I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 610

Chapter 610 Red (second more)

After arriving at the pharmacy dormitory, Ethan understood why the security guards were reluctant to come.

Xiao Lei looked at Ethan’s face slightly dark, so he embarrassed and said, “Ah, hospital funding is limited, so…”

Having said that, Xiao Lei was also a little embarrassed.

Ethan frowned slightly when he looked at the old house where the wall was peeled off in front of him!

Hospital funding is limited? This is to coax him as a three-year-old kid!

The hospital in the center of the dignified city can’t even get the money for quietly repairing it?

Thinking of the expressions on the faces of Doctor Xu and Doctor Ren, Ethan understood a little.

I was really bullied by a dog this time. I never thought I would be so despised by others!

Old Man Bi, who was enjoying the cool downstairs, was sitting on the recliner. He opened his eyes and sat up after hearing the movement.

“Who is coming over there, why don’t you light up?”

After hearing this, Xiao Lei quickly turned on the flashlight and walked over, then smiled and said, “Grandpa Bi, are you enjoying the cold?”

Old Man Bi looked at the package in Xiao Lei’s hand for a moment, then couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Hahaha, where do I enjoy the shade? I’m worried that someone won’t have a place to sleep at night, so I’m waiting here!”

When Ethan heard this, he walked up with a black face: “Old man Bi, did you mean it?”

Xiao Lei didn’t know Ethan very much, and he was very grieved.

So he hurriedly said embarrassedly, “Grandpa Bi was definitely not deliberately taunting, don’t get me wrong!”

Ethan stared at Xiao Lei’s reaction for a moment, then smiled bitterly and lighted himself a deep breath.

“Who is interested in being angry with him, I am angry with those snobberies!”

After saying this, Ethan went to sit down beside Old Man Bi.

Then took out the cigarette and handed it over and squinted, “Come on?”

Old Man Bi unceremoniously stretched out his hand and took out a lighter, and then let out a long sigh.

“Boy, you will get used to these things as you read more.”

After saying this, Old Man Bi winked at Ethan and said, “Otherwise, why do you think I have been reluctant to leave this yard.”

Ethan chuckled when he heard what Old Man Bi said, “Listen to what you mean, where did you live before?”

At this time, security guard Xiao Lei spoke quickly: “Grandpa Bi was very good before, even better than Doctor Xu!”

After listening, Ethan glanced at Old Man Bi, and then at Xiao Lei’s expression.

“Come on, it’s so amazing, wouldn’t he have taken the position of the dean long ago!”

After speaking, Ethan put down the suitcase on his hand, and then let out a faint wisp of blue smoke.

“I can’t help it. Although I’m good, I’m a little stupid.

After saying this, Old Man Bi sighed, then looked at Ethan’s hand and was silent for a while.

“I heard about today’s affairs. Your kid is a little capable, Dr. Norman.”

Ethan glanced at Old Man Bi when he heard this, and then whispered, “Xiao Lei, go on patrol, I will rest after talking to your Grandpa Bi.”

Xiao Lei looked at Old Man Bi, then looked at Ethan and nodded slightly.

He wasn’t a fool either. Knowing what the two might have to say next, he obediently left.

After Xiao Lei was gone, Ethan looked at Old Man Bi and said, “Doctor Xu said before that the life extension needle has been lost for nearly a hundred years. How did you know?”

After saying this, Ethan paused: “Don’t tell me to read books. If there is a book that records this stitch, then it will not be lost.”

Old Man Bi still had a smile on his face at first, and when he saw Ethan’s serious look, he gradually closed.

“Well, I do know these things, but I just don’t want to use them.”

Now that some things were seen through, Old Man Bi simply didn’t hide it.

“This thing is a tasteless thing, it has to be combined with other stitches to have a miraculous effect!”

After saying this, Old Man Bi smiled helplessly, “But how can you pass the other stitches lightly?”

After Ethan heard this, he looked at Old Man Bi solemnly: “The dean even sighed all day that he couldn’t find talent. The emotional talent is under his nose.”

Hearing this, Old Man Bi sneered and shook his head: “You look at him a little bit by saying that. He is just here for gilding.”

Ethan was taken aback for a moment, thinking that Dean Jiao didn’t seem to have earned power with Doctor Xu.

Even sometimes he deliberately showed weakness in front of Dr. Xu, so he couldn’t help being silent.

Old Man Bi smiled when he looked at Ethan’s pensive look, “I’ve been here for a long time, and you can see through some things!”

After saying this, he got up and picked up Ethan’s luggage and walked into the room.

Although the room looks a bit dilapidated, it was cleaned by Old Man Bi.

Ethan frowned when he looked around. This is probably the worst place he has ever lived in!

Old Man Bi looked at Ethan and pointed to the sofa and said, “Tonight, you can make do with it on the sofa. I will have someone move the bed tomorrow.”

After saying this, Old Man Bi fell asleep and fell asleep.

Ethan looked at him helplessly, then shook his head, spread the quilt on the sofa and fell asleep.

Early the next morning, Ethan, who had just woke up, was aching all over, especially his neck was numb!

Old Man Bi walked in, wearing a Tai Chi obedience, and smiled when he saw Ethan just waking up.

“Young people doze a little bit more than us, hey, but I still have to say something.”

While talking, Old Man Bi wiped his face clean.

“Why sleep for a long time when you are born, you will sleep long after you die, hahaha!”

Ethan got up and glared at Old Man Bi helplessly: “I don’t know which old madman let me sleep on the sofa last night!”

When Old Man Bi heard this, an awkward expression flashed across his face.

“Ah, hurry up and wash your face and get ready for work!”

When Ethan packed up and went to work, the people in the hospital pointed to Ethan, not knowing what they were talking about.

Faced with such a situation, Ethan accepted it calmly, as if he had not been affected at all.

Old Man Bi took a look at Ethan after sitting down: “Xiao Norman, look, you’re popular in our courtyard, hahaha!”

Ethan glared helplessly at the old madman: “Just accumulate some morals!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ethan was slightly taken aback when he looked at the phone in his hand.

I couldn’t help but recall the scene of him standing at the door of the hotel last night, exchanging phone calls with Lin Yan.

Thinking of this, the corners of his mouth turned up slightly.

Upon seeing this, Old Man Bi laughed loudly and said: “Smelly boy, what good things are you thinking of, laugh so wickedly!”


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