I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 611

Chapter 611 Leave it to you (third more)

Ethan looked at Old Man Bi and smiled without saying a word, and then began preparations.

This is what happened in the yard. They can rest without prescriptions.

Driven by Old Man Bi, Ethan also began to look down on some of the hospital’s provisions.

The two smoked in the office if they should smoke, chat if they should chat.

During the period, the nurse Xiaoli came over, and after seeing Ethan’s appearance, she thought that the other party had abandoned herself!

After Dr. Xu learned about this, he sneered at Ethan.

Believing that the other party would never endanger one’s position again, he felt proud.

When nothing happened, Dr. Xu had visited Ethan a few times.

The morning passed so plainly, just as Ethan was about to leave work in the afternoon.

Outside, Lin Yan walked in, and then looked at the hall but did not see Ethan.

This was a little weird and said to the nurse Xiaoli: “Why don’t you see Dr. Norman?”

Upon hearing this, the nurse Xiaoli thought that Lin Yan was looking for trouble!

Because she heard that Dr. Norman seemed to treat Lin Yan’s sister for vomiting blood that day!

So he began to speak in fear, “Well, wait a minute, I will call for you.”

Lin Yan nodded slightly after hearing this. She came here today to thank Ethan.

Because after Lin Beibei took his medicine, her whole person became better and better.

Seeing Lin Yan sat down with a plain expression, Xiaoli quickly poured a cup of tea.

Only then hurried out of the reception room, and then called Dean Jiao: “Dean, it’s not good! Miss Lin is here!”

When Dean Jiao heard this, he couldn’t help but think of what Lin Yan said when he left that day.

So my heart couldn’t help but become nervous: “You hold on first, and when I arrange it, how does her face look?”

Xiaoli replied a little anxiously: “The face is very plain, it doesn’t feel like she’s here to make trouble.”

After hearing this, Dean Jiao relaxed a little, and then ended the call.

Then he got up and walked to the pharmacy room, and saw that Ethan and Old Man Bi were vomiting.

Looking at the appearance of the two, Dean Jiao couldn’t help but feel a headache!

“This is in the hospital, can you still have a little professionalism?”

After saying this, Dean Jiao pointed to Old Man Bi: “Old Bi, you are also an old man in the courtyard, so why don’t you take care of him?”

Old Man Bi and Ethan looked at each other, and then quickly put out his cigarette butt.

“Dean, don’t we look at the end of get off work soon and relax a little bit.”

Having said this, Old Man Bi quickly pulled a chair: “Come on, sit down!”

Dean Jiao looked at Old Man Bi, then looked at Ethan with an indifferent expression.

The anger is even worse!

“Little Norman, Xiao Norman, I originally wanted to keep you, but this time you may really not be able to stay!”

Ethan was taken aback when he heard the words and looked at Dean Jiao strangely.

I thought to myself that he didn’t seem to have done anything here when he came here, why did he suddenly say this to himself.

Dean Jiao looked at his puzzled expression and smiled bitterly: “You, I shouldn’t be doing it!”

After saying this, he shook his head and continued: “It’s alright now, the other party has come to the door, let’s see what to do with this!”

Ethan and Old Man Bi glanced at each other, and both of them were confused by the second monk.

“Ah, Dean, who are you talking about?”

Dean Jiao sneered after hearing this, “Who do you think I’m talking about? It’s not Miss Lin!”

After saying this, he looked at Ethan and said angrily: “It’s fine if you can do it, and you will pick others to do it. Now people are looking for it!”

Ethan fell silent when he heard this, and Lin Beibei was already optimistic about his illness.

Even later yesterday, he gave Lin Yan all the medicines he was going to take. How could she come to trouble?

Thinking of this, Ethan was about to explain, saying that there might be some misunderstandings.

But he never thought that he hadn’t spoken yet, but Doctor Xu, who didn’t know when he came over, spoke first.

“President, what are you talking about with him? He will be responsible for what he does himself!”

With these words, Doctor Xu walked in, and then looked at Ethan coldly.

“From now on, you won’t belong to our hospital anymore. You can take care of Miss Lin’s affairs by yourself. Come with us!”

Old Man Bi stood silently, he knew that Ethan’s methods of ruling people were okay.

But I didn’t want to lose my job because of this, so I let out a long silence.

Dean Jiao looked at Ethan with burning eyes: “Let’s go, Miss Lin family is waiting in the reception room, I will accompany you.”

Ethan shook his head and smiled: “Well, in this case, I will accompany you on a trip.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ethan took the initiative to walk out of the pharmacy.

Dean Jiao looked at Ethan’s back and looked at Doctor Xu. At first, they were a little worried that Ethan would not go out.

Then he sent this pot to the hospital, causing trouble to himself!

But he didn’t expect Ethan to walk out so easily, he didn’t worry about his future at all.

When Dr. Xu saw this, he sneered twice: “Dean, look, these are dead pigs, not afraid of boiling water!”

Dean Jiao fell silent as he watched Ethan’s back, how could this young man be called by himself.

“There is a shortage of people in our courtyard, but what kind of guy is this guy, you are too easy to trust others.”

When Dr. Xu saw Dean Jiao silently ignore him, he became even more proud!

As early as when Ethan was against himself for the first time, he fantasized about driving Ethan out every day.

It’s finally all right now, everything feels clean!

After the three people walked to the reception room, Xiaoli was standing respectfully at the door.

She glanced at Ethan and quickly lowered her head. After the three of them entered, she raised her head and looked inside.

The three of them went in, and Dean Jiao didn’t say anything yet.

Dr. Xu walked up first, regardless of the three-seven-one.

She opened her mouth and said, “Miss Lin, Norman Yan is no longer a member of our hospital. Whatever he does has nothing to do with our hospital!”

Dean Jiao looked at Doctor Xu and stopped talking, thinking that he had already said what he said, so be it!

Lin Yan was stunned when she heard this, and then looked at Ethan with some confusion.

“Really? No matter what he sits on, it has nothing to do with you, right?”

Dean Jiao fell silent when he heard this, but looked at Ethan helplessly.

But Doctor Xu nodded quickly and said, “Yes, yes, nothing he does has nothing to do with us!”

After saying this, he coughed lightly and continued: “Miss Lin, if you find any trouble, please find him. I will leave it to you!”

When Lin Yan heard this, a strange color flashed in her eyes, and she chuckled lightly.


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