I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 632

Chapter 632 Secret Recipe (Fourth)

Time, ten forty in the morning.

Location, inside Dean Jiao’s office.

Characters, Dean Jiao and Ethan.

At this time, the two of them were sitting in the boss chair enjoying the massage, but their faces were angry.

And the other standing neatly, his face was awe-inspiring, like an aspiring young man who had just stepped down from the mountain and prepared to defuse the evil spirit!

“At the entrance of the hospital, there are a lot of beauties in the car, ahem, the last one is ignored. Anyway, you are so indecent!”

After Dean Jiao said this, he looked at Ethan with anger and said, “Have you still put the reputation of our hospital in your eyes!”

With this hat down, Ethan shouted that he couldn’t carry it, so he hurriedly argued: “Wait, wait, this matter itself is a misunderstanding, it’s because you think too much, OK?”

After saying this, he quickly continued: “I felt a little uncomfortable last night, so I asked her to take me to drink.”

Before he finished speaking, Dean Jiao’s voice rose straight up and said: “Are you a big man who asked a woman to take you for a drink? Or Miss Lin Family?!”

Ethan frowned and looked at Dean Jiao: “If I said that she deliberately poured wine on me, would you use the folder to hit me on the head?”

Dean Jiao stared at Ethan for a while before slowly retracting his gaze: “Well, in short, even if there is something between you in the future, it is best not to do this at the entrance of the hospital!”

Ethan watched his face slowly change back to his usual look, and he knew that he had passed the blunder this time.

As a result, as soon as Ethan breathed a sigh of relief, Dean Jiao looked at Ethan with a wicked smile: “Actually, I am very supportive of you. Come on, young man, take her down as soon as possible!”

Ethan couldn’t help rolling his eyes when he heard the words, “Didn’t this matter have passed, it’s not over yet!”

Immediately, Ethan coughed slightly and asked, “Is there anything else, if there isn’t, I will go back to the office to check something.”

Dean Jiao nodded slightly and then took out a card from his body and put it on the table: “This is the consultation fee given to you by the Xue family. The total is 100,000 yuan.”

Ethan curled his lips and said, “With such a small amount of money, the Xue family is really shabby.”

Dean Jiao coughed slightly, and couldn’t help thinking to himself: This kid seems to have no problem, but he didn’t expect to have such a big appetite!

I just thought so in my heart, but didn’t say it directly, but replied: “If you can cure Miss Xue’s amnesia, you might get more.”

Ethan smiled bitterly when he heard the words: “This is not a cureable disease. The human brain is the most complicated place. You don’t know it.”

How could Dean Jiao not know, but at the moment the most likely cure is only the scorching genius Norman Da in the Beifu!

“I said Norman Yan, we realize that although the time is only a few days, I haven’t lied to you? Haven’t I been sorry for you?”

Ethan hesitated a little, then raised his head and said, “Don’t tell me, there really was one time. The thing about Doctor Xu before, cough cough cough.”

When Dean Jiao heard this, his face flushed: “Well, no one thought that time, right, but there is nothing except this, right?”

Ethan smiled bitterly, “Okay, just talk about what you have, what kind of sentiment card is this?”

Dean Jiao looked at the expression on Ethan’s face, so he didn’t go around in circles, and he said directly, “Whether our hospital can become the No. 1 Hospital of Beifu depends on you this time. You must come on!

Ethan nodded slightly and left after talking to Dean Jiao. He didn’t want Linda to restore his memory.

Ethan, who returned to the office, remembered what Linda had signaled, and for a moment he felt mixed.

Let’s not talk about whether Linda’s memory can be restored, because of herself, how many wrongs and sins did Linda suffer?

Asking her own heart, Ethan admitted that he and Linda hadn’t allowed her to live a good life for a few days.

On the contrary, Linda was seriously injured by Norman Tianyang because of the Norman Family, so that he was in a coma.

When he was in the bar last night, Ethan had a thought flashing in his heart.

If she can really restore her memory, will Linda want to restore her memory, and should she really let her restore her memory?

If the prince of vengeance takes Cinderella, it seems to provide a clear goal for his enemy.

Norman Tianyang, he definitely doesn’t mind doing the original thing again, but can he bear it again?

Thinking of this, Ethan couldn’t help but sighed deeply, and then he played with his pen in a daze.

While Ethan was thinking, Dr. Ren suddenly came to the door, walked to the door cautiously, knocked on the door and said, “Cough, Doctor Norman, is it convenient?”

Ethan was interrupted by Doctor Ren, and stopped thinking about Linda for a while.

He raised his head and looked at the door, and saw Doctor Ren come in with a sneer.

“Oh, what kind of northwest wind is this that brought us Doctor Ren here?”

After saying this, Ethan lay down on the chair, squinting at Doctor Ren and said, “Why, what do you want to tell my brother?”

After hearing this, Dr. Ren hurriedly said, “I dare not dare, how dare it be? I came here today just to apologize to you. I was wrong the last time.”

Ethan was taken aback for a moment. This slogan was done well, and his identity was mentioned.

If he hadn’t had the ability to see through, he might have been kicked out by Dean Jiao a long time ago, but this kid hadn’t realized it.

Thinking of this, Ethan shook his head and smiled bitterly: “Okay, if you have nothing to do, just play by yourself. I still have things to deal with.”

After saying this, Ethan lay down on the table and started to daze. He needed to look through Shang Dian carefully to see if there were any prescriptions or secrets to help people recover their memories.

When Dr. Ren stood by and heard this, he hesitated a little bit embarrassedly, and then continued to speak: “It’s like this, your business, I heard Dean Jiao say.”

Ethan was taken aback for a moment, then raised his head to look at Doctor Ren and said, “Dean Jiao told you? What did he tell you.”

“You are worrying about Miss Xue recently, right? I have a secret recipe on my side. Maybe it works!”

Ethan glanced at Doctor Ren suspiciously, “Do you have a secret recipe to help Linda recover his memory?”

When he said this, Ethan’s tone was quite incredible!

Although he has not had time to investigate Shangdian, he also knows that such a method may be rare. How can it be said that there is one?

But Doctor Ren looked at him in disbelief, but he seemed to have suffered some humiliation.

Just since I turned up a medical book on my body, I said, “If you don’t believe it, look at it for yourself, it took me great effort to get it!”


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