I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 628

Chapter 628 Come (fourth)

Yan Feng sneered twice, and suddenly slammed Ethan with a punch, still roaring in his mouth, “You are looking for death!”

Although they usually hold a little bit of strength when performing, how can Yan Feng, who has already blushed with the meat grinder just now, can be easily suppressed?

Not to mention that after Ethan came up, he even mocked him. Such a provocation is absolutely intolerable to him!

The host on the side looked at Yan Feng who was furious, and he couldn’t help but mention it!

Although they deliberately arranged for Yan Feng to win the boxing match just now, this does not mean that he himself does not have much strength!

And the young man in front of him was a guest brought by Miss Lin, and if something went wrong here, it would be difficult for them to do it!

Thinking that the host was about to speak, he was surprised to find that Ethan only avoided Yan Feng’s fist slightly on his side.

This step was really a slight difference, and it passed Yan Feng’s fist!

Seeing this thrilling scene, Lin Yan sitting in the box couldn’t help being taken aback!

She almost wanted to stop the game just now. If she didn’t see the indifferent expression on Ethan’s face, she would have wanted to stop the game.

And Yan Feng looked at Jiang Haoyin and smiled fiercely: “Do you think you can hide for the first time?!”

While speaking, Yan Feng stepped forward and hit Ethan with a set of combined punches.

Although a punch was useless to hit, it also forced Ethan into a blind spot.

The guests below watched Ethan have been evasive since he entered the ring, and had no intention of taking the initiative.

So everyone thought that Ethan was just a paper tiger, going up to show off his face.

Yan Feng looked at Ethan and smiled viciously: “Now I see where you hide!”

Ethan raised his head and looked at Yan Feng faintly: “I don’t want to hide now!”

As he spoke, Ethan suddenly stood there, his aura in full!

Yan Feng, who was about to take action, looked at Ethan, his eyes couldn’t help changing, and a hint of horror flashed across his face!

He quickly stepped back two steps, because the thin boy who was short by nearly half of his body in front of him suddenly exudes a murderous aura!

He had only smelled this kind of smell in front of his seniors, and his seniors were all working in some mysterious departments!

Thinking of this, Yan Feng looked at Ethan viciously and shouted, “Boy, who are you and what are you doing!”

Ethan raised his head and smiled. He looked at Yan Feng who took the initiative to retreat and said, “I will tell you when you come up.”

Yan Feng looked at Ethan with surprise, not even knowing what to do for a while!

The audience in the audience looked at each other, but stood still on stage.

So some dissatisfied yelled: “What are you doing in a daze! Fight! Guillotine, tear this little white face to pieces!”

Under the pressure of the audience, Yan Feng gritted his teeth and rushed forward. He lifted his feet slightly and tried to knock Ethan down.

Ethan looked at the opponent’s menacing appearance, his face suddenly changed, and his hand slammed into the ground!

The powerful force smashed a hole out of the ring, and Yan Feng looked at Ethan dumbfounded like a fool!

Including the host watching Ethan slowly stand up, a hole about a foot deep in front of him can’t help but be stunned!

“Fuck! Is this really a human? Where is the beast!”

And Yan Feng looked at the hole in front of Ethan, and said, “No, it’s impossible! It’s impossible!”

Ethan looked at Yan Feng and smiled, then slowly stepped forward and said in a low voice, “Is it necessary to continue fighting?”

He spoke very softly, as if he were a caring elder brother next door. It was not as common for him to greet his neighbors after having a meal today.

But with the hole in the ring, it makes people feel strange.

The people under the ring didn’t know what happened above, but they didn’t dare to attack after seeing Yan Feng seeing Ethan hit the ground with a punch.

So they shouted, and the host looked at Ethan and then at the hole in the ground that was punched out by him.

Suddenly he pulled in the camera that broadcasted the fight between the two, and then gave a close-up of the hole on the ground.

Everyone present, men and women, couldn’t help being stunned. After a long time, someone suddenly said softly, “Fuck, is this really human power?”

Lin Yan sat in the box looking at the hole on the screen and was also stunned.

Ethan watched the host stay silent for a while and said, “Hey, hey, can I get the bonus? You said one to ten!”

When the host heard this, the whole person seemed to be emptied of soul, and the eyes of Ethan couldn’t help flashing a trace of despair!

Generally speaking, in competitions like this, they will save a bit of face to the guests and set a ratio of one to three or one to two.

If it wasn’t for Ethan to be too mad before he came to power, he wouldn’t blurt out it was one to ten!

But what you say is like water poured out, and it is impossible to repent.

Seeing him nodded slightly, Ethan decided to turn around and go down. He just wanted to come up and vent.

But just when Ethan wanted to make a move, he suddenly thought of something.

That is, he is no longer an ordinary person now, and his punch is for an ordinary person.

It’s like being hit by a car, I can’t afford it!

If it wasn’t for this, Yan Feng in front of him might have been lying on the ground waiting for emergency personnel.

Thinking of this, Ethan smiled and nodded to Yan Feng. Originally, he just wanted to express politeness.

However, Yan Feng, who was so embarrassed and angry, felt that it was like a taunt from the winner, so his eyes flushed and he rushed up!

Ethan looked at Yan Feng with a bit of amazement and punched him in the chest, before he was shot and flew out!

The people off the court were also shocked by Yan Feng’s behavior, and they dared not speak out!

Lin Yan sat on the sofa and saw this scene, and quickly stood up and shouted angrily: “Stop! What are you doing!”

The host also wanted to stop, but Yan Feng rushed towards Ethan like a mad cow.

Then he raised Ethan with both hands and smashed it on the ground: “Do you think I can’t do anything with you? Why do you look down on me!”

Ethan was also angered by his actions, and slowly stood up from the ground and looked at the angry Yan Feng.

“Do you want to play? Okay, I will play with you today!”

After saying this, Ethan stubbornly resisted a heavy punch from Yan Feng, and then took two steps forward and roared, “You can fight well, right? Come on!”

Then he punched Yan Feng in the chest, causing Yan Feng to vomit blood and retreat!


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