I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 606

Chapter 606 Get Better (First)

“If it weren’t for the pharmacy on the doorplate, I thought I had entered somewhere!”

Having said this, Ethan moved his contents into the office and put them down.

Only then did he walk out leisurely, and took a deep breath on his own cigarette.

“Hey, you are really big-hearted. With so many things in the pharmacy, you still dare to smoke!”

The old man looked at Ethan and couldn’t help giving a thumbs up: “Before you came here, I thought I was the most shameless. Now it seems that I am arrogant!”

Ethan couldn’t help laughing when he heard this, and then asked, “How do you know I came here after a crime?”

The old man sneered, “Just this ghost place, there is no oil or water, why would you come here so young?”

After saying this, the old man glanced at Ethan with a look of disdain!

Ethan looked at the other party and smiled bitterly, “Then why did you come here and you also offended others?”

When the old man heard this as if he had been stepped on his tail, he hurriedly said: “You kid knows a fart, the old man is called avoiding the world!”

“Old Bi, it’s time to get the medicine. This is what Dr. Li needs urgently, hurry up!”

Hearing this, the old man who was still jumping with Ethan quickly responded: “Come on!”

Immediately, he went to get the prescription, and then concentrated on dispensing the medicine, regardless of Ethan.

Ethan sat in a chair and smoked a cigarette, looking at the busy old man.

I can’t help thinking, to avoid the world, the surname is Bi, hahaha, it’s quite interesting!

After Old Man Bi finished grabbing the medicine, he walked over slowly.

Then he looked at Ethan and asked curiously, “Boy, how did you get in?”

Ethan had nothing to conceal about this, so he said it again.

At the end, I added a sentence: “Maybe it’s because of the way I used to treat patients too aggressively, that’s why I have such a big reaction!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Old Man Bi looked at Ethan dumbfounded: “You have two hands, there is nothing unusual about life resuscitation needles, but you will be able to survive the fire?!”

This was the first time Ethan heard someone say that life extension needles were not unusual, so he couldn’t help looking at Old Man Bi with some doubts.

“Do you know what a life extension needle is?!”

Old Man Bi sneered disdainfully when he heard the words, “That thing is a tasteless thing to put it bluntly, but it’s just sealing people’s life.”

After just saying this, he lowered his head slightly and thought for a moment: “But if you really do what you said, that girl is born with Yin veins and has a deep cold inside her body, so it must be treated like this.

Ethan also nodded slightly and smiled bitterly: “No way, they don’t understand…No, why are you so clear?!”

Seeing Ethan startled, Old Man Bi smiled.

“Boy, I have been in this hospital for forty to fifty years. I haven’t read any books!”

After saying this, he pondered for a moment: “Well, the little girl vomited cold and bloody blood, so it should be nourished.”

Ethan thinks the same way, if he can’t use warm Chinese medicine in time for tonic.

Strengthening the effect of treatment, is it possible that all previous efforts will be lost!

Thinking of this, Ethan shook his head in distress, “Would you like to give me a recipe to listen to?”

Old Man Bi smiled and replied: “Your previous prescription was good, but if you replace ginseng with five-year servings, the other medicines are halved.”

After listening, Ethan nodded in thought and said, “Well, it’s okay. You can help me get the medicine. I’ll go to Lin’s house after get off work.”

Old Man Bi rolled his eyes, and then stretched out his hand to spread it out: “Give me the money, these things are all from the hospital, not mine!”

Ethan touched his nose, and looked at the old man’s sloppy look, but when he talked about money, his eyes were golden!

While taking out his card and swiping it, he couldn’t help sighing, “You are really in decline, and people’s hearts are not old!”

Old Man Bi smiled after seeing the money arrived, and got up to grab medicine for Ethan.

He said proudly, “Don’t be Miss Lin’s sister, after healed her, do you still care about this little money?”

Ethan never thought about money or not, mainly because that slap was really a bit wronged!

At first Ethan felt a little angry, but looking at Lin Yan’s pretty face, he couldn’t help it!

Thinking of this, Ethan couldn’t help but stretched out his hand and slapped his face lightly, scolding himself for nothing.

But I never thought that this little action would be seen by Old Man Bi.

After getting the medicine for Ethan, Old Man Bi smiled while looking at Ethan while wrapping it up.

“It’s not necessarily a good thing to throw you here, it’s relatively easy here.”

After saying this, he put the packaged three packs of medicine in front of Ethan.

“As for you, take advantage of this time to settle yourself down.”

Ethan took the medicine and looked at it slightly: “Is this medicine enough? I’m worried that it might be a little bit scarce.”

Old Man Bi rolled his eyes when he heard this: “You save the time, the one who asked me to get the medicine is done all at once!”

Speaking of this, Old Man Bi smiled triumphantly: “These forty years have not been for nothing!”

Ethan smiled at the words, shook his head slightly, and put the medicine away.

However, after Lin Yan went home holding Lin Beibei on the other side, the doctor at home quickly began to diagnose Lin Beibei!

“It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t listen to what others say about trying Chinese medicine, but Babe vomits blood today.”

After saying this, Lin Yan looked at the doctor nervously and said, “How is it, there is no major problem with Beibei’s body?”

After a careful examination, the doctor said in surprise: “No, I obviously checked it when I went out in the morning!”

Lin Yan hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong, is there something wrong?! Blame me, blame me!”

The doctor turned his head to look at Lin Yan, then shook his head and smiled: “It’s not like this, but Beibei’s condition has improved a lot!”

After saying this, he couldn’t help being silent again: “But this is not right, how could it be so much better in such a short time.”

Hearing this, Lin Yan was slightly taken aback: “What? Isn’t it more serious? Beibei has vomited blood!”

The doctor smiled and shook his head: “Sometimes it doesn’t mean that vomiting blood is necessarily a bad thing. We have to figure this out.”

After saying this, he began to check Beibei’s body and said, “Well, it really improved a lot. Congratulations to Miss Lin.”

Lin Yan looked at the doctor in a little stunned: “You mean, Beibei’s illness has improved a lot?”

The doctor smiled and nodded: “Although I don’t know what’s going on, Beibei’s body has indeed improved a lot. I don’t know which expert made the move!”

Lin Yan was silly when she heard this, she blushed when she thought that she had slapped Ethan in the hospital!


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