I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 621

Chapter 621 Wrath (first more)

After hearing this, Old Lady Xue glanced at the old grandmother a little nervously, then frowned and said, “Can’t you not have a craniotomy?”

The doctor hesitated slightly when he heard this, and nodded, “It’s not impossible if you don’t do it. I will give her an injection first to stabilize. What do you think?”

Old lady Xue nodded and motioned to him to do it himself.

At this time, Dean Jiao, who was standing next to Ethan, whispered disdainfully: “Injection? No, I will have a craniotomy later, and an injection later.”

After hearing this, Ethan said flatly, “Why, is there any problem?”

Dean Jiao rolled his eyes, and then leaned against Ethan’s ear and whispered: “You don’t understand, there is blood clot in your brain. What kind of injections you get is useless!”

After saying this, Dean Jiao paused slightly, and then continued to speak: “And I don’t know why, I always feel this person is a bit weird.”

Ethan actually had the same thoughts as Dean Jiao, just when he was about to say something.

From the corner of Ethan’s eyes, he noticed something frightening. The doctor seemed to be mixing something strange in the injection!

After realizing this, Ethan quickly said, “Wait, stop!”

When the young doctor heard this, his hand, who was about to give Linda an injection in a coma, couldn’t help speeding up!

As long as it is stuck, as long as the needle is stuck, it will be six million!

Realizing something was wrong, Ethan waited for the reaction, and the young doctor’s hand was already slammed down with the needle!

Ethan didn’t have time to rush over, so he picked up the cup at the table and threw it over, hitting him on the head!

After watching him fall, Ethan rushed up and pinched his neck angrily: “Are you f*cking looking for death!”

Although Dean Jiao was also frightened by Ethan’s actions, he quickly reacted, and then followed to grab the syringe.

“Xiao Norman, this medicine is wrong! There are so many impurities in it, it is not a medical grade injection at all!”

After hearing this, Ethan turned his head and looked at the young doctor: “What do you want to do, say!”

Watching Ethan’s movements, the old grandmother couldn’t help but clenched her hands a bit.

After hesitating for a while, she quickly stood up: “You two stop me! This is the doctor I invited back. What do you mean!”

After saying this, the old grandmother frowned and said angrily: “Come here, is my Xue family a place where you can go wild!”

The security guard who was patrolling outside the door rushed in vigorously after hearing the voice of the old grandmother!

A group of people stared at Ethan and Dean Jiao when they were about to take action.

Xue Chongli suddenly stood up and said, “Stop it for me! Old Jiao, what is going on!”

Dean Jiao didn’t care much at this time. He held the syringe in his hand and shouted, “This b*stard wants to harm people. If you don’t believe it, take this medicine to test it!”

Ethan pinched the man’s neck with one hand and said angrily, “You b*stard, who made you do this! Who is it!”

When he said this, Ethan was shocked and angry. He was worried that this was Norman Tianyang’s revenge for himself!

Since he left Thirty Mile Bay, he has been looking for Linda every day.

I am also worried that Norman Tianyang’s doglegs will find Linda first, and then use her to avenge herself!

The young doctor’s head was bloody, and he looked at Ethan and laughed wildly!

“Yes, I admit that I wanted to harm her, but you can’t do anything with me!”

After saying this, he struggled and looked at Ethan with a smile, “I am sentenced to three years at most for a medical accident. What can you do with me? If you have the ability, you can kill me!”

When Ethan heard this, he looked at him gloomily: “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you, I will torture you a little bit.”

Said that with a violent hand, he hit him with a punch!

The guy who was very tough just now was burst into tears by this punch!

At that moment, in addition to severe pain, he even smelled death!

Ethan looked at the embarrassed look on his face and couldn’t help but sneered, “This is just the beginning, we will have a lot of time to play!”

It was the first time that Dean Jiao saw Ethan like this, and was abruptly frightened by his actions that he did not dare to speak!

Xue Chongli is the same. He never expected to invite two doctors, both doctors are so cruel!

Only Old Lady Xue frowned slightly when he watched the man, and was not in the slightest frightened by Ethan’s actions.

“Young man, you should be honest. There are a lot of people from the Xue family who have not gone out. Do you want to be the second one?”

Upon hearing this, the young doctor looked at Mrs. Xue in horror, with some suspicion in his eyes!

But the old grandmother was a little anxious, looking at that person for a while and she didn’t know what to do!

When the young doctor realized that the old grandmother couldn’t help him at all, he looked at Ethan’s fist again.

He quickly yelled: “I said! I said!”

Ethan’s fist stopped at the tip of his nose: “That’s right, who sent you here, speak up!”

“No, no one sent me…”

When he said this, his tone couldn’t help getting smaller, and his eyes dodged at the old grandmother from time to time.

After realizing this, Ethan was taken aback for a moment, and he looked at the old grandmother standing on the side with some disbelief.

“Say it quickly, or I won’t let you get out of this gate for the rest of your life today!”

Upon hearing this, the young doctor yelled as if he was willing to spare no effort, “No one sent me. The old woman asked me to do this, and said that he would give me six million when it was done!”

After saying this, he broke down and cried: “But the stinky woman didn’t say anything. There will be a doctor coming today!”

When Ethan heard this, his hands softened unconsciously and put him down, then turned to look at the old grandmother.

Xue Chongli was also shocked to look at the old grandmother, for a moment he just didn’t know what to say.

Old Mrs. Xue was sitting on a chair with a cane in his hand, looking down without looking at the old grandmother.

“Hello, you are fine, Linda is your granddaughter after all, she is your granddaughter! Why are you so patient!”

Seeing that the incident was revealed, the old grandmother gritted her teeth and stared at Ethan viciously: “My granddaughter? I don’t recognize it! She is just a wild species picked up outside!”

“You think I don’t know, you guys in the Xue family are like this! Leave some romantic debts outside all day long!”

Grandpa Xue suddenly raised her head to look at her grandmother: “I’m sorry for you a little bit? Why do you treat Linda like this!”

The old grandmother slammed the tea cup in front of Old Lady Xue, “Do you think you are worthy of me!”

Grandpa Xue looked at the tea cup that had fallen under his feet, and when he got up, he slapped the old grandmother’s face with a slap, “You are presumptuous!”

“Come here! Bring the old grandmother to the club’s room and bring her three meals a day, don’t let her come out!”


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