I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 631

Chapter 631

Having said that, in the face of Linda’s amnesia, Ethan had nowhere to start for a while.

Thinking of these things Ethan was immersed in it, and didn’t notice that Lin Yan, who was sitting opposite, was already a little dissatisfied.

“I’m just asking, why are you being aggressive at me!”

After saying this, Lin Yan threw the knife and fork on the table, then squinted at Ethan and said, “Since your medical skills are so good, can you come to my house if you have a chance?”

Ethan came back to his senses after hearing this, and then looked at Lin Yan with some doubts and said, “Why, people in your family are also sick?”

Lin Yan smiled bitterly and sighed: “This year, no one has a patient in anyone’s family.”

After saying this, Lin Yan turned her head and looked out the window: “Ordinary people may still have some difficulties at home. It costs a lot of money to take medicine and everything, but our family is afraid of encountering diseases that can’t be cured by money. “

Ethan chuckles chuckles and said, “Is there any disease that cannot be cured now? As long as the cancer can be cured in the early stage, what are you afraid of?

Lin Yan shook her head slightly, and then looked at Ethan with radiant eyes: “If my sister didn’t meet you, I’m afraid there will be only a dead end.”

Seeing Lin Yan talking about this, Ethan couldn’t help but ask: “By the way, how is your sister’s situation recently? Is her health better? “

Lin Yan shook her head, the bathrobe was lightly opened to reveal two long smooth legs, and then she lay down on the sofa.

“She is much better now, and she’s not always cold as before.”

After Ethan heard these words, he felt a little comforted, and then suddenly thought that being born with Yin Mai is sometimes a good thing.

Shangdian recorded a lot of introductions about Qimai, one of which was very important.

That is, all Qimai must have certain advantages!

Thinking of this, Ethan looked at Lin Yan and said, “How about I tell you a fortune?”

Lin Yan looked at Ethan with curiosity and nodded slightly and said, “What’s the matter, you are planning to act as a quack doctor, you are also treating illnesses and saving people and approving fortune telling.

Ethan smiled mysteriously: “Take good care of your sister. If I do not make a mistake, she will have a bright future!”

Lin Yan couldn’t help but roll her eyes when she heard this: “Come on, you, say it as if my sister has nothing to do in the future, I will not take good care of her.

As soon as the voice fell, Lin Yan’s mobile phone also rang.

Ethan moved his ears curiously and heard a male voice from Lin Yan’s phone.

“Lin Yan, where did you go? How can you leave behind so many things in the company?”

Lin Yan glanced at Ethan nervously when she heard this, and then said in a deep voice, “Uncle, I am a little inconvenient now, can I come back this afternoon?”

Ethan looked at Lin Yan curiously, as if he had never heard of Lin Yan and an uncle.

“Xiao Yan, it’s not that I said you. As the first heir to the company, you have such an attitude, which makes us elders very worried.”

Lin Yan bit her lip and said unwillingly, “Well, I see, I will return to the company in an hour.”

Lin Yan ended the call as soon as he finished speaking, and then took a deep breath and called the housekeeping department, “I will bring my clothes dry cleaned immediately.”

Ethan looked at Lin Yan’s ugly look, and said with some embarrassment: “I’m sorry, I blamed me for pulling you out for a drink last night, for delaying your work.”

Lin Yan shook her head slightly when she heard this and said, “It’s none of your business, they just seized every opportunity to hit me.”

After saying this, Lin Yan took a sip of the black tea and spoke with a hint of anger, “I don’t know your troubles, but my troubles are my uncle.”

“How do you say this, isn’t your uncle and you not a family? What’s so annoying?”

Ethan regretted it as soon as he finished speaking, thinking about these things that he had carried on his body, wouldn’t it be a contradiction between the clan and the family?

Sure enough, Lin Yan looked at Ethan with a surprised look after hearing this and said with a wry smile: “You don’t understand the matter at all.”

After a pause, Lin Yan continued to speak: “Back then, my father and my grandfather used their hands to lay down the Lin family a little bit, but later my father died in a car accident.”

Then Lin Yan looked at Ethan: “I don’t need to talk about the following things, oh, it’s ridiculous that my uncle didn’t help me with anything back then, but now he covets the shares my father left me.”

After Ethan heard this, he shook his head helplessly: “Who has nothing to do, forget it, you just think I don’t understand.

After saying this, Ethan glanced at Lin Yan distressedly. How did Lin Yan look different from himself at this time?

The same people who are close to him are chasing him, crazily suppressing him just to satisfy the other party’s interests.

It’s just that Norman Tianyang did it for his honor, while Lin Yan’s uncle did it for the company shares left by her father.

Lin Yan thought about these things, her eyes became wet unconsciously, and then she got up and walked to the door: “Why haven’t my clothes delivered yet!”

She wanted to make Ethan invisible to her sad look by getting up, but she didn’t expect all this to be seen by Ethan.

With Ethan’s deep sigh, he also understood why Lin Yan, who was calm on weekdays, was so crazy last night.

It turns out that as a woman, she is not much less stressed than herself.

After a while, the door suddenly opened, and Ethan’s dry-cleaned clothes were delivered together with Lin Yan’s clothes.

After the two changed their clothes, Lin Yan saw that there was still a little time left, so she spoke to Ethan, “How about it, do you want me to take you back to the hospital?”

Ethan looked at Lin Yan’s eyes slightly red, so he smiled and nodded and said, “I just couldn’t ask for it. You know, although I won a lot of money last night, I still want to marry a wife.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Yan unconsciously gave Ethan a blank look, smiled and cursed, and led Ethan downstairs to the car.

After Lin Yan drove Ethan to the entrance of the hospital, Lin Yan looked at Ethan’s back and shouted, “There is a thing I have forgotten to say. You did a good job last night!”

Ethan turned to look at Lin Yan, just about to smile and say that it was the result of the gym.

Suddenly he noticed something sensitively, this is the gate of the hospital!

Sure enough, before Ethan could explain, an aunt who came to visit Ethan whispered, “I don’t know how to be ashamed!”

Ethan looked at Lin Yan’s unrestrained back with a look of grief and screaming: “Smelly girl! You have to cheat me before you leave!”


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