I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 608

Chapter 608 Villain (third more)

“It went smoothly, but suddenly a master appeared and I couldn’t provoke him.”

On the other end of the phone, Kuo Shao was silent for a while and asked, “Where are they now?”

When the mouse heard the words, he turned his head and looked: “Jinyun Hotel, Beifu West Street, what, is Young Master Chen coming?”

“This is not something you should worry about. Take your people away.”

Then the leader of Chen ended the call, then sat in the car and looked at the road with a gloomy face.

I just want to arrange a hero to save the United States. Why is it so difficult?

The mouse is a useless thing, but he also said how tough he is!

You were scared off by a single person, and even got an idea?

Doesn’t he Chenn stop getting involved?

Thinking of this, Chen Minggang loosened his tie slightly, and then looked at himself in the mirror for a long while.

“Well, it’s still so handsome, Lin Yan, you can’t escape from my palm!”

After saying this, he drove to the Jinyun Hotel.

At this time Ethan and Lin Yan had just finished their meal, and when they were about to leave, Chen Minggang walked in.

Seeing the two talking and laughing, Chen Minggang’s heart sank.

I thought to myself that I would spend money to ask the mouse to go awkward, but the result was cheaper, right?

Thinking of this, Chen Minggang stepped forward to look at Lin Yan and smiled: “Xiao Yan, why are you here?”

Lin Yan looked at Chen Minggang who appeared suddenly, then looked at Ethan and then looked at him again.

“Ah, I’m eating with friends here, why are you here?”

Chen Minggang smiled and pointed to the glass window and said, “I passed by here when I was sending a friend off. I happened to see you through the glass window.”

After saying this, he looked at the food on the table and shook his head: “Why don’t you order something delicious? Are you used to eating these things?”

A trace of disgust flashed in Lin Yan’s eyes: “Fortunately, I like to eat.”

Ethan sat on the edge and looked at Lin Yan, then at Chen Minggang, and then suddenly smiled.

“Eating is sometimes like drinking, it depends on who you are with, what do you think?”

Chen Minggang looked suffocated when he heard the words, but Lin Yan looked at Ethan in surprise!

“I basically know Xiao Yan’s friends, what are you?”

Ethan sneered, then looked at Chen Minggang with disdain, “What are you?”

Lin Yan sitting on the side heard Ethan’s words, and couldn’t help but stretch out her hand to hold Ethan softly, “Are you crazy?”

After saying this, she leaned in Ethan’s ear and continued to speak, “He is Shao Chen from the Beifu, are you drunk?”

Ethan was taken aback when he heard this, and then he meditated.

He was worried about how to break into the upper echelon as soon as possible in Beifu, but now this Chenn took the initiative to send it up.

So after smiling slightly, Ethan looked at Shao Chen contemptuously and said, “Shao Chen, right? Do you think these things are not eaten by humans?”

Chen Minggang was never a good stubble, he heard Ethan’s words.

He sneered and nodded: “It’s not just these, this wine is not for humans either!”

After saying this, Shao Chen raised his hand and shouted, “Waiter, open a bottle of your two horses here.”

The waiter glanced at Shao Chen with some embarrassment: “Well, this wine is 18,800 bottles!”

“It doesn’t matter, open it, I still have a little money.”

After saying this, Shao Chen took out his credit card and put it on the table: “Take it and use it yourself.”

After the waiter took the card and left, Chenn looked at Ethan with contempt.

“This is what people drink, what is that to you?”

Lin Yan frowned, she knew that she might be restless today!

Ethan is just a doctor, and I am afraid he only has a salary of more than 10,000 yuan a month.

Thinking of this, Lin Yan sighed and said, “Chen Minggang, it’s almost enough.”

“This is not a question of whether I am enough, this is what he wants to play with me!”

Ethan watched the waiter deliver the wine, then said to Shao Chen: “Well, I will play with you slowly.”

“Well, waiter, how much is your most expensive bottle of wine here?”

The waiter looked at Ethan and then at Chen Minggang and then trembled: “Ah, the most expensive wine is 80,000…Do you want a bottle?”

Ethan looked at Chenn and smiled: “Get three bottles.”

Not only was the waiter surprised, Lin Yan also looked at Ethan in shock!

“You are crazy! This is more than two hundred thousand!”

Ethan glanced at Lin Yan strangely, and logically speaking, she was the Lin family eldest.

A mere two hundred thousand should be nothing in her eyes, how could it look like this.

It’s just that Ethan didn’t pay much attention, but looked at the waiter and said, “Swipe your card, get your machine.”

The lobby manager hurriedly walked over with the POS machine, then graciously took the card and swiped more than 250,000.

“Because you have spent 200,000 in this store, this is our hotel’s VIP card!”

While talking, the waiter also brought up the wine.

Ethan took the VIP card and looked at it and smiled, “I didn’t expect to be a VIP after a meal.”

After saying this, he looked at Shao Chen and said, “You are rich, aren’t you? Then we compare to see who has money.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ethan directly opened three bottles of over 80,000 wine.

Then bottle after bottle fell to the ground!

“How about, Shao Chen, do you want to go on playing?”

Chenn looked at Ethan with a dry mouth, “Play! Bring me four bottles!”

The lobby manager nodded quickly, he doesn’t care about who loses and who wins now!

Looking at the waiter, he said, “Don’t hurry up and get the wine!”

Ethan snorted and threw the card on the table: “No matter how many bottles he wants, I will have one more bottle than him.”

Plain tone, but the meaning of this sentence can’t help but make people startle!

Lin Yan looked at Ethan with a blurred look. For the first time, she started to wonder about this man.

Chenn stared at Ethan fiercely: “You are fine, I hope you will not regret what happened today!”

After saying this, Chenn turned around and left.

After looking at his back, Ethan sneered twice, then took a sip of wine while sitting on the chair.

To be honest, he was also a little impulsive tonight, without even considering Lin Yan beside him.

Lin Yan also sat down at this moment, and then looked at Ethan with complicated eyes.

“Who are you, how can a doctor be so rich.”

Ethan snorted twice: “If I say that I regret that my bowels are all green now, do you believe it?”

Hearing this, Lin Yanhao let out a laugh: “Where is there like you? You just looked like you’re invincible!”

Ethan smiled bitterly and shook his head: “It’s not to have more face in front of you. I call it the death to face and to suffer.”

Lin Yan’s face turned red when she heard this, and then she spoke softly, “Don’t worry, I will pay you back the money.”

Seeing Lin Yan’s blushing pretty face, Ethan couldn’t help being stunned.

After the reaction came, he shook his head and said, “Forget it, I’m a real villain.”


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