I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 640

Chapter 640

Soon the waiter walked up with ten bottles of the same wine as Chen Minggang, and placed it in front of Ethan in a proper manner.

The two stared at each other’s eyes closely without blinking at all. Ethan took the lead by picking up two bottles and smashing them to the ground.

And Chenn followed closely behind, starting with no mercy, and followed the two bottles to the ground.

After Ethan smiled, he suddenly punched a bottle, then lifted two more bottles and fell.

“Young Master Chen, I wonder if you can blast this bottle with your fist, do you want to try?”

The waiter looked at Ethan’s eyes as if he was looking at a monster, and he exploded the bottle directly with one punch, and the bottom of the bottle did not even move!

Others may only notice that Ethan exploded the bottle, but Chenn and the waiter sensitively noticed the flat bottom.

After discovering this, Chenn’s pupils shrank twice: “I’m afraid I don’t have that great ability, but using money to kill your small goal, I think it should be possible to accomplish it.”

The two talked and laughed, and the whole room became fragrant!

At first, Chenn’s group of friends also helped cheer, and they thought that poor ghosts like Ethan would not last long.

But with ten bottles, twenty bottles, and thirty bottles passed.

The eyes of everyone looking at Ethan also changed. You must know that not any card can transfer 3 million a day!

Just a simple judgment can tell that Ethan will definitely not be an ordinary person.

Although all he wears is some local goods, but the other party is definitely more than that money.

Look at Chenn’s blushing and heartbeat, every time everyone present looks at Chen Shaozha.

It’s like watching him smashing his own life span, one day will be lost. After all, although his dad is very earning, he only has so little wealth!

Ethan looked at Shao Chen with a worried look on his face and couldn’t help but smile, “Why, can’t you do this? Or let me help you.” “

As soon as the voice fell, Ethan raised his hand and shouted, “Waiter, give me another 20 bottles for Chenn to play with!”

Hearing this, the friends behind Chenn looked at Jiang Haodao’s eyes suddenly!

Many women looked at Jiang Haodao as if they were looking at the God of Wealth, hot as if they were about to burn.

Ethan smiled and watched Chenn gasping for breath: “Don’t think that you are rich and powerful, don’t worry, if you want revenge, I will accompany you at any time, but you better remember one thing.”

Chenn looked at Ethan viciously and said, “What is it!”

Ethan couldn’t help but smile when he looked at his angry expression, and leaned against Chenn’s ear and whispered softly, “If you dare to mess with me again, it will not be your face but your company that will be unlucky next time. .”

Hearing this, Chenn’s eyes flashed with a sneer, “What are you capable of telling me?”

Ethan was about to speak, when a female voice suddenly heard outside: “He has no ability to say, am I capable of saying this?”

Everyone looked out the door, but saw Lin Yan rushing over.

She was wearing an elegant trench coat and a hat and came over.

The crowd unconsciously made way for her. In Beifu, she seemed to be a new generation of queen.

“Chen Minggang, you can take away your thoughts if you want me to say, I will not marry you.”

After saying this, Lin Yan looked at Ethan and rolled her eyes: “Why did you come here today? Don’t call me when you come.”

Ethan shook his head helplessly: “I also just arrived, but I didn’t expect to meet him, and then it became what I am now.”

Lin Yan glanced at Ethan helplessly: “Do you know that the wines here are really good wines at a fair price!”

After saying this, Lin Yan looked at the wet ground and said distressedly: “These are really good wines, you prodigal, Chen Minggang, you f*ck me!”

Seeing that Miss Lin became angry, everyone started to scatter, and Ethan also planned to take the opportunity to run away.

However, Lin Yan said coldly, “Norman Yan, stop for me!”

Hearing this, Ethan stood still on the spot with his head down.

“I said, eldest lady, I really didn’t pick things up today. If you want to trouble you, find him.”

Ethan turned his head to look at Xiang Lin Yan, he was also somewhat helpless.

If it hadn’t been for Dean Jiao who didn’t know what was going on and had to take him here for dinner, he would not have encountered such a thing.

Ethan, who is not rich in money, doesn’t feel distressed. The main reason is that he was a little upset when he encountered such a frustrated thing.

Lin Yan looked at Ethan who was a little irritable and pondered for a moment, then shook her head and said, “I’m fine with you. I told you to stop because I have something to tell you.”

“If you don’t want to listen, it’s okay. I suddenly realized that the guard dog at the hospital was giving birth to puppies. I want to go back and watch!”

Lin Yan looked at Ethan with a straight face, and she couldn’t laugh or cry abruptly.

After hearing Ethan’s words, the people who hadn’t gone far almost fell to the ground!

Tang Tang, the first female Miss Lin of the North Mansion asked him to stay, why did he say that the dog wanted to leave if she wanted to give birth?

Looking at this, the lover still doesn’t bother to take care of it?

“Norman Yan, if you have the ability, don’t call me to drink with you in the future!”

Lin Yan wanted to threaten Ethan in angrily, but found it a little helpless.

There seemed to be no place to threaten him, so he had to push out the only bargaining chip.

But I didn’t expect what the thoughts would be in their hearts after being heard by those people!

I have never heard of someone begging to drink with Miss Lin, and I have never heard of Miss Lin having a drink with others!

After walking out the door, Chenn heard Lin Yan’s words, clenched his teeth and turned his head and glanced.

Secretly said in her heart: “Lin Yan, one day I will let you know == Kneel in front of me, and personally say that I am your only savior!”

And Ethan looked at Lin Yan’s little daughter’s piety, and he cut out his ears and smiled helplessly: “Okay, you threatened me, can I sit down now?”

Lin Yan smiled slightly after watching Ethan sit down, and replied with some pride: “It’s pretty much the same.”

After saying this, she frowned and looked at the room, then shook her head and said, “Forget it, let’s change the place.”

Ethan nodded and got up and walked to Lin Yan’s side, and then said, “What are you doing here?”

Why did Lin Yan come? It wasn’t that Dean Jiao hurriedly asked someone to check the last medical record and then called her to inform her that she was coming.

Otherwise, if Ethan were to continue to play like that, Chen Minggang would not look good at anyone.


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