I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 641

Chapter 641 Deep-rooted (third more)

Lin Yan smiled when he heard Ethan’s words, and then said, “It’s not the phone number your dean called me, saying that you have some trouble here, let me come and see.

Speaking of this, Lin Yan looked a little disgusted and said, “As a result, I didn’t expect that the trouble you said was that you ran into that person.”

Ethan felt helpless when he heard this. He picked up a cup of tea and took a sip, then looked at Lin Yan and asked, “Why does that person keep pestering you?”

Lin Yan shook her head and looked at Ethan, and then replied: “It’s nothing, mainly because some businesses in the family have contacts with people in their family, so it became like this.”

Ethan looked at Lin Yan and couldn’t help but meditate for a moment after hearing this. The Lin family was one of the richest families in Beifu.

As the eldest daughter in the family, it must be helpless for Lin Yan to interact with these people.

After nodding slightly, Ethan looked at Lin Yan and said, “It should be an illegal place, why are you all used to it?”

Lin Yan looked at Ethan with a smile and was silent for a while, then got up and walked to the door: “You follow me.”

After saying this, Lin Yan walked out the door while Ethan stayed, and said, “Everywhere has its own circle, you should know this, right?”

Ethan nodded and looked at Lin Yan curiously, not understanding what this had to do with that circle.

And Lin Yan looked at Ethan’s puzzled expression, and then reached out to the people outside the villa and said, “This is a circle, a circle belonging to the upper level.”

After saying this, Lin Yan looked at the crowd with a bit of plain but disgust and said, “But one thing is universal, even this circle is not so clean.”

Ethan was taken aback for a moment, then looked at Lin Yan with a wry smile and said, “There is another circle in this world that is clean, you don’t need to say that.”

Lin Yan turned to look at Ethan: “I don’t want to be someone like them, or even continue in this circle, but I have to take responsibility for the family’s responsibility.”

Ethan had to admit that Lin Yan was very attractive.

The hospital showed the demeanor of a strong woman, and when she was in the bar, she showed a trace of unruly temperament.

At this moment, the woman in front of her body suddenly had a smell that I felt pity, which made Ethan gradually feel inexplicable to Lin Yan.

After taking a deep breath, Ethan looked at Lin Yan with a wry smile and said, “Well, I think I can understand you a little bit. Who is the owner here?”

Lin Yan looked at Ethan and her eyes flashed with distress, and a strange emotion also appeared in her heart.

As if she was afraid of being seen by Ethan, Lin Yan quickly turned her head and looked elsewhere and said, “This is our family’s property, so Chen Ming will leave directly just now.”

Ethan stared at Lin Yan dumbfounded, “After talking for a long time, is this your site?”

Lin Yan looked at Ethan in surprise, covering her mouth and chuckles, then she said, “That’s not what I said. Strictly speaking, this is the place my grandfather used to treat guests.”

After saying this, Lin Yan led Ethan to walk slowly and said, “Because I often talk about business with people at home, my grandfather built Banbi Villa for convenience.”

Ethan shook his head helplessly, “I guess he didn’t expect this place to develop into this way?”

Lin Yan nodded slightly when she heard this: “At first, only the guests invited by my grandfather could enter here. Later, as our family’s business grew, the place grew bigger and bigger.”

Ethan looked at all parts of the villa and said, “At the moment, there are not many people in Beifu who are qualified to come in, right?”

“No, I feel that this place is relatively close to the people now, didn’t you just come in, hahaha.”

Ethan looked at Lin Yan with black lines, sighed slightly, and said, “If you say that, I will be sad.”

But after saying this, Ethan also felt a little uncontrollable.

The two people stood on the trail and smiled at each other, and they all smelled like a golden girl.

After walking slowly around, Lin Yan slightly told her recent events, and Ethan also listened patiently.

From time to time, they put forward some of their own opinions, and the two of them can be regarded as having a good conversation.

Only after a while, Lin Yan suddenly hesitated, as if embarrassed about certain things.

Ethan looked at Lin Yan’s expression, even though he was curious, his reason made him bear it.

Slowly, Lin Yan spoke in embarrassment: “Norman Yan, I don’t know if I should tell you something.”

Ethan pondered for a moment and then replied, “If you feel it is necessary, you can tell me.”

Lin Yan was taken aback when she heard this, she shook her head slightly and said, “I told you, you may not have a solution, but this matter is too heavy. I want to find someone to share the burden with me.”

Looking at Lin Yan’s longing eyes, Ethan said without hesitation: “Say it, I’ll listen.”

There was a slight silence for a while, and Lin Yan slowly said, “My father and grandpa personally beat down the Lin Family Property, but then my father had a car accident. You know about this.”

Ethan nodded, looked at Lin Yan and said, “Well, you told me about this before, what happened later?”

“I also have an uncle in my family. He has been coveting my shares. In fact, this is the only thing my dad left me, and my grandpa is too old.”

Seeing the embarrassed look on Lin Yan’s face, Ethan took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “So are you hesitating to seize power or protect yourself?”

“It may have been a bit too much to say that the seizure of power, I just want to suppress my uncle.”

Ethan smiled bitterly and then said: “Before you do this, I want to ask you if it is necessary to do this. If so, you don’t need to tell me.”

Lin Yan stopped and looked at the ground for a long while and said, “Maybe I need this, but this matter is a bit troublesome.”

Speaking of this, Lin Yan paused, and then continued to speak: “Uncle has a son named Lin Dong, and he has the support of his grandma. This matter is a bit difficult.”

Ethan looked at the bitter look on Lin Yan’s face and shook his head slightly: “I don’t have to guess. The reason why your grandma supports your uncle is probably because you are worried that you will take the family property with you when you marry, right?”

Although Lin Yan didn’t want to admit it, the expression on her face made Ethan clear that she had guessed correctly.

It seems that the patriarchal thought is already deeply ingrained in the older generation.


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