I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 605

Chapter 605 Transferring away (second more)

Not only Lin Yan, but also Dean Ethan Jiao and others were shocked by the situation!

Dr. Xu’s eyes turned round: “Why are you still stunned! Go up for an examination!”

Dean Jiao looked at Lin Beibei in anger, and then at Ethan who was sitting in a daze on the chair!

“What the hell is going on! Why did it become like this?!”

Ethan is also dumbfounded! This is also the first time he has used wildfire and life-saving needles!

The medicine will definitely not cause any problems! Could it be caused by something wrong in the needle?

Thinking of this, Ethan himself was shocked!

The places where he had the needles were all big holes, and if something really happened, Ethan would feel sorry for him!

After watching Lin Beibei vomiting blood tonight, he held Lin Beibei’s face with both hands, while looking at Ethan viciously!

“I don’t care who you are! This matter today, our Lin family will never end with you!”

Dean Jiao hurriedly said: “No! There must be a misunderstanding in this! Miss Lin, wait!”

Before Dean Jiao had finished speaking, he picked up Lin Beibei and rushed out of the ward tonight!

As she walked, she kept regretting in her heart!

If she hadn’t listened to those people, she wouldn’t have brought Beibei to see Chinese medicine!

Dean Jiao hurriedly followed Lin Yan: “Miss Lin! Wait, what might be wrong, you can give us another chance!”

Ethan finally recovered, and rushed out suddenly: “If you hold her and walk like this, maybe her condition will get worse!”

Lin Yan was slightly taken aback when she heard this, and then slowly turned around to look at Xiang Ethan.

Lin Beibei suddenly whispered in her arms, “Sister, I’m so uncomfortable…”

Hearing this, Lin Yan looked at Ethan like an enemy for an instant!

“Today, if my sister has any shortcomings! I, Lin Yan, want you to be buried!”

As soon as the voice fell, Lin Yan picked up Lin Beibei and rushed out of the hospital gate, and then left!

Dean Jiao looked sadly at the direction Lin Yan was walking, and kept sighing!

Looking back, I saw Ethan standing still in a daze.

So angrily came and whispered: “What are you still standing there for! Get me in!”

Ethan got angry, but thinking of Lin Beibei’s shock, he couldn’t help but hesitate for a while.

Is it the problem of getting the needle by yourself, or is it the effect of the wildfire?

Thinking of this question in his mind, he followed Dean Jiao back to the ward.

As soon as I went in and closed the door, I heard Dr. Xu sneer and said, “I really thought you were a bit capable. I didn’t expect it to be such a waste!”

A group of people next to them were not without a sad voice: “Yes, this Lin family is a person who can’t afford to offend. You really caused trouble this time!”

“If I can save you, then save again. Why do I have to go up if I can’t save you?”

Hearing what these people said, Dr. Xu’s expression was even more proud!

“I really thought you would have a life-saving needle and a wildfire. I didn’t expect it to be all fake?”

Having said that, he paused slightly: “In the emergency room that day, it wasn’t your blind cat and the dead mouse, right?”

Standing in place, Ethan lowered his head, turning a deaf ear to the words of Doctor Xu and others.

It’s just that the eyes swept through the blood that Lin Beibei vomited intentionally or unintentionally, as if thinking about something!

Dean Jiao’s face could not help being darkened to the bottom of the pot, but Ethan pulled it up with one hand!

Forget it, he agreed to treat Lin Beibei!

I thought I picked up a treasure, but I didn’t want to be my own disaster!

Seeing Dean Jiao’s face, Dr. Xu’s heart surged again!

Then he coughed and looked at the dean and said, “Ah, dean, I don’t think Ethan is suitable to stay in this position anymore!”

After saying this, he smiled and looked at Ethan and said, “His ability does not match his position. If he continues to stay in this position, I am worried that he will ruin our hospital’s reputation!”

But Ethan didn’t pay attention to them at all, and the way to overcome the evil cold emerged in his mind!

In my heart, I thought to myself that it must have been Xie Han in Lin Beibei’s body for too long.

As long as Xie Han is eliminated, her body will definitely get better!

But the medicine must not be less, and the medicine must be sent to her!

Just thinking of this, Ethan came back to his senses.

Suddenly, I heard the dean say: “Well, starting today, Norman Yan is no longer suitable for the person in charge of the second department. Let him go to the pharmacy!”

Ethan couldn’t help being stunned. He changed from being the head of a dignified department to a messenger?

“Wait! Dean! This is not right, I cured Lin Beibei!”

Dean Jiao looked at Ethan viciously: “You are cured?! People will vomit blood after they are cured? People will feel uncomfortable after they are cured? I have already given you face by transferring you to the pharmacy, so what do you think of me! “

Ethan looked at Dean Jiao’s angry expression, then turned his head to look at Doctor Xu’s smirk face.

“Ho, well, okay, since you all said that, I accept the arrangement!”

It’s just that after saying this, Ethan looked at everyone present and said, “You will know later!”

After saying this, Ethan left the emergency room. He didn’t want to argue with those people!

Some things will only get darker and darker, so Ethan chose not to explain, let time prove it!

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with being transferred to the infirmary, taking medicine all day long, and can also help people see a doctor.

He was worrying about where to get medicine for Lin Beibei, and Dean Jiao could be regarded as a convenience for him!

Thinking of this, Ethan chuckled lightly and returned to his second subject.

When Dr. Ren sat in the chair and saw Ethan coming, he hurriedly went up and flattered, “How about upstairs, it must be our genius doctor Norman?”

Ethan looked at him and sneered: “You better stay away from me now. I have been transferred to the pharmacy. It’s unlucky to be careful to walk too close to me.”

Doctor Ren’s expression suffocated slightly, and the look in Ethan’s eyes became a little strange.

“What’s the matter, why did you suddenly transfer you to the cold bench in the pharmacy?”

Ethan shook his head helplessly, and while packing his own things, he said, “What can I do, let Miss Lin Family treat her vomiting blood!”

Hearing this, Doctor Ren got up with an awkward expression: “Ah, just remembered that I haven’t gotten things done yet, I’m leaving now!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Dr. Ren hurriedly ran out of the second department, as if he was afraid of something to do with Ethan!

Ethan can be regarded as having seen the warmth and coldness of humanity, but this is the first time I have seen someone like him who fell so fast!

So looking at Doctor Ren’s back, Ethan couldn’t help but cursed with a smile, and took his box to the pharmacy to report.

Just walked to the door of the pharmacy, an old man with a cigarette in his mouth looked at Ethan jokingly.

“Boy, what happened and got you here?”

Hearing this, Ethan’s body was shocked, and he looked up at the sign at the door with some embarrassment.


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