I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 619

Chapter 619

Old Mrs. Xue looked at Ethan for a while and was silent for a while, and then said, “Then you are telling me, what is my illness?”

Ethan smiled slightly, and said in a hurry, “There are some diseases that can be cured with medicine, but some diseases are hidden in my heart, even if they have medicine, they can’t be bought.”

After hearing this, Xue Chongli, who was standing by, couldn’t help being silent.

Since Ethan said this, he felt like Ming Jing in his heart, knowing why the old man had this disease.

So he sighed deeply and said with a roar: “Old lady, Dr. Norman means that you have been overworked recently, so that’s why.”

Dean Jiao stood behind Ethan, nodded slightly and said, “This is true. It is not suitable for people to worry too much when they are old, otherwise they will get sick.”

Old Mrs. Xue sighed slightly when he heard what the two said, “You don’t know something, I can’t worry about it.”

Ethan was a little confused when he heard what the old lady said, but did not ask anything, but looked at Xue Chongli lightly.

Xue Chongli naturally knew what Ethan meant, so he coughed slightly and said, “Master, look, is Dr. Norman’s medical skills still good?”

Grandpa Xue was silent for a while, then nodded and said, “Well, it’s still clever. If so, please go inside.”

Having said this, he got up and walked slowly to the inner room with his crutches.

Dean Jiao followed the old man Xue and glanced at Xue Chongli in a puzzled way: “Brother Chongli, what does this old man mean? Who are you going to see?”

Although Ethan had doubts in his mind, he did not show it, because he basically guessed who he was going to see the doctor.

And Xue Chongli looked at Dean Jiao and Ethan and shook his head and said, “You’ll know after you get in later. The old man has always had chest pains during this time. It’s also because of this incident.”

After Ethan nodded slightly, he walked in under the leadership of Xue Chongli, and he couldn’t help looking at the Xue family along the way.

Although it is considered to be a big wealthy family in the Beifu, but don’t know why, there always seems to be something wrong in the Xue family.

But Ethan is not from the Xue family after all, so naturally he didn’t take these things to heart.

After arriving in the inner room, Mrs. Xue stood at the door waiting for Ethan and others to arrive.

“This is the person you are going to see today. If you get her cured, you can just talk about it.”

After saying this, Mrs. Xue coughed twice: “Although my health is not good, I will be with you.”

Ethan nodded at the old man Xue, just about to open the door, suddenly a voice came.

“Whose family is this, how come we walk around here?”

Ethan and the others followed the voice and saw a group of people approaching mightily.

And Old Lady Xue looked at the group of people, and the expression on his face couldn’t help cooling down.

“Whose family has anything to do with you, I brought it in by Chongli, do you have an opinion?”

Old Mrs. Xue looked at the incoming person, and said unceremoniously, “Then who are you bringing in again?”

Since Dean Jiao saw clearly who the person came, he had never dared to speak, for fear of offending the person.

Ethan looked at the opponent with some doubts and asked, “Dare to ask, are you?”

A maid came up unceremoniously: “Blind your dog’s eyes, don’t we know the Xue family grandmother?”

Ethan couldn’t help rolling his eyes when he heard this. He is not from the Xue family, why do you know these people?

Xue Chongli gave a light cough, then stood up and said, “What are you, this is the doctor I have invited, please be polite!”

The maid saw that the chief in charge stood up, so she bowed her head obediently back.

The old grandmother glanced at Xue Chongli faintly: “Oh, what a bad temper, Chongli, haven’t I been taken seriously by my old grandmother recently?”

Xue Chongli can easily suppress the maid, but in Xue’s family, the only person who can fight with the grandmother is the old lady.

So Xue Chongli retreated, and the old lady looked at the old grandmother lightly and said: “It’s OK, you also accept your temper, let’s look at your group of people.”

Having said this, the old lady frowned and looked at the person standing next to the old grandmother and said, “There are no rules at all. She can yell at the guests invited by the host?”

In any case, the status of the old man in the Xue family is the highest, after all, it is normal for a man to be in charge.

After hearing these words, the old grandmother opened her mouth slightly aggrieved: “I am also worried about Linda’s body, so I specially invited a genius doctor to come over.”

Hearing these words, Dean Jiao was a little unhappy, he had brought Ethan to become famous!

Since Ethan came to his hospital, the benefits gained from the approval of the Lin family have made Dean Jiao jealous!

Bringing Ethan this time, the main thing is not for the Jiang family’s consultation fee, but hope to get the Jiang family’s approval again!

In this way, the hospital may be able to go further. In time, his Dean Jiao may be able to create a branch hospital with a status no lower than that of the General Hospital!

At this juncture, if anyone dares to stand up and fight against him, I can’t do it!

So Dean Jiao hurriedly stood up and said: “The genius doctor? No, this is really a superb doctor, even a doctor would dare to call himself a genius doctor!”

Ethan looked helplessly at the Dean Jiao behind him, and felt that there was no need to argue with others like this.

And behind the old grandmother, a young man who was about the same age as Ethan suddenly stood up: “You can’t say that. I studied medicine in China, and then went abroad to study before returning.”

Xue Chongli and Old Man Xue looked at each other, and they looked at each other curiously.

For the old lady, the higher the medical skill, the better for those who see Linda.

So he was not in a hurry, but smiled and nodded to the old grandmother and said: “Huh? Doctors who have gone abroad for further studies are kind of interesting.”

Dean Jiao spoke disdainfully and said, “How about going abroad? Those things abroad are nothing more than purification and refinement. Can they be compared with what we have seen and heard?”

After saying this, Dean Jiao even sarcastically said: “It is said that traditional Chinese medicine treats the root cause but not the root cause, while Western medicine treats the symptom but not the root cause. Can you treat both the symptom and the root cause?”

Hearing this, an angry look flashed in the young man’s eyes: “What do you mean!”

Seeing that the quarrel between the two was about to escalate into the full martial arts, Ethan quickly stood up: “You should calm down first, then calm down. Everyone comes over to see the doctor for others. I don’t want to fight first.”

Dean Jiao became a little anxious after hearing this, and quickly looked at Ethan!

He brought Ethan to become famous this time, how could such a good opportunity be given to outsiders!


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