicine in his hand: “This is the medicine delivered!”

Dean Jiao took the medicine from the nurse, felt the temperature a little, and nodded in satisfaction.

“Well, well done, you go down first!”

After finishing talking, Dean Jiao personally walked to Ethan with the medicine: “It’s just fried and delivered, can you try the temperature.”

Ethan took the medicine bowl and nodded slightly and smiled: “Just right.”

Immediately, he slowly sucked it up with a small syringe, and then fed Lin Beibei a little bit.

.. I don’t know if it was an illusion, as Ethan slowly fed the medicine.

Lin Beibei’s pale complexion gradually improved, but it looked like that sick blush!

Upon seeing this, Ethan hurriedly stopped his hand movement, and then put down the medicine!

“Now it’s over the mountain fire, Doctor Xu, lend me your needle kit!”

When Dr. Xu heard this, he was slightly taken aback: “Don’t you have it!”

Ethan sneered and ignored him, then looked at him with such a sneer!

Anyone who knows a little bit of acupuncture knows that different acupuncture points use different needles. This is all exquisite!

Only for a moment, Doctor Xu took out his needle kit and handed it to Ethan.

Ethan opened it and looked at it: “Oh, no wonder you are so reluctant. They are all fine needles!”

After that, he picked up a gold needle and looked at it slightly: “Your needles are all specially calibrated, right?”

Seeing Ethan’s astonishment, Dr. Xu said quite proudly: “What do you know, this thing can be said to be my second life!”

Ethan smiled, and then no longer hesitated!

He took out three gold needles and pierced them into Lin Beibei’s three acupoints, and then stimulated her to exert the power of medicine in her body!

The Fire Needle Method, as the name implies, uses a needle to transport true energy into the body. …..

Then, a little bit from top to bottom, expel Xie Han and other things from the patient’s body!

And Lin Beibei didn’t have the evil cold in one day or two days, otherwise he wouldn’t need such trouble at all.

Just warm up the zhen qi for a while, you can use the powerful qi to get rid of the evil cold for Beibei!

It’s a pity that Lin Beibei has missed the best treatment time, so Ethan had to cooperate with medicine to use the wildfire!

The reason is to worry that you are not in good control. If you don’t get rid of it, the consequences will be more serious!

And he added human cordyceps and other things to the medicine in order to accidentally hurt the muscles and veins.

Can use these great tonics to gradually repair Lin Beibei’s meridians.

The way of the monarch and ministers is not only in medicine, but also in vivid description of treatment methods!

Dean Jiao watched Ethan do it little by little, except for the extreme shock in his eyes!

What’s more is a surprise to find a treasure!

Just ask such a subordinate, which dean doesn’t want it!

After a while, when Ethan finally finished, he sighed and sat on the chair.

“Okay, if there are no accidents, the patient should get better.”

Hearing this, everyone in the entire ward was shocked!

Including the dean looked at Lin Beibei’s complexion in amazement, and gradually became normal!

After hearing this message, the nurse rushed to notify Lin Yan!

When Lin Yan arrived, Dr. Xu was leading a group of people talking in a low voice.

She hurriedly went up the mountain to look at Lin Beibei, seeing her complexion gradually improving, she let go of her heart!

But just when she was about to say thanks to Ethan, a sudden change occurred!

Lin Beibei suddenly got up and spit out a big mouthful of blood!

Lin Yan hurriedly helped Lin Beibei, changed hands and slapped Ethan!

“What kind of hospital is this! Is this a life-saving treatment or a cure!”


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