I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 629

Chapter 629

A punch can vomit blood to a strong man who is two meters tall and weighs 300 catties. What kind of power is this? !

However, Ethan watched as Yan Feng fell on his knees, vomiting blood and staring at him with a vicious smile, “Why do you dare to be on me?”

After saying this, he walked forward quickly, straightened one leg, then slammed down and kicked Yan Feng on the head, and then stepped his head under his feet!

“I really don’t know, who gave you the confidence to dare to stare at me, you think you are something!”

Ethan sneered with disdain, lifted his foot, kicked Yan Feng aside, and then looked at the host with his hands in his pockets: “Read it, I don’t want to fight anymore.”

After the host nodded slightly, he looked awkwardly at Yan Feng who was unconscious and said, “Ah, there shouldn’t be a reading. I don’t think he will be able to wake up for a while.”

Ethan nodded and took off his gloves, then threw them on the ring and raised his hands in the direction of Lin Yan, enjoying the screams of the audience!

He even rode on other necks when he left the field and was sent to the box. Many women rushed to shake hands with Ethan!

Some people who didn’t hold their hands took off their underwear and threw them to Ethan, hoping to attract his attention in this way!

As a result, the only consequence of doing this was that after Ethan returned to the box, Lin Yan looked helplessly at several women’s corsets on his head.

Seeing Lin Yan rolling his eyes at herself, Ethan sighed helplessly: “It’s not that I want them to throw it over, can’t you?”

Lin Yan looked at the aggrieved expression on his face, twitched the corner of his mouth slightly, and couldn’t help laughing.

But when she finished laughing, she looked at Ethan carefully.

“You are wrong, you are just a doctor, why is there such a powerful force?”

Ethan put on his clothes, then took a sip from the wine glass and looked at Lin Yan with a smile, “I like working out, okay?”

“The famous doctor Norman in the North Mansion, besides superb medical skills, has such a powerful skill, what kind of secret do you hide?”

Although she was a little drunk, Lin Yan’s eyes calmed down unexpectedly bright.

Ethan looked at her eyes and couldn’t help but said, “Your eyes are so beautiful.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his expression couldn’t help but suffocated, and then he quickly explained: “This, no, I just couldn’t help it.

But when he finished explaining, he was surprised to find that Lin Yan’s face turned out to be red.

“Don’t think that you can be fooled by gagging like this, saying, did you deliberately approach me!”

Seeing Ethan staring at herself, Lin Yan’s heart was beating faster and faster.

When she said this, Lin Yan didn’t even dare to look at Ethan anymore, she could only sit on the sofa with her head down.

Ethan smiled as he looked at her, took a deep breath after sitting down and lighting a cigarette.

Seeing the drunkenness of many people in the noisy field, Ethan suddenly felt exhausted.

“I’m a little tired, let’s go back.”

Suddenly Lin Yan was stunned for a while, then looked up at Ethan and said, “I can’t drive if I drink. Go back.”

Ethan looked at Lin Yan and shook his head: “Look at this mess here, can I safely leave you here alone?”

The sudden thoughtfulness made Lin Yan feel a warm rush, and then she nodded slightly and said, “It’s okay, there is a hotel upstairs. I just need to rest there tonight.”

Ethan thought for a while, but he couldn’t go back tonight anyway, so he helped Lin Yan to stand up.

But before he knew it, Lin Yan fell into his arms with a soft foot, and Ethan quickly hugged Lin Yan and said, “Are you okay, are you drinking too much?”

Lin Yan’s face flushed, but she did not speak back.

After frowning slightly, Ethan simply hugged Lin Yanheng and walked out.

As a result, when I just walked to the door, two waiters came out and said respectfully, “Please leave us a bank account, and we will transfer the money to your account as soon as possible.”

Ethan frowned when he heard this, looked down at Lin Yan, and said, “No, you have the same call to Miss Lin’s account. I have a headache now. Get out of it.”

Hearing this, the two waiters quickly stepped aside, for fear of blocking Ethan’s path.

After Ethan walked out of the Burning Fire Bar, the two waiters talked: “Tsk, it seems that this kid is not the one who is short of money, but the boss has lost a lot tonight, and at least lost two million!”

Another waiter said, “Who said no, I didn’t expect that kid to be so powerful, like a character in a martial arts novel!”

No matter what the people behind him are talking about, when Ethan took Lin Yan upstairs in the elevator, a gust of wind suddenly blew.

It made Ethan’s head start to feel a little dizzy, and he forced himself to open the room.

He hugged Lin Yan and entered the room, then fell asleep on the bed and fell asleep.

In his sleep, Ethan vaguely felt like he was in the sewer, and his face was sticky.

As a result, when he woke up, he opened his eyes and looked out the window. It was already sunny.

Just as he was about to get up, he suddenly smelled a sour and smelly smell.

It turned out that the nightmare I had last night was because Lin Yan couldn’t help throwing up on him, and he just slept like this all night!

“Lin Yan! Get up and see what you have done!”

Lin Yan, who was still asleep, moved and closed her eyes and groaned, “What are you doing! I stopped people from sleeping early in the morning!”

After saying this, she turned to her side and planned to continue sleeping, but Ethan shivered with anger while looking at the filth on her body!

After taking two deep breaths and suppressing the thought of strangling Lin Yan, Ethan rushed to the bathroom with lightning speed, took off his clothes and took a shower.

Then he put on his bathrobe and walked out to sit on the sofa in the room. By the way, he ordered room service and quietly waited for Lin Yan to wake up.

Finally, about two hours later, Lin Yan opened her eyes when she noticed something wrong.

Then he sat up and looked around and said, “Where is this and why am I here!”

Ethan sipped his coffee and ate the breakfast delivered by the hotel’s room service and said, “Why don’t you care about the dirty things on your sheets?”

When Lin Yan looked down at this, she screamed, “Ethan! Are you going to die?”


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