I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 616

Chapter 616 Linda, Wait For Me (Fourth)

Since the last storm passed, many people in the hospital knew about it.

Norman Yan, a new doctor has become a rookie in their hospital!

The first person to dare to smoke in front of the dean in the dean’s office, the first to be late at will.

The first person to be a doctor but train all doctors in acupuncture.

However, to Dean Jiao, Ethan’s firsts are all so-called.

Most importantly, he was the first person to get a pennant for the hospital from a big family like the Lin family!

This is not just a pennant, it is more like a proof to those noble families.

It proves that this hospital is more powerful and worthy of recognition than their own doctors!

It was precisely because Ethan got this from Lin Yan that it was among the people who came to the hospital during this time.

There are already many high-ranking officials, and Dean Jiao looks at the business cards on the table every day.

Even when he is sleeping, he can smile and open his mouth!

What kind of business cards are these, these are all contacts!

If one day he retreated from this position, the people on these business cards would make a random call.

The other party will look at it for the sake of helping others. This is the investment of favor!

And Ethan had a very fulfilling time.

After I went to work all day, I started to check the case list with my permission and confirmed that there was no such person as Linda.

Then prepare to teach yourself students who are a bit old but who are still very serious about learning.

In the class, I will teach you the methods of life-sustaining needles and wildfire needles.

Among them, Old Man Bi also rushed over, and then sat down properly, listening to Ethan’s lecture.

After the lecture, Ethan will decide how many patients to see according to the schedule of the day.

He originally only wanted to avoid trouble, so he stipulated how many guests he would only see every day.

But under the influence of some people, his rules made those high-ranking officials go crazy!

Many people have rumored that Ethan is the first person in their hospital?

It is precisely because of this that some people even hang up Ethan’s account and then resell it to others.

Although Ethan was a little bored with this situation, he was helpless.

After a while, Dean Jiao suddenly called Ethan to his office with a serious expression.

After Ethan arrived, Dean Jiao spoke heavily, “Sit down, I have something to tell you.”

Ethan nodded slightly. Seeing the dean’s solemn expression, Ethan thought for a moment.

“What’s wrong, is there something trouble in the hospital?”

Dean Jiao nodded after hearing this: “It’s a bit troublesome, do you know the Xue family in Beifu?”

Ethan was taken aback when he heard the words, and Linda’s father could not help but appear in his mind.

“Well, I heard a little bit, what happened?”

Dean Jiao saw that Ethan had heard of it, so he stopped explaining.

Then he said directly, “Xue Chongli, who is in charge of the Xue family, has an old relationship with me, so he found me yesterday.”

After saying this, Dean Jiao spoke heavily: “And the other party wants me to take you to their home.”

After listening to Ethan, he calculated it slightly, then nodded and replied: “Go and go, it’s not a big deal, when?”

“The sooner the better. If you agree, then pack up your things and come down with me when you are ready.”

Hearing the words, Ethan pondered for a moment: “Did the other party say about the patient’s symptoms?”

Dean Jiao shook his head slightly: “I didn’t say clearly, you should bring it as much as possible. You can save it when you need it but you don’t have it.”

Hearing this, Ethan nodded and walked out of the office to prepare his own things.

Looking at Ethan’s back, Dean Jiao picked up the phone and dialed a number.

“Ahem, Chongli, I’ve done it here, and I’ll come over soon.”

There was a whisper on the other end of the phone, and then he said, “Well, this time I will trouble you. I will pick you up at the door.”

After speaking, he ended the call, and Dean Jiao fell silent while looking at the phone in his hand.

The Xue family has encountered a storm now, and he is not worried about treating others.

But worried that he and Ethan were involved in this storm.

Thinking of this, Dean Jiao also let out a long sigh, wondering if what he did this time was right or wrong.

On the other side, Ethan felt a little excited about going to Xue’s house.

Although Pablo didn’t say where Linda was in Beifu when he died, it was very likely that he was in Xue’s house!

I haven’t tried to get close to Xue’s house before because there is no suitable reason.

Ethan sighed softly when thinking of the dean taking himself to Xue’s house.

“Yuning, wait, I will save you soon!”

After saying this, Ethan picked up his parcel and walked out of the office.

Dean Jiao waited outside the door for a while, and nodded slightly when Ethan came out.

“Everything is packed, how is it, is there anything left?”

Ethan shook his head and replied: “Don’t worry, you have brought everything that should be brought, shall we go now?”

After hearing this, Dean Jiao nodded in satisfaction and waved his hand.

Nurse Xiaoli drove out a car and parked in front of them.

Ethan looked at Dean Jiao, and then looked at Xiaoli again, a little surprised.

“Xiaoli, why do you go wherever the dean goes?”

While driving, Xiaoli chuckled when she heard Ethan’s words and replied, “Because he is my dad.”

Ethan shut his mouth when he heard this, and then sat down in a chair with a tight heart.

Dean Jiao glanced at Ethan helplessly, then shook his head and said, “Wait when you get to Xue’s house, don’t mess around, you hear?”

When Ethan heard this, he said with some dissatisfaction: “What do you tell me not to mess around? Am I like a messy person?”

Dean Jiao watched Ethan silent for a long while, and was silent for a while!

Ethan was a little helpless when he was seen: “Well, well, I will listen to you.”

Dean Jiao looked at Ethan’s helplessness, sighed slightly, and said, “I’m doing this for your good.”

After saying this, Dean Jiao coughed slightly: “The Xue family has been a little uneasy during this period. I am worried that the two of us may be in trouble.”

Ethan relied on his courage to forcibly kill from Buckeye to Sanliwan, and then from Sanliwan to Beifu!

If you are not careful during this period, your fate may be accounted for.

To be really troublesome, he had never seen anything more troublesome than Norman Tianyang.

So after hearing Dean Jiao’s words, Ethan agreed.

But in his heart, there were no two Xue Jia who cared about it.

For him, if it weren’t because Linda was probably here, he wouldn’t be happy to invite him.

With such thoughts, Ethan met Xue Jiaguan, Xue Chongli just after getting off the car.


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