I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 617

Chapter 617 Fifty Million (first more)

“Brother Chongli, it’s been a long time. We haven’t seen each other for a while.”

A man with a face with Chinese characters came forward and nodded to Dean Jiao first.

Then he said, “Counting the time, we haven’t seen each other for a while, and you have been busy since you became the dean.”

Dean Jiao nodded in embarrassment, and then smiled: “If you have time, you must come out to gather.”

Xue Chongli nodded and looked at Ethan, who was standing next to Dean Jiao, slightly confused and asked, “This is?”

Dean Jiao quickly stretched out his hand and introduced: “This is Norman Yan, who has been making a lot of noise in Beifu recently.”

“Huh? He is Norman Yan? How come you are so young, are you perfunctory me?”

Dean Jiao smiled bitterly: “Brother Chongli, you are a little judged by appearance.”

Ethan was a little embarrassed standing beside him, and looked at Xue Chongrenli a little helpless.

“Who told you that you can’t get good medical skills when you are young, do I have to be seventy and eighty to see a doctor?”

Xue Chongli was taken aback when he heard this, and then smiled: “I don’t know if this medical technique is good, but this is the mouth.”

Speaking of this, Xue Chongli snorted slightly, “It’s really sharp and sharp!”

Dean Jiao looked at Xue Chongli with a smile: “In the entire Beifu, I still don’t believe that there is someone more powerful than him!”

After saying this, Dean Jiao said proudly: “If Brother Chongli doesn’t believe it, try it and you will know.”

Seeing Dean Jiao trust Ethan so much, Xue Chongli’s expression became a little serious.

After a moment of silence, he looked at Ethan and said, “Aren’t you a doctor? Then you can show me to see if I have any hidden problems.”

When Ethan heard this, he looked at Dean Jiao, then smiled and said, “This is okay. Give me money?”

Xue Chongli saw that Ethan was talking about money, and he couldn’t help contemptuously.

Regardless of his medical skills, the opening just because of the money made him a little uncomfortable.

Although he thought so in his heart, Xue Chongli nodded and said, “Don’t worry, it’s up to you to see the money.”

Ethan smiled and nodded when he heard this, and then carefully observed Xue Chongli’s expression.

After a while, Ethan frowned slightly and said, “If it is convenient, can you give me your hand?”

Xue Chongli nodded and stretched out his hand to get Ethan’s pulse. He wanted to see how this young man was doing!

Ethan closed his eyes, pulsed Xue Chongli with his right hand, and secretly figured out what with his left hand.

Xue Chongli saw no movement for a long time, so he sneered twice.

“The person you brought, I think he is more like a fortune teller than a doctor.”

An awkward expression flashed across Dean Jiao’s face, and then he bumped Ethan.

“How’s it going, are you optimistic, what’s wrong with his body?”

Ethan opened his eyes to look at Xue Chongli, and stopped moving his hands.

“I have already cleared up your illness, but this prescription requires you to pay for it separately.”

Xue Chongli smiled after hearing this: “Whether to buy or not is another matter, I want to see what you can say.”

Ethan smiled: “Dampness in the lungs is responsible for heat, cold and phlegm. Ordinary people may only think that the weather is the cause.”

Having said that, he looked at Xue Chongli with a slightly surprised look on his face and smiled.

“But I’m not an ordinary person, so I kept calling for a while. Your illness is an old wound from an accidental lung injury in your early years.

Xue Chongli looked at Ethan subtly, and after a moment of silence, he said, “How can you see it?”

Although Ethan appeared to be trumpeting pulses, he actually used his true energy to walk through Xue Chongli’s body!

So Ethan naturally knew what was wrong with Xue Chongli’s body.

After hearing Xue Chongli’s words, Ethan smiled: “I’ll just say a word. If I say something wrong, turn around and leave. From then on, I won’t enter the Beifu for half a step!”

Seeing that Ethan was so confident, Xue Chongli nodded and smiled: “Okay, I’ll bet with you, just tell me!”

“I count the kick 20 years ago. It hits the chest. It was kicked by a woman, right?”

After saying this, Ethan looked at Xue Chongli with a smile but a smile: “If I make a mistake, I will leave immediately!”

Xue Chongli’s face turned pale, and she looked at Ethan in shock and said, “Who are you! Impossible! You can’t know this!”

Ethan snorted and said, “What is impossible, do you want to cure it?”

Dean Jiao stood aside. He hadn’t dared to speak since Ethan just made a bet.

Now looking at Xue Chongli’s shocked appearance, it was obvious that Ethan had won.

So he smiled slightly and said, “How about, I didn’t bring people here casually, right?”

Xue Chongli gave Ethan a thumbs up: “This can’t be cured at all. It has already hurt the lungs and become an old wound.”

Ethan smiled and said, “The prescription is 200,000, if I let me take it myself, 600,000.”

When Dean Jiao heard this, he looked at Ethan in shock: “Ahem, this is my own, my own!”

Ethan came back to his senses after hearing this: “Ahem, sorry, I just committed an occupational disease.”

“If you are my own person, give me 100,000 yuan, and no labor costs, just do it all at once!”

Xue Chongli looked at Ethan incredulously: “I, I, I’m a 20-year old wound, can it really be cured once?!”

Dean Jiao smiled and said, “You know, Lin Beibei, the second youngest of the Lin family, they are all dying, and Norman Yan was rescued by force!”

After hearing this, Xue Chongli laughed loudly: “Since this is the case, let’s go according to 600,000!”

After saying this, Xue Chongli let the door open: “Come on, please, I will take you to see the old lady.”

When Ethan heard these words, he said with dissatisfaction: “I was invited to do a physical examination for your whole family, right?”

Dean Jiao hurriedly coughed twice, he did not dare to be so careless in front of Xue Chongli!

But who knows that Xue Chongli unexpectedly said gently: “You are joking, but the old man wants to check it.”

After hearing this, Ethan’s heart felt warm.

If the last person to be cured is Linda, then it proves that someone in this family still loves her.

Thinking of this, Ethan was no longer anxious, so he smiled and looked at the luxurious courtyard and said, “As expected of the rich family of the North House, the family is really magnificent!”

Hearing Ethan’s words, Xue Chongli also showed a touch of pride!

“Of course, my Xue family’s background is inferior to others, but we have not been doing it for so many years!”

After speaking, he pointed to a tree in the courtyard and said, “This is the tree that the grandfather moved back with more than 50 million dollars. This is the only tree in the entire North Province!”

Hearing the words, Ethan looked at the tree that couldn’t be as big as he was stunned.

“Just this shit, cost 50 million?”

Xue Chongli nodded and said, “Doctor Norman, don’t underestimate this tree. There are no more than 20 surviving trees in the world!”


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