I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 625

Chapter 625 Who Has A Better Odds (First)

“Oh, is dependence so fierce? It looks like I might get drunk tonight!”

At this time, Lin Yan looked like a queen, she stood up with a beer in her hand.

While drinking, she looked at Ethan until she wiped the corners of her mouth after drinking.

“For the sake of your sincerity so full, I will count it as a return.”

After Ethan smiled and was about to blow another bottle, Lin Yan suddenly said, “Let’s have some snacks first, the show will begin soon!”

Ethan was taken aback by his back, and then looked at the stage. Someone was enclosing the stage with some iron chains.

Upon seeing this, Ethan couldn’t help but start to speak with some doubts: “What are they doing? How come the atmosphere of the audience has changed a bit?”

When Lin Yan heard this, she ate snacks and smiled and said, “The biggest feature here, in addition to the very strong alcohol, is the fighting performance that starts at 10 o’clock every night.”

“Wrestling show?”

Hearing this, Ethan couldn’t help but smile: “What kind of decent fighting show can be done in a bar.”

Lin Yan nodded, and replied with a senseless expression: “This is also in this position, otherwise if you go down and say this, I’m afraid you will be beaten!”

Immediately, Lin Yan pointed to the stage and said, “Oh, yes, in this bar, guests can also go up and fight.”

Ethan smiled: “If the guests go up and fight, what will be the benefit of winning?”

Lin Yan tilted her head to look at Ethan and smiled, “Well, a kiss from a princess, a glass of strong liquor, plus a lot of money, is that enough?”

“Hahaha, that’s enough! It sounds like a lot of prizes, so I want to try it.”

When Ethan said this, he took a sip of his drink and looked at the ring carefully.

But Lin Yan sneered and said, “You should forget it. The people they hire are basically professional. With your small body, you may not be enough to get up.”

Ethan looked down at his body, then couldn’t help but smile.

The practice of Zhenqi is not like fitness, which can make the body look very strong.

On the contrary, because Zhen Qi will gradually quench his own body, some unnecessary fat is burned out.

It is precisely because of this that Ethan seems to be a little thinner compared to a person of the same height.

But the power hidden in this body can surprise anyone!

“I said, did you look down on me just now?”

Lin Yan nodded slightly, smiled and looked at Ethan: “Half and half, on the other hand, it is to persuade you that there is no need to go up and be beaten. They are all professional, you know?

As soon as the voice fell, the bar suddenly heard deafening music, and at the same time.

The host of the night show stepped onto the stage, bowed to everyone, then picked up the microphone to signal the noisy audience to quiet down.

When the music stopped, the host looked at the audience below and said: “Tonight is no exception. It seems that everyone’s interest is very high!”

When the audience heard this, there was an instant scream!

“Then I won’t waste any more time! Have our three consecutive championships, meat grinder Han Sande!”

After saying this, the light followed the direction of the host’s fingers and swept over.

A burly man who seemed to be about two meters tall and weighed about 300 jin let out a deafening roar!

Lin Yan was also excited at this time and screamed frantically, “Go on! Meat grinder! Crush him!”

Ethan looked at the other party and shook his head disdainfully. To him, this big man was no different from ordinary people.

But Lin Yan didn’t notice the disdain in Ethan’s eyes. Seeing him looking at the fighter, she thought Ethan was scared by the opponent!

“How about it, do you still want to try it now, he will tear you apart, hahaha.”

Ethan snorted, lowered his head and shook his mouth and said, “Let’s take a look first. Even if you want to see me torn apart by him, you are not in a hurry for a while, right?”

Lin Yan burst into laughter when she heard this, then cheered while looking at the stage.

“Next, please invite our challenger today! He is a super hunk with a height of two meters and a weight of 180 kilograms!”

“Please! Guillotine Yan Feng!”

Where the light shines, a strong man rushes to the stage like a tank!

The heavy pace even shocked a part of the audience below!

The host apparently had the same idea. Watching Yan Feng’s actions, he couldn’t help but say: “Wow, wow, wow! To be honest, I’m really worried that if I accidentally block his way, I will be crushed by him!”

This humorous remark caused a burst of laughter, and in the ring, two men stood in the arena looking at each other.

Many people have gone crazy at this time, they can’t wait to see the two men fight!

“Believe me, this is the first time we have invited two behemoth-level characters to perform for everyone in the Fire Bar!”

While the host said this, he walked down from the ring and continued to speak: “Now, please start placing bets!”

After Lin Yan heard this, she stretched out her hand to call a bartender and said, “Help me press the meat grinder, ten thousand yuan?!”

After the bartender nodded slightly, he put away the money in Lin Yan’s hand, and then wrote a note to Lin Yan.

Ethan, who was sitting on the side, was slightly taken aback when he watched this action: “Why, isn’t it acting? Can you bet this?

Lin Yan turned her head to look at Ethan and smiled: “Otherwise, why do you think the winner will get a lot of money in return? Hahaha, are you going to have fun together?”

Ethan shook his head helplessly when he heard this. He never liked gambling. He liked to take everything in his own hands!

Lin Yan looked at the two people warming up in the field and exclaimed: “I really don’t understand how they grow so strong. Have you seen it? My thighs are not even as thick as his forearms!”

Ethan smiled and nodded: “Didn’t you also say that they are professional, this is the skill they rely on for survival.”

Lin Yan laughed loudly, then turned her head to look at Ethan and asked, “Who do you think will win?”

Ethan looked at the two people on the court, if nothing else, the meat grinder with three consecutive championships should have a better chance of winning.

Because his weight occupies a certain advantage, and the visual arm length also occupies a certain advantage.

However, the guillotine Yan Feng is not a fuel-efficient lamp. From the moment he enters the field, his eyes are staring at the meat grinder like a wolf.

It seemed that he was very motivated. After a moment of deep thought, Ethan couldn’t help but said, “I think Yan Feng should have a better chance of winning tonight.”


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