I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 626

Chapter 626: Never (Second)

Hearing what Ethan said, Lin Yan pouted dissatisfiedly: “You don’t know how to fight, the meat grinder is the king here! I have never heard of this Yan Feng!”

Ethan shrugged slightly: “Please, you asked me who had the better chance of winning. I just told my own opinion.”

Lin Yan was taken aback for a moment, feeling angry for a while but not good for it.

So after being silent for a while, she turned her eyes twice to look at Ethan and said, “How about we also make a bet?”

“Let’s say, if I don’t make this bet, are you going to lose your temper with me again?”

Having said this, Ethan lit a cigarette to himself, and quietly picked up his wine glass and looked at Lin Yan.

“If the guillotine wins, then I promise you one thing, anything!”

When Ethan heard the words, he smiled slightly, “Hey, hey, you seem to be a little big, don’t be afraid of me…hehehe.”

Looking at Ethan’s deliberately pretending appearance, Lin Yan spoke without fear, “No! But if the meat grinder wins, you have to go up and fight!”

After saying this, Lin Yan seemed to be worried that Ethan would disagree, and hurriedly said: “Don’t worry, I will watch it from below and won’t let you be beaten.”

Originally, Linda’s amnesia made Ethan a little upset, and coupled with the enthusiasm of one or two hundred people on the field, it made him want to fight with someone!

So when he heard Lin Yan’s words, Ethan smiled happily and said, “Okay! I’ll follow you!”

Lin Yan looked at the excited expression on Ethan’s face, and she became excited too, taking a sip of the red wine on the table.

Then stood up like a little girl, leaning on the sofa in the box, screaming: “Meat grinder! Crush him! Tear him to pieces!”

Ethan looked at Lin Yan like this, not at all different from the way he had known her before, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl up slightly.

Perhaps Lin Yan usually has a lot of upsets, so he needs to vent in this way.

Seeing that the number of bets in the crowd has diminished intermittently, the host picked up the microphone and coughed twice and said: “Okay, now the game officially begins!”

The ring commentator quickly took the microphone and said, “We can see that the meat grinder stands conservatively in place. The size of the guillotine is comparable to his, and his style of play is more conservative!”

“As soon as the guillotine came up, it was a tentative uppercut. The two were only slightly touching, and they are still in the tentative stage!”

Seeing the two giant beasts tentatively testing each other on the ring, the crowd below has become a little impatient.

The screams and roars shouted the same sentence: “Fight! Fight!”

Affected by the audience, the two of them stopped probing, and the guillotine rushed up, trying to hug the neck of the meat grinder!

The meat grinder was slightly shorter, and a side fist hit the abdomen of the guillotine!

Lin Yan looked at this punch and screamed: “Yes! That’s it! Hit hard!”

The commentator also hurriedly said: “Now we can see that the meat grinder has begun to adopt an evasive style of play and counterattack with heavy punches!”

“The guillotine must be very uncomfortable at the moment, the meat grinder’s heavy punch record has a full four hundred kilograms!”

In fact, the guillotine Yan Feng who had received a heavy punch was really uncomfortable at the moment, especially a punch in the abdomen!

This made him almost unable to lift the strength, but his professionalism made him a little puffed up at the critical moment and successfully shed most of his strength.

Then he took advantage of the situation, stretched his leg and tripped the meat grinder, and then rushed forward!

The meat grinder who sensed the badness quickly put his hands on the head of the front door, and at the same time began to exert force under his feet, trying to break away from the other party’s entanglement as soon as possible!

But the guillotine Yan Feng didn’t give him such a chance. He went up and hit him with a heavy punch, like a torrential pear blossom!

The people who pressed money on the meat grinder saw this scene and shouted, “Get up! You fucking get up and fight back!”

The people who pressed the money on the guillotine exclaimed in excitement, “Yes! That’s it! Tear him to pieces!”

Lin Yan became anxious when she saw this scene, leaning on the sofa, wishing to smash the bottle of wine on the guillotine!

“Damn it! You trash stand up for me and fight back! Drive him off you!”

Ethan sat on the sofa, drinking quietly, watching the two fighting desperately on the court.

Time slowly passed, and finally, the guillotine was accidentally caught by the meat grinder.

Then he drove him off his body with a violent force, and then stood up angrily and punched the opposite door!

Just as the punch was about to hit, the guillotine roared!

Directly lowered his head and violently thought that the opponent’s fist was slammed into the past. This hammer abruptly broke the opponent’s arm!

Then he stepped forward and hugged the meat grinder, continuously hitting the opponent’s chest and abdomen with his knees!

And under his continuous blow, the meat grinder gradually fell to the ground with exhaustion!

The meat grinder stepped on his head and looked down at the court and suddenly roared, “Ah! I am the king! I am!”

The audience in the audience looked at the guillotine, some were angry and screamed, others were excited and screaming!

And Lin Yan stood in the box and looked at the other party roaring, wishing to go up and knock him down!

Lin Yan looked at the guillotine and raised her middle finger and said angrily: “You’re a bastard! Damn meat grinder, you made me lose 10,000 yuan!”

After saying this, Lin Yan sat down and gasped, “Why am I so unlucky, ah, so annoying!”

Ethan handed over a bottle of beer and watched Lin Yan after drinking it in one breath.

He smiled and said, “Don’t forget, you not only lost 10,000 yuan, you also lost a promise to me, hahaha.”

After Lin Yan heard this, she paused while she was drinking, and then said frustratedly: “You are right, I feel even more unlucky now.”

Ethan looked at her unhappy face and smiled: “Well, in fact, I didn’t plan to use this promise, just let it go.”

After hearing this, Lin Yan looked at Ethan with some doubts: “Is I not pretty enough? You are not tempted at all.”

Ethan looked at Lin Yan for a moment of silence, then shook his head and said, “No, it’s because I haven’t figured it out yet, so just let it go.”

After receiving this explanation, Lin Yan shook my head slightly and replied, “It’s up to you, but I’m curious, how do you know which guillotine will win?”

Ethan looked slightly over the stage, where there was a box.

Then he pointed to it and said, “I never believe that there is absolutely fair arena in this world. Do you know what I mean?”


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